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This program and the list below is not comprehensive by any means, it simply acts as a photo album to give us a collection of snap-shots of the life of prayer.

Pray meditating on:

The Suffering of Christ

The Victory of Christ

The Mercy of God


Judgment Day

The Redemptive work of Christ on earth

Pray to the Holy Trinity as One

Pray to each Person of the Trinity

Pray to God the Father

Pray to God the Son

Pray to God the Holy Spirit

Pray for the Sick

Pray for the Travelers

Pray for the Departed

Pray for your Leaders

Pray for the Church

Pray for the Hierarchs of the Church

Pray for your family

Pray for the lost sheep

Pray for the unbelievers

Keeping Vigil to Pray

Prayer with Fasting casts out demons

Pray with Tears

Reading as Prayer

Communal Prayer

            Celebration of the Eucharist & all Sacraments

            Raising of Morning & Evening Incense

            Midnight Praises

            Prayer Meetings

Pray with Candles

States involving, yet beyond prayer


            Vision of God

            Union with God

Prayer is the work of the angels and heavenly hosts

Prayer is the language of heaven