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Best Displays , for University Students. The Galaxy A7 is equipped with a fingerprint reader, a status LED and an always-on function of the display for showing notifications. In addition, users can connect headphones via the 3.

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Display content can be transferred wirelessly to an external monitor using Miracast. This worked well during our test with an Android TV from Sony. The mAh battery is recharged using the old microUSB port on the bottom of the device. The internal eMMC storage of our test unit has a capacity of 64 GB, although users only have 52 GB available for personal use after the initial setup. However, the SD card cannot be formatted as internal storage. The device supports the file system exFAT. The mid-range smartphone is equipped with Google's operating system Android 8.

The smartphone will probably receive an update to Android 9. However, this upgrade has not yet been officially announced. The security patches of our test unit were last updated in September The Samsung user interface Experience UI 9. The "Dual Messenger", for example, enables users to use two different accounts within one application.

In addition, Samsung's virtual assistant Bixby can offer personalized information as well as timed and geographically bound reminders. Compared to Stock Android, the device comes with a high amount of preinstalled apps. These third-party apps bloatware can only be deactivated, not uninstalled.

How to Activate Mobile Tracking on a Samsung Galaxy Device

Samsung has equipped our test unit with Bluetooth 5. The reception of the Wi-Fi module is good during everyday use and the signal remains stable. This means the Galaxy A7 can keep up with the best comparison devices in our test. Neither of the card slots is limited in its frequencies.

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The device is quick to position us within five meters outdoors. Even indoors the Galaxy A7 manages to locate us quite quickly, although the precision drops to 13 meters here. In order to test the precision of our test unit in practice, we take it on a bike ride together with the professional bike navigation system Garmin Edge After a 9-km trip, the difference between the route tracked by our affordable mid-range smartphone and the professional navigator is only 70 meters.

The deviations from our route as tracked by the Galaxy A7 are minimal, which means that the mid-range smartphone is definitely suitable for use as a navigator when driving. The voice quality of the mid-range smartphone is very good as tested in the German Vodafone network. We did not encounter any dropouts or reception issues during our test period. Voices are reproduced clearly and our call partner also understood us very well. The telephone app offers the usual Android features such as favorites, a call list and integrated contacts.

The number pad allows you to input phone numbers manually. The main camera on the back of the Galaxy A7 has a resolution of x pixels and a format. A dual LED supports the camera in bad lighting. The third lens is a 5-MP sensor that enables the main camera to collect more depth of field information and determine the three-dimensionality of the main subject.

This enables real-time bokeh effects and goes by the name of Live Focus. However, the photo quality is not much better than that of any other mid-range device. Bad lighting situations soon cause image noise and photos are characterized by artifacts and blurriness.

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The photo quality is good during daylight and image details and color reproduction are good, although photos taken with the Galaxy A7 always turn out a little pale in automatic mode. The contrast is slightly higher in the ultra-wide-angle mode. The dynamic range could be more pronounced overall, which would prevent the loss of some details in difficult lighting situations. Unfortunately, this camera does not support auto focus for ideal image sharpness. The front camera records videos in FHD resolution x pixels at up to 30 fps.

This also applies to the main camera on the back. The camera software used in the Galaxy A7 offers 19 different scenes and automatically chooses suitable parameters for each photo. The scene optimization feature recognizes image content such as people or landscapes and adjusts color tones, brightness and contrast accordingly.

Choose a scene and navigate within the first image. One click changes the position on touchscreens. One click on the zoomed-in image opens the original in a new window. The first image shows the scaled photograph of the test device. Colors are reproduced quite well under controlled lighting.

As you can see below, all colors apart from greens are displayed relatively accurately compared to their reference colors, which are displayed in the bottom half of every field.

How-To locate your Samsung Galaxy A7 if lost or stolen

Still, the picture taken of the X-Rite ColorChecker Passport no post-processing such as manual white balance was done with the MP camera shows that the white balance is too warm. The colors also appear visibly lighter. In order to measure the sharpness of photos, we took a photo of our test chart under controlled artificial lighting.

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The image sharpness is good in the image center, but photos become visibly blurry at the edges. The scope of delivery includes a modular 7. The manufacturer's warranty lasts 24 months after purchase. The warranty of the battery and power supply is limited to 12 months. The capacitive touchscreen responds precisely to inputs with up to 10 fingers. Its precision is good even at the edges of the screen and inputs are implemented without delay. The Galaxy A7 can be navigated using the typical Android onscreen keys or by hiding the onscreen keys and using gesture control. The virtual keyboard of the Galaxy offers nicely large keys thanks to the large display.

The layout is customizable and the app offers a lot of optional settings. The device can be unlocked via biometric identification using your fingerprint or face. The active fingerprint reader is integrated into the power button, which is positioned on the right side of the case. The reader works well and is reliable but takes some time to unlock the phone. The FaceUnlock function is similar. It works reliably but needs quite some time to recognize the face. The front camera cannot be used to unlock the Galaxy A7 in dark surroundings. Its resolution of x pixels means that it has a pixel density of ppi.

Although current high-end smartphones offer a significantly higher number of pixels per inch, our mid-range smartphone seems to display even small writing very sharply nonetheless. The pixel structure is hardly noticeable during normal use and at an average distance to the screen. This makes the Galaxy A7 significantly brighter than most of its competition. We also did a test with evenly distributed light and dark areas APL The phone uses pulse-width modulation PWM to control the brightness of the screen, even at its maximum.

The display backlight flickers at There should be no flickering or PWM above this brightness setting. The frequency of If PWM was detected, an average of minimum: 5 - maximum: Hz was measured. These displays are able to display complete blackness even in a dark room and at maximum brightness. This means that in theory the contrast ratio of the Galaxy A7 tends towards infinity. The ideal range of these values is below 3. The measured results are very good considering the device's price range.

Connectivity - Samsung phone with 3.5-mm audio jack

The color temperature is very precise at K compared to an ideal value of K. We did not notice a particular color cast. The organic display also does well outdoors. Content can be read off the OLED display easily even in direct sunlight.

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The bright screen also manages to outshine most reflections. The viewing angles are very good thanks to the display technology. Even at very wide angles screen content is displayed vividly with accurate colors. We did not notice any changes in colors. The SoC has two Cortex A73 cores that clock at a maximum of 2.