How to Find Someone’s Location by Cell Phone Number

Google Latitude has to be installed on the phone for it to work, your friend needs to be willing to install and run Google Latitude on their phone.

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After that, you can trace their phone no matter where they are. Mine is the only one that has Win Mobile, the others are the typical cell phones. I want to be able to track them some how with lattitude, Or some other application, preferrably on my cell phone. Hey friends I have a query I hope u'll me. If I am not interested to join Google Latitude then am I able to find location of people with their numbers?? I search on internet then I got the results only to find the state but I need help to find the proper address!! Can anyone of u help me out from this problem plzzzz?? If you have heard of Google Latitude whether you have used it or not and are at least 18 years old, we would like to talk with you.

Please email us back at ucistudy ics. My phone was stolen a few hours ago D: , and I was searching the internet for hours on end trying to find the EXACT location on my phone. It was brand new and the best phone I have ever had No, Google Latitude will work across the globe wherever there are cell towers cellular service. Give it a shot and let us know how it works for you! Hey RYAN,you gat a nice posts here.

I appreciate. But I have this question. Is this whole thing dependent on ones geographical area? I'm commenting from nigeria. So is it really possible here? Try mr tracker from mrxsystem.

How to Trace and Find Your Phone’s Location

I've been using it for work purposes for atleast 3 months now. Thanks for a great article, I just wanted to let you know that Microsoft has a similar technology, that lets you find your laptop anywhere on Microsoft's Virtual Earth, its called Microsoft Location Finder. Note that this does not need any mobile connectivity, just the Wi-Fi capabilty of your laptop, and it will post the location of your laptop. Ryan morning no I have no comment. I have another problem. I am trying to find the location of where my son is at this stage.

We have some difficulties in the past and he left our town without any notification a year ago. It start working on his mother and I have no answer for her. AlI have is a cell number. How can I find his location just to show to her okay he is there. Yes - if you go to the Google page listed in this article, there's an online map associated with your account. You can set your current location manually using that map so that even if your mobile doesn't update Google Latitude, you still can.

I started playing with this and a few friends as soon as I heard of it. Several family members traveling over the holidays to a single location, everyone can see how close everyone else is.

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  • Long-distance truck-driving companies could use it as a low-cost free alternative to using GPS for locating where there trucks are currently at. This is essentially just like a Twitter update which all your friends viewing you on the map can see except it's in graphical format. Hi Shreela, great question. Yes, if you look on the Google Latitude page, just below the login there's an option to add the widget to iGoogle. I don't believe you need to enter your phone number to do that? Just log in with your Google ID and it'll get added, then you can manually enter your location on that page.

    Good luck, and let me know if you run into any brick walls I've never considered the non-phone approach, but both you and Mike bring up some excellent non-PDA uses. Hey Michael Can't tell you how many times my wife has scolded me to "put that thing away! Anyway, yes, you need to be able to run Google Maps on your phone, and most standard cellphones either can't, or they don't have the data plan to support it, as you point out. On the flip side, you CAN add the widget to iGoogle and manually set wherever you are or are going to be so that friends and family know what's up.

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    You make a good point though - Google really should consider allowing people to somehow text there location to Latitude after signing up.. Does Google have a blog we can make these suggestions to? I've got some issues with Google Calendar as well. I want to join, but don't want to put in my phone number. I just want to manually enter my nearest major intersection so people would know which part of town I'm from. But I can't see a way to join without providing my phone number.

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    I think it is quite cool that you can track your location even without the GPS functionality. But my question behind this service was, is a data plan necessary? I'd love if it weren't, but since "accessing sites from your phone" kept getting mentioned I'm thinking a data plan is a necessity for this service. Which is a shame because I'm all about the texting but can't justify the expense of a data plan since the only place I don't have an Internet connection is when I'm driving.

    And everyone who loves me doesn't WANT me to have a connection at those times The drawback to Google Latitude is that it doesn't run in the background. If you switch to another application, your position updates will stop. I think this is totally scary.

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    What ever happened to privacy? When will they have a i-poop app that tweets my color and level of stink of my poop? Seriously, too much info. Yeah - it resolution depends a great deal on where the nearest cell towers are. My friend and I tested it this weekend to see how accurate it was. He has Verizon and there's a cell tower right in town - it had his location correct right down to town level not building - it can't do that.

    In the end though, it shows you more or less where your friends are if they "share out" their position, that is. Privacy IS a setting within Google Latitude, and you can even turn off your location if you like so you essentially go "invisible" to either all friends, or select ones, as outlined in the article. Thanks for the great feedback everyone. The percentage of phone calls which resulted in a conversion is called the phone call conversion rate. Imagine you are in a business of selling and installing swimming pools very high priced products.

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    Now people do not directly buy swimming pools online. They may browse your website to see the type and price of the swimming pools you provide. But they almost always have tons of questions that need to be answered over the phone before they can make a purchase decision. Now imagine a person made a call to your business to enquire about a swimming pool and was first put on a hold for few minutes and was later handled by a rude and incompetent sales agent who knows very little about the pools you sell.

    Now, what do you expect to happen next? If you wish to improve your phone call conversion rate then you have to improve the phone call experience of your callers. By listening to the conversations between callers and your sales staff, you can determine why the calls did not result in sales and what can be done next time to improve the call experience.

    Every phone call is live customer feedback to you. If you listen carefully and make notes along the way, you can hear customer objections. Once you have a list of common customer objections, then look for ways to remove such objections by training your customer support staff. This will improve your phone call conversion rate. If your website has been set up mainly to generate leads through phone calls then a phone call is a very important touchpoint in your users conversion path. A touchpoint is that exposure to a marketing channel through which a person comes in contact with your brand.

    A person can come in contact with your brand before, during and after completing a conversion on your website.