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In our Redmi …. While smartphone companies are equipping new smartphones with more and more cameras, Google is tracing a. The smartphone itself is packed with vast feature list, however, if you still want to try new firmware and take full advantage of the system, you need to root it, and in this post, we'll take a look at how to Root and install a custom recovery on your Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro.

This is what worked and didn't work for me. Aplikasi gcam merupakan apps yang banyak di cari oleh semua orang di karenakan hasil jepretan yang di berikan memberikan hasil yang sangat memuaskan. These guides and modes were originally posted on XDA forum and all credits goes to the developers. Download pixel 3 google camera gcam apk pc. Can I use gcam on a redmi note 3 pro with android 6? And if Yes, where can I get it from? The Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro is a 5. To prevent this, use Google to find the proper key combo to enter recovery.

If I did anything wrong or if I should've done something differently, let me know. The GCam development community is pretty strong among Xiaomi and Redmi smartphones. MIUI 11 isn't a […]. They are the tweaked ones made by third-party developers with a purpose to make it compatible with many other Android devices rather than Google Pixel, the original device that the app is at. It also allows you to flash stock firmware using Mi Flash tool.

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If you have a bootloader unlocked device then you are ready to install the Gcam on your Android mobile phone. This cutting-edge octa-core processor implements Kryo architecture which greatly improves overall performance and power efficiency. Walaupun kamera bawaan RN5P ini sudah bagus, banyak pengguna yang tetap ingin menggunakan GCam yang secara kualitas dan hasil lebih baik dari kamera bawaan RN5P, namun celakanya secara default, di RN5P camera2api tidak aktif….

The biggest concern about Redmi Note 8 Pro was that it will not support Google Camera because of its Mediatek processor. Both the devices have already been proven to be the best-in-class considering the price segment. Here is a complete guide to show you how to do it. The best part is that since these devices already come with an enabled Camera2 API, you don't have to root them to use the GCam mod. Most of the Redmi phones have already received the Android Pie 9. Gcam is the default camera app developed by Google for pixel devices. But you need to first enable camera2 API on your phone.

Load config file by moving the. To get the most out of this sensor, Wyroczen, a developer, has come up with a modified version of GCam for Redmi Note 8 Pro. With installation of these drivers, users can easily transfer files and media from PC to smartphone and vice versa. Frederick Jerome June 4, So here in this guide, we will show you how to install the Best Google camera on Redmi Note 5 pro. Xiaomi is one of the leading smartphone manufacturers in the world. Look at full specifications, expert reviews, user ratings and latest news.

So take the backup of your Xiaomi Phone.

We can therefore see that the Redmi Note 5 In use I did not notice any problems but the figures are the figures, the Redmi Note 7 seems less good than its predecessor in terms of network capture. Download performance With Xiaomi I was used to getting amazing scores in terms of download speed, unfortunately this is not the case with Redmi Note 7 because in download I got about 80 Mbps and about half in upload. These scores are not bad, they are just below what I usually get. After some tests near the router and remotely, I measured a good download speed around Mbps with an upload speed limited by my provider around Mbps.

These values are quite similar to what I have tested on other phones, they are almost identical to what I get with the Mi 8 Lite.

How to unlock PUBG 60 FPS on redmi note 7 - GFX TOOL - NO BAN - NO ROOT NEEDED

This battery should allow you to last two to three days in normal use, I find the same autonomy as on the Redmi Note 5. The battery also supports 18W fast charging but the charger supplied with the phone does not support fast charging, so you will need to purchase an additional charger. For my type of use where I use a lot of data at least 2 hours a day , I can keep two days without having to recharge my device.

This kind of performance is becoming quite common in this smartphone segment. On call I have not noticed any problems with the audio quality, the difference with Note 5 is mainly due to the size of the speaker for listening. The opening of Note 5 is wider and the sound that comes out of it is therefore less muffled.

Redmi Note 5 Pro Gcam

It is a matter of habit to find the right ear position because the speaker of Note 7 is thinner and higher on the screen. Headphone output To test the sound quality at the phone's output, I use a test sound that scans all available frequencies.

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I play this sound on a reference device my PC and then I play the same sound on the phone and then measure it according to objective criteria rather than based on subjective listening. The Redmi Note 7 has a powerful sound with an average of more than 90 dBA, it ranks above the average in terms of sound power.

However, it is slightly lower than the Redmi Note 5 and the difference with the Mi 8 Lite is greater, the latter is one of the most powerful devices in this price range. The dynamic range of the Redmi Note 7 is slightly lower than that of the Redmi Note 5 and Mi 8 Lite but the difference is small.

In terms of frequency coverage, Redmi Note 7 and Redmi Note 5 offer good overall performance with little deviation from the standard on most frequencies. The Mi 8 Lite, on the other hand, loses ground in high frequencies. You can therefore use the Redmi Note 7 to connect it to your audio system or car without any problems. The Redmi Note 7 is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and an Adreno graphics chipset where Note 5 offered a Snapdragon and an Adreno The performance gain is quite appreciable because we go from an Antutu score of about with Note 5 to with Note 7.

The Redmi Note 7 shares the same configuration as the Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite, the performance is about the same. At the CPU level, the Honor 8x does a little better but it is much more expensive. The Redmi Note 7 offers a level of gaming performance similar to the Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite because it uses the same graphics processor. The Redmi Note 7 is equipped with a dual Samsung sensor on the back capable of producing 48Mio pixel photos.

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Sony and Samsung are competing with each other through several smartphone brands and they released a 48 Mio pixels sensor at the same time. Photo application The default photo application is the one found on other Xiaomis using the same version of Android. The photo part offers the following modes: photo, portrait, night, square, panorama and pro. In photo mode, the camera will take 12 Mio pixels pictures and you cannot change this value. If you want to use the 48 Mio pixels, you must use the pro mode and activate it manually. The settings of the photo application are the same as for the other Xiaomis, the AI is also present to try to improve your photos.

The goal is not to show that the reflex is better than the smartphone, I just wanted to highlight the differences, especially in terms of colors. So here is the reference image. And now here is the picture taken by Redmi Note 7 in automatic mode:.

Redmi Note 5 Pro Gcam

On the other hand, the first thing that strikes without looking at the details is the colour temperature. The SLR makes no choice, it takes what it sees while the smartphone has changed the white balance to provide a warmer image. The grey background takes a slightly brownish hue. The rest of the colors are slightly more saturated than with the reflex, the green takes a different coloring. The sensor does a good job in terms of detail and depth of field. In the focusing area, the details are very sharp, you can easily see all the dust. With the manual mode, it is possible to modify the white balance but unfortunately the choices are predefined and you cannot choose the color temperature yourself.

This option is available on the Mi 8 Lite but not on the Redmi note 7. Here is the same picture in manual mode and a colder color balance: The background is now more grey and the whole picture is closer to reality, the green remains a little behind. This first test shows that the camera makes choices that are not always appropriate in terms of color, but as I often say, a studio test is not enough to get an idea of the quality of a camera. Outdoor photography sun I received my Redmi Note 7 a day before going on holiday in Stockholm, so I took the opportunity to test the photo part on a more attractive setting than what I see every day.

The weather was absolutely splendid with a cloudless blue sky. First photo on arrival on the tarmac of Bromma airport in the late afternoon I took this picture in automatic mode without changing the basic settings, the AI was activated. We see that the colours are quite strongly saturated, the yellows and blues are reinforced by the default software treatment. Overall the picture is pleasant to look at, the level of detail is good and the noise is non-existent.

Second example where I mix sky, shadow and reflection.