How to track Huawei P30 in real time using your GPS tracker ?

The device is running the minimum Android version listed in table below If no version is listed, the device must be running Android 7. In addition to the ARCore supported devices list provided in the table below, you can download a detailed list of ARCore supported devices, which includes the following model-specific information:.

Device model codes as returned by adb shell getprop ro. The following table summarizes supported models by manufacturer, noting any model-specific restrictions. In China, devices do not ship with the Google Play Store.

1. Locate, lock, erase your lost Huawei P30/P30 Pro using Google Account

Support for specific features depends on the ARCore feature and the version of the device, as follows:. Cloud Anchors: Cloud Anchors are not supported on iOS devices that are older than the devices in the following list.

Augmented Faces: Augmented Faces may work on iOS devices that are older than the devices in the following list, but may not operate at the required frame rates for live AR use cases. The Huawei P30 comes in five colours whereas, the P30 Pro which is bigger and better in specs and performance comes in 7 colors. I found Amber Sunrise most attractive among all others. The P30 Pro features a huge 6. The phone is water, dust and splash resistant. There is also another processor that is dedicated to the Neural network processing.

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You can select between GB or GB of internal storage. P30 Pro has a mAh battery. Talking about cameras the P30 Pro has three cameras on its back. If you have lost your phone or it is stolen. This guide will make you accustomed to the first few steps that you need to take as your phone is lost or stolen. So you can get it back before someone else gets his hands on it. Or before someone takes it away somewhere out of your reach and turns it off.

In this guide, we will use an Android-based service named Google find my device. It allows you to remotely access your phone and its location. This service works on all Android phones. All you need is your email ID and password that you used to set up your Huawei phone.

Guide on how to Locate lost Huawei P30:

Google find my phone not only allows you to see the current location of your phone on Google Maps. Sometimes, these items collectively called system cache may get outdated or corrupted causing performance problems or bugs.

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To ensure that you phone runs efficiently and the cache in top shape, you want to regularly clear the cache partition about once every few months. When dealing with any app issue, this can also be one of the troubleshooting steps. Wiping the device is an often effective way to fix problems caused by an app or software bug.

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If the reason for your GPS location issues is software-related, doing a factory reset may likely fix it. There are two methods to perform a factory reset on your Huawei P The software environment on your device is basically returned to its original form, just like when it left the factory. This means that everything you added to the device like files, photos, videos, and apps will all be deleted.

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There can be many different reasons why a user may want to factory reset a device. This method is useful in one particular situation: when Settings menu is not accessible. There may be a variety of reasons why Settings menu may become unreachable. In some cases, the device may have simply frozen or unresponsive. At other times, it can be due to a problem that you are currently trying to troubleshoot. In any case, you must do Hard reset on Huawei P30 via Recovery Mode when the situation forces you to.

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We still recommend that you use the first method as your primary option for convenience reasons. The device will be completely sanitized and all user data deleted after doing any of them. In some rare cases, GPS location issues may be coming from a bad or malfunctioning radios.