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BROTHER: How ought we to pray before God?

OLD MAN: For the return of sinners, and the finding of the lost, and the bringing near of those who are afar off, and friendliness towards those who wrong us, and love towards those who persecute us, and a sorrowful care for those who provoke to wrath; if a man does these things, truly there is repentance in his mind, and sinners will often live, and their souls be redeemed in life. For the prayer which our Lord delivered unto us for the need of the body is a word which covers the whole community, and was not uttered solely for those who are strangers to the world, and who hold in contempt the pleasures of the body. For he in whose dwelling the kingdom of God and the righteousness thereof are found, lacks nothing, even when he does not ask. 


Praying for others is an excuse to communicate with God.