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Stop wasting your precious time on what can be done faster or even automatically. SyncMate, a perfect HiSuite Huawei for Mac alternative, will update all data you have in your Huawei smartphone with Mac and vice versa. Bet you are interested. Keep on reading to learn more about all sync possibilities SyncMate gives you.

Huawei P Smart Z Review A Decent Smartphone With A Pop-up Camera

Buy Now. How to Sync Huawei Contacts with Mac There are not many options available when it comes to syncing contacts on your Huawei mobile device with your Mac computer. Install this software onto your Mac computer. Next, specify your sync parameters. Download SyncMate. SyncMate also allows you to manage your conversion settings. Install and launch Android File Transfer on your Mac.

How to Sync Huawei Music with Mac Transferring music from your Huawei phone to your Mac computer and vice versa is, unfortunately, not an automatic process, so you will need to download a separate application to do so. The main features of SyncMate. About SyncMate To put it simply, SyncMate is like a highly qualified personal assistant for all data sync and transfer between Mac and Huawei smartphones.

Android file transfer replacement With SyncMate, our Huawei HiSuite at hand, you can easily map Android Huawei as Mac disk to be able to access and browse your phone or tablet contents in Finder just like you would with any other external drive - manage files including copy, delete and move with your mouse cursor. Apply Finder features on your Huawei Once you have mounted Huawei smartphone on your Mac, you can use all Finder options to copy files to multiple folders at one, move several folders concurrently, archive several files, and more. Contacts and Calendars synchronization It can get quite frustrating to have to add new calendar events or newly acquired contact information to Mac and Huawei separately.

Let the music guide you If there is a playlist in your Music that you can't stop listening at work, why not take it for a spin on your Huawei? Need a simple file transfer? Manage photos and videos SyncMate takes good care of your photos and videos and updates them on both device and computer accordingly. Text from your Mac We call SyncMate your assistant for a reason. Go big - sync whole folders You can sync entire folders instead of separate files between your Mac and smartphone. Integration with your favorite apps SyncMate is a hard worker and it doesn't delegate! The icing on the cake Any of your favorite sync features can be automated, so you don't even have to remember to initiate the sync - SyncMate will update everything quietly in the background.

Sync your Android phone or tablet SyncMate is compatible with any Android 5. You can sync your Mac with:. Supported Huawei models. Show all devices list. We cannot physically test compatibility of all these devices with SyncMate, so please, try SyncMate Free edition prior to purchasing Expert.

It used to be impossible to sync data between your Huawei Android phone and your Mac computer, but since SyncMate was released, this is no longer true! SyncMate is an application that allows you to easily access and transfer all types of data between your Huawei mobile device and your Mac computer. How can I be sure that my Huawei phone is supported? In this instance, SyncMate will come in handy as a quality program by which to transfer files.

What makes SyncMate better than other Android to Mac syncing applications? SyncMate supports the widest range of file and data types among its competitors. How many devices and accounts can I sync using SyncMate? An unlimited number! Get a download link for Desktop Submit your email address to get link for quick download and get started!

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The download link was sent, check your email. Requirements: OS X Latest version. Judge for yourself. With dimensions of This is quite felt even in a male hand. Although ergonomics, the smartphone is in full order. It is very comfortable in the hand, you can easily get to any control button. In addition, if you like to watch movies or TV shows from your smartphone, then you will definitely be pleased with this huge, clear and bright 6. Framelessness gives it not only the absence of cutouts or holes in the screen, but also the thin frames around. So, the side and upper frames are only 2 mm, and the lower, although larger — 5 mm, but practically does not spoil the overall impression.

Smartphones will definitely please you with their color schemes. They are available in classic black , fancy blue and attractive and intriguing green. It was in such an unusual emerald color that my smartphone was.

Full Coverage Glass Screen Protector for Huawei P Smart Z / Y9 Prime 2 –

This bewitching play of light will definitely not leave you indifferent. As for me, the blue color also looks very original, but the black is a little boring. I already wrote above that outwardly the smartphone does not particularly stand out among its counterparts in the series or competitors. Although I caught myself thinking that it has some similarities with Google Pixel smartphones.

Huawei developers did not particularly strain on the case material, preferring fiberglass. This solution has its pros and cons. Of course, fiberglass is a little stronger than glass and not so slippery. In addition, such a case looks very impressive, playing in different shades. But, on the other hand, glossy plastic is very impractical and easily scratched. Of course, if you prefer to carry a smartphone in a case, then there will be no problems.

But if you like to hold the device in your hand, feel it, then be prepared for minor scratches. In addition, scuffs and abrasions are quite possible on the varnished surface. That is, in your pocket with metal objects or keys, do not swear the smartphone for a long time. Therefore, at least about a silicone transparent case, I would definitely think in your place. The back panel of emerald color pleases the eye.

Best Android phones of 2020

This incredible color with games and tints of light fascinates, excites and attracts attention. According to the developers, fingerprints should practically not remain on this magnificent plastic surface. And all thanks to a special coating, which prevents their appearance. Although in practice a little bit wrong. I will not say that the surface is very dirty Huawei P Smart Z Review retractable mechanism Pop-up Camera, but the prints still remain.

But removing them is pretty simple. The back surface can be admired for a long time. Here, in addition to the dual module of the main camera with an LED flash located vertically in the left corner, a fingerprint scanner was placed right in the center in a small depression. In other words, in Huawei P Smart Z, the developers did not follow the fashion trend to place the scanner on the screen Huawei P Smart Z Review retractable mechanism, but adhered to the best solution.

You know, this universal passion for such a scanner is already a little annoying. If even in some models it works quite quickly and without errors, then sometimes it seems that other developers have taken such a step to follow the fashion. The benefit of such a solution is practically zero.