Samsung Galaxy A8 review

Another option, if you like a more modern-looking, white-on-black digital compass, check out Compass by R. It's not feature-packed, but it looks nice and is accurate.

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What this app offers that most compass apps don't is a level that lets you check if your shelves are leveled or if your table top is perfectly flat. Download Compass by R. Apps for Android. But before you can use a compass app effectively, you have to calibrate your phone's magnetic sensor.

Most apps will remind you to do it from the get go, but some won't bother you at all. Either way, they all benefit from the same calibration technique. To calibrate your Android phone's magnetometer after launching your compass app of choice, hold it up and move it around in a figure 8 fashion.

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Several spins should do the trick. While calibrating, make sure you're far from computers, electric fans, Wi-Fi routers, or other electronics as these may interfere with the magnetic sensor and its readings. Metal isn't welcome either, so remove any rings or jewelry that are close to your phone. So now digital compass should be pointing fairly accurately towards the north pole.

Here's what the Essential Phone 2 and 3 would have looked like. The Nokia 8. New releases. Add to Wishlist. If your S2 does not work properly, please try after firmware update.

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To transfer data, both devices must have a minimum of MB free space in their internal memory. If you are using a wired connection, your device must support a 'Transferring media files MTP ' USB option to allow content to be transferred. The options described above may not be available, depending on your device manufacturer and OS version. Phone: Used to transfer call log data.

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Contacts: Used to transfer contacts data. Calendar: Used to transfer calendar data. Storage: Used to save the files necessary for data transfer. Microphone: Used for high-frequency audio when searching for Galaxy devices. Outside 4GX areas, you will switch to our fastest available 4G or 3G speeds.

Month-to-month plans: If you cancel your service, you will receive a pro rata refund for the remainder of your month. If you have any device, accessory or service add-ons attached to your plan, you will have to pay any remaining amount owing on your next bill. Device discounts do not apply to cancelled Device Payment Contracts. Data usage: This plan comes with a data allowance to use in Australia.

Instead, you can continue to access data up to speeds of 1.

Cell phone spy app Samsung Galaxy A8

The speeds you actually receive may vary depending on a range of factors including your device, location, number of users and download sources. Your data allowance is for personal use in a smartphone or tablet in Australia only and the FairPlay Policy applies. More info at telstra. You can add or remove it at any time.

MMS is not included. Day Pass includes MB of data to use per day as well as unlimited talk and text. Usage expires daily based on AEST. A Day Pass is triggered whenever a call is made or received, an SMS is sent or if any mobile data is used in an eligible country. If you wish to change your JB Hi-Fi Mobile Plan to a new month-to-month mobile plan, you may be able to do so when your contract ends.

You may incur Early Termination Charges if you change to a new plan before your contract ends. You may incur Early Termination Charges if you change to a new plan before your contract end date. For details, please read the Critical Information Summary.

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