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The display offers good colours that look deep and pleasing. Brightness levels are decent indoors, but will leave you wanting more under sunlight. With a p resolution, you can't expect to find a lot of sharpness while watching videos or playing games. The jagged edges and pixelation is visible while streaming content on Netflix or YouTube. Last year's Nokia 2. It was also an Android Go phone that ran on a forked version of Android Oreo with lightweight and toned down Go-based apps.

It has also been upgraded from Android Go to Android One, which is great to see. This means the phone runs on a complete Android Pie software with all its bells and whistles.

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On the performance side, the Helio A22 doesn't do much to make the phone snappy. Apps are slow to open and the general touch response felt slow. Even running day-to-day tasks like messaging on WhatsApp, browsing through some social media apps or opening, reading and responding to a mail felt sluggish and often tiresome. Even trying to quickly open the camera app from the lock screen would often fail, which could be a software issue as well. You get the full Pie experience with features like Adaptive Display, Adaptive Battery and the pie navigation gesture, which I still find hard to get used to.

With Android One, you also get the guarantee of at least to major software updates and three years of monthly security patches. HMD has confirmed that the Nokia 2. The benefit of having a stock Android phone is that it offers a clean user interface free of bloatware. You won't find any extra preloaded apps or heavy customisations. It should help keep the phone smooth in the long run. The entry-level Nokia phone does not offer a fingerprint sensor, but it does get face unlock, which is quite slow.

In daylight settings, the front camera will take a couple of seconds to unlock the device, and this get progressively longer and unreliable as the sun goes down. The single speaker on the back is easily blacked while playing games or watching something, while the audio quality is quite average.

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The cameras on the Nokia 2. It gets a single megapixel primary camera on the back with LED flash support and a 5-megapixel selfie camera. The cameras can shoot stills and videos, but that's pretty much it. I was sceptical about the feature on an entry-level phone, and my scepticism was right on the money. The long exposure mode is supposed to automatically kick in when the camera detects low-light conditions, but during my time with the device, I was unable to tell when this happened. Whether it did or didn't, low-light shots are quite unusable as they appear blurry and noisy.

The shutter speed is also laggy and autofocus is slow so a lot of shots will lack detail and appear shaky.

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Selfies won't offer a lot of detail as well, but colours look good. The exposure level is balanced, but still on the dull side. The general UI is a bit slow, so switching between modes will take a couple of seconds. Overall, the cameras are pretty average and definitely not the best feature about the Nokia 2. They work fine for an entry-level phone, but once the Nokia 2. There isn't much that would drastically drain the battery, so you the Nokia 2.

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As we have established that this is not a gaming phone, you're likely to use the Nokia 2. And it's good that the battery lasts long, because charging the Nokia 2. The phone takes around 3 hours to charge from zero to percent using the 5W charger that comes with the box. The phone does not support fast charging so 5W is all you get.

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So if the battery wears out, you can swap it for a new one. HMD might sell the battery online and through offline markets, but the company has not been clear on that. And that's really the biggest draw about the device.

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