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It has a 3,mAh battery -- not as big in terms of capacity as other phones I have tried, but I found that the battery life was OK, especially when using the scheduled on and off feature to switch the device off at a pre-determined time.

The rear camera is a megapixel, f2. The front camera is an 8-megapixel, f2. Mosaic mode enables you to blur, pixelate, or obscure parts of the image. Images are good, and shutter lag is minimal.

Screen protection for Meizu M6T

The phone runs Android 7. There are some useful privacy features here. You can store private contacts, apps, images, videos, and files, and you can unlock them with a specific fingerprint. The M6 has an eye-friendly mode that softens the blue glare of the screen from sunset to sunrise.

You can configure the colour temperature to suit your preferences. The fingerprint reader is fast and accurate. It can also used to securely authorize payments with a tap. Meizu also included gesture wakeup and alphabet gestures that will initiate your chosen app.

Get Meizu Phone from Jumia Egypt

The M6 also has a 'kid space' feature. Here, you can set a time limit for your child to use the phone to protect their eyes, lock the phone when it reaches a specified level of battery, and assign apps that your children are allowed to use. Read also: Doogee S60 smartphone: Tough enough for your active lifestyle Doogee BL smartphone hands-on: An affordable phone with enterprise ambitions The best new Bluetooth headphones worth a look.

The M6 also has a game mode that will optimise the user experience when playing game and enhance the system performance. Notifications can be muted and standard phone swipes can be muted.

LG K50 vs Meizu M6T : Compare Price, Features, Specs, Reviews (20 March ) | MySmartBazaar

There are also shortcuts that will launch the camera, play music, and a setting that will avoid unlocking the phone by mistake when it is in the pocket. All in all, there is little to dislike about the M6. It is a solid, low-cost phone with some useful features. Its sleek looks means it more than matches other enterprise phones for look and feel, whilst its performance would please consumers and business users alike.

MEIZU M6 Note Dual SIM Smartphone 3GB+32GB - Obsidian Black - 2 Year Warranty

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A professional installation is recommended. NOTE: 3 months warranty. GeaTech Store allows the return or replacement, even without any justification, within 14days from the delivery of the product in an easy way. The safest way is convenient to pay on eBay is through PayPal, the first payment option on eBay. LA BUT.

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