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The Snapdragon G has garnered praises for its performance and I have nothing new to add. The chipset is powerful and on a phone that costs Rs 12,, the performance it delivers can be termed blistering. These 3D games run at high graphics by default but the frame rates are restricted. Some games like Asphalt 9 need to be optimised for the chipset but on the whole, the Redmi Note 9 Pro can handle most of the popular games with ease. While gaming is a big concern, most users will also be worried about how it performs in daily usage.

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Xiaomi optimises its MIUI interface quite well for any given phone and on the Note 9 Pro, it ensures that the experience is pleasing. MIUI 11 has smooth animations and the interface now feels more modern than before. The gesture navigation makes this big phone easy to use with a single hand. The dark theme has been implemented tastefully and every corner of the OS feels like this OS has been designed by someone who loves phones deeply.

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Sadly, the marketing department at Xiaomi has to make money and it has littered this nice OS with a host of promotional pre-installed apps and games that most of us may not even use ever. Most of the system apps such as GetApps, Mi Browser and some pre-installed apps kept throwing incessant notifications with irrelevant ads. A swipe up gesture open the Mi browser by default and I had to dig deep in the Settings to disable it. Hence, I installed the Poco Launcher to declutter the UI further and shut off ads to make my experience better.

Some notable upgrades made in this department are the haptics and the NavIC support. Xiaomi says the Note 9 Pro uses a new vibration motor for flagship-phone-like feedback experience. You get mild vibrations while pressing buttons on the quick access tray and even when you are swiping down the notifications tray.

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The NavIC support makes locating more precise in maps apps in theory. In reality, I did not find it to be much different from GPS. However, you can be rest assured that getting a lock-on on your location will be faster than ever inside India.

I recently did an in-depth camera review of the Redmi Note 9 Pro and you can check it out to get a better idea about the camera performance. In short, the new cameras perform on par with what the Redmi Note 8 Pro cameras could do. The new megapixel Samsung GM2 sensor has improved in terms of details and colours.

In daylight, you will find vibrant colours and high contrasts if you are using the sunlight to your advantage. With falling light levels, the MIUI camera app tries to enhance the exposure but balances it out in different parts of the frame. Hence, despite a higher exposure on the ground, you will see clouds and blue skies together not fused up as just white light. At night, the camera struggles with sharpness and details but the colour reproduction is nice. The ultra-wide-angle camera is average at best and you can only get decent pictures in daylight.

The new macro camera now takes sharper images but you will still have to ensure brighter ambient lighting to get good looking macro shots. Video performance is capped to 4K at 30 fps but the quality is great. The new Movie Frame mode gives an interesting perspective while shooting videos to make them more dramatic. The megapixel front camera is good overall but the colours could have been richer. Most of the selfies under direct sunlight look nice but as soon as you are indoors on in the shadows, the colours appear washed out.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro review: Another stunning crowd-pleaser from Xiaomi

Redmi Note phones have always had massive batteries to help Indian users go about their busy schedules and the Redmi Note 9 Pro ups that massively. The new mAh battery is the biggest ever to be plonked in a Redmi Note and along with clever MIUI optimisations, this phone was easily lasting two days on moderate usage.

The 18W fast charger included in the box is a nice touch but given that this is a bigger battery, I would have liked Xiaomi to include the 33W fast charger with this one. The 18W charger takes close to 1. Xiaomi has been ruling the sub-Rs 15, segment with the Redmi Note series since the last 5 years and this year is no different. The Redmi Note 9 Pro has its fair share of issues but when you consider that you only have to pay Rs 12, for this one, it seems like an absolute bargain of the year for a smartphone enthusiast.

The main question is whether you should choose it over a Realme 6 or a Samsung Galaxy M31? These are great phones in their own might and for the price, they are offering a few interesting features. If these features matter, then you should go for these phones.

The Redmi Note 9 Pro is a phone if you want the best of everything. It may not be high on the numbers but in daily usage, it is a charm to live with. Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro review: Another stunning crowd-pleaser from Xiaomi The Redmi Note 9 Pro succeeds the Redmi Note 8 from a few months ago with a massively capable chipset, long-lasting battery, splendid design and good cameras. At Rs 12,, what more can be expected? This is the first Redmi Note device to get a mega mAh battery.

The Snapdragon G chipset offers great performance for gamers. The Snapdragon G is quite powerful and on a phone that costs Rs 12,, the performance it delivers can be termed blistering. Redmi Note 9 Pro Selfie samples.

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