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Do iPhones last as long as Android smartphones? We have the answer. We also reveal which smartphones have the best battery life from our unrivalled lab tests, and name and shame those that will struggle to see you through the day.

Motorola's Moto G7 Power goes on sale at T-Mobile

Reviewed Apr Included in our expert review. Display Screen size 6. Display resolution x Photo Rear camera Front camera 8. Ultra-wide angle. Wide angle. Max video resolution 4K p. Flash type LED.

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Show more specifications. Call clarity. The Moto G7 Play , by comparison, looks and feels decidedly cheap. That means it has a higher chance of needing a repair after a drop, but also makes the phone feel more substantial. A quick note on the color.


I recommend going for the Pink Sand option over black. It can be a little slow, which is a consistent theme with the Nokia 4. The audio quality is decent, though. My favorite feature is the power button, which glows when you receive notifications. It looks great, in the dark. I like how compact the Nokia 4.

The screen is just 5. The rounded edges make the phone more comfortable to hold, and the glass is smooth to the touch. Look closer, and pixels are visible. My initial review unit frustrated me to no end due to the constant hang ups and freezes as I used the phone. Performance is decent. Games like Pako: Forever and Breakneck ran admirably, with only a few dropped frames here and there.

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Opening an app takes a a few seconds; so does loading a game, or sharing a picture, or turning the phone on. Unfortunately, the Nokia 4. These updates roll out quickly, too, so you hardly need to wait after Google rolls them out. In comparison, Samsung Galaxy S9 owners had to wait six months for the company to bring Android Pie to the phone.

Moto G7 review: The best budget phone we've tried, hands down

The benefit of updates means the phone stays secure, you gain new features, and bugs and issues have a higher chance of being patched. This is where HMD has Motorola beat. Motorola hardly offers a year of Android updates for its phones — the Moto G7 Play will only get Android Q, and not much more. You receive stock Android , which is uncluttered, simple, and easy to use. It also has a plastic body compared to the glass back of the standard G7.

This makes for a level of premium feel to be more evident in the G7 standard. With the glass back and metal band around the edges, it presents itself as a more high-end product with hints of a Galaxy phone. Moto obviously set these at two tiers intentionally. One for the casual user who wants an overall good phone, and another for the power user who needs the gigantic battery. This resulted in compromises in materials in the body. A variation that most will immediately see is the screen notches. Also found on the screens are some small variations.

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Bother are 6. The Power edition only gets a maximum of PPI. This is a reflection of the overall resolutions. This is a noticeable difference. Colors and images do look much better on the standard G7.

Equipment – A lot of storage in the Moto G7

Is it a deal breaker? You will see another drop from the G7 to the G7 Power in the photo capture department. They shared a similar setup with megapixel on the rear and 8-megapixel shooters on the front, but the G7 pulls ahead in specs and results. The G7 has an additional 5MP sensor on the rear camera layout for depth perception and it really shows.

The G7 also shoots in a higher pixel range of P in 4K while the Power is limited to only P processing.

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Neither phone is going to blow you away with the cameras. If you are in great, outdoor lighting then you can have social media ready photos for most tasks. However, as soon as the lighting deteriorates, the results are lessened by a wide margin in comparison to higher-end smartphones. The Power struggles even more than the G7 at this.