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If you want to keep the original shot as a still photo as well, just hit the share icon and tap "duplicate" and save another copy of the original photo. You'll need to do this before you change the Live Photo effect - or just go back to the original Live Photo style and do it then. You can then select the filter you want. If you find that the app has picked out the same person but says they are different people you can merge the albums together.

Tap on the word "Select" at the top right of the screen and then select the images of the people you want to merge. How to create Photo Memories: You can create your own Memories from your own albums. This will allow you to see your Memories. Tap on the three dots in the circle in the top right of your screen and tap on "Add to Memories". How to share a Memories movie: The Apple Photos app automatically creates a mini slideshow for you that can then be shared as a video.

Go to the Memory you want to share, tap on the "play" icon on the main picture and then tap on the share icon at the bottom of your screen. How to change the style of a Memories movie: You can either opt for the default movie style from Apple or change it to fit a handful of different styles.

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You can also choose between Short, Medium or Long. Duplicate as Still Photo: If you've taken a Live Photo you can now create a full resolution still photo from it as a duplicate without damaging the original Live Photo. To do so, find the picture you want to duplicate, press the share button and then select Duplicate. On the next menu choose "Duplicate as Still Photo".

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Here you can press on the wand at the bottom to auto enhance your photo or slide across from the wand to access different edit options, such as exposure, brilliance, highlights and contrast, among others. Straightening your photos: You can quickly and easily straighten your photos. To do so, open Photos, select the image you want to crop and press "edit" in the top right corner. From here, select the cropping tool at the bottom.

Search Photo albums: Go to the Photos app and press on the magnifying glass in the bottom right corner.

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Immediate suggestions include narrowing your image results by One Year Ago and Trips, for example. However, you can type in lots of different searches like place names, people or months. Or a combination. Ask her to find a specific photo from 14 July , for instance, and she'll do just that. Favourite photos: If you've got photos that you want to mark to show others quickly later rather than searching or scrolling for them you can favourite them instead.

To do this, simply find the image you want to favourite and press the heart button below the image. Better viewing Shared activity: Turn the iPhone or iPad sideways. It looks nicer. You'll then be able to see all the years you have taken photos in.

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  6. Here you'll find all of the locations you've taken photos in and which photos were in which part of the world. Zooming gives more specific locations, while tapping "Grid" lists the locations in that particular view. Hide a photo: Find the photo you want to hide from Photos, Collections and Years, and tap on the share icon in the bottom left.

    You can then scroll down the options till you find "Hide". The photo will still available if you head to Albums and scroll down to Hidden under Other Albums at the bottom. To take a live photo from the Camera app, tap the Live Photo button in top right corner looks like a set of diffusing rings to toggle it on yellow , and then tap the shutter button.

    Open the image, then hard press on the photo to play it. Create a time-lapse: A setting in the camera app lets you create a time-lapse video with little to no effort. Just swipe sideways in the camera app to reveal the Time-Lapse mode.

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    Once you've worked out what you are going to film press the record button. You should film for at least 30 seconds to see the effects. Record 4K video: Some newer iPhone models allow you to shoot video at 4K resolution. Go to the same option as above, but choose "4K at 30fps". To lock that exposure or focus great for dramatic panoramas press and hold on the screen until the square box "locks in". Changing exposure on the fly: Once you've found your focus point the big yellow square in the Camera app, press on the small sun icon and swipe up or down to change the exposure setting.

    Up to make it brighter, down to make it darker. Activating Timer mode: In the Camera app there is an icon that looks like a stopwatch.

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    Tap it, then choose whether you want a 3 second or 10 second timer. Burst Mode: Users can snap photos in Burst mode by either holding their finger on the shutter or on the volume key to take a burst of photos as the action happens. Once you've taken a Burst of photos you can then choose your favourite one s. Tap on the gallery icon in the bottom of your camera app, and tap "select". Tap on the photos you want, then hit "Keep only X favourites" to save only the ones you've chosen.

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    Exit photo preview: When browsing your pictures in the Photos app, you can enlarge a photo in the grid to see it full screen, but you can also easily swipe down on preview to toss it away and return to the grid. Quickly create a checklist: Force press on the Notes app icon and choose "New Checklist" and then start creating your checklist immediately.

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    Here you can set a default password for all your notes. You can enable Touch ID too. Once you've turned the feature you have to individually enable the password lock on the Note itself. To do this go to the Note in question, and press the share icon and then the "Lock Note" icon. That merely adds the lock icon to the Note. Complicated we know.

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    Sketch in Notes: Open the Notes app, press on the new Note in the bottom right corner and then tap on the pen in the circle to create a new sketch or handwritten note. You can thenscribble away until your heart's content. Save attachments to Notes: The system-wide Share button offers support for Notes. So when in Safari, for instance, tap the Share button to save attachments, such as a link or document, to a new or existing note.

    There's also an Attachments browser in Notes that organises attachments in a single view tap the grid icon in the lower-left corner. Now it will show you only your unread messages. Go to a conversation thread and then swipe left on an individual message to reveal a reply button, a flag button and a delete button. How to have multiple emails on the go at once: You can have multiple emails on the go at once, handy if you are in the middle of replying to someone and then have to send a quick email in between.

    On an open email that is being composed drag down from the subject line to dock the email. You can keep doing this. When you want to access one of those emails, or see what you've got open, drag the one on top down further and you'll get a view of all of the emails you are working on. Mark as Read: In your inbox swipe from left to right to reveal a "Read" icon. If it's a conversation you will have to do this any time there are unread messages. More, Flag, Trash: Swiping from right to left reveals quick actions to let you do a number of things.