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Share this working from home tips email with employees who telecommute to set company expectations and ensure productivity. Feel free to download this checklist and alter it based on your unique preferences and needs.

How do they make it work? Usually, they provide employees with all the necessary gear, from live-messaging to project management tools to work virtually almost in the same way as they would in the office. But not all companies and employers are familiar or comfortable with this relatively new work arrangement.

Just Because You’re Home Doesn’t Mean You’re Safe

They have more traditional operational systems and employees may not always be so tech-savvy. Not to mention that several roles require in-person contact or communication, for instance in healthcare or front-facing customer service, and telecommuting yes, this is another word for work from home is not a viable solution for them. However, in certain cases, transitioning to work from home becomes imminent, for example during a health crisis see COVID in or even less complex situations, like moving to a new office.

If you cannot offer appropriate equipment and tools, be honest about it and figure out solutions with them for example, allow use of personal laptops or permit them to attend meetings via phone. But, working virtually can be challenging at times, especially for those who are not familiar or even comfortable with it. We respect that every person is different — we believe that you can make it work on your own terms.

After all, we want to make sure that you have everything you need to contribute to our mission and make the best out of this journey. Disclaimer: This email template is meant to provide general guidelines and should be used as a reference. It may not take into account all relevant local, state or federal laws and is not a legal document. Neither the author nor Workable will assume any legal liability that may arise from the use of this template. Workable is all-in-one recruiting software. Source and evaluate candidates, track applicants and collaborate with your hiring teams.

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Useful working from home tips: Craft a daily work routine: To put it simply, do what you would do in the office. Follow a certain schedule, structure your breaks, and in general, create rituals.

Oman temporarily unblocks some internet call apps amid COVID-19

This will help you stay more focused and keep your energy at a good level. Communication is a critical piece to make sure that working remotely goes as smoothly as possible. Are you going to use Skype, Slack Viber, or Telegram? This can include how much time is allotted to respond to messages and emails together with set break times for when slowed down responses should be anticipated.

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Objectives and their milestones should be communicated using the channels and methods above. The whole company should treat this as if they are going to work—showering, dressing and all of the prework rituals should continue to be observed. Not all companies will be able to completely implement a work-from-home setup. Having a skeleton workforce responsible for continuing day-to-day business operations will be helpful to minimize both health risks and business losses.

Sending an email signed by management to these stakeholders can be greatly appreciated. Working remotely should not reduce your overall business productivity. Invest in building a shared remote culture, with norms, values and ceremonies as if you were all together in the office. Trust that people will get their work done and understand if they need help.

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This is probably going to be the hardest part for many companies but engendering trust can go a long way to making this work for your company. Pandemic or not, being open and trusting of employees will also encourage them to be more accountable for their business contributions as they work from home.

The future of work is an empowered team, who you trust and who hold each other accountable, with the right tools to be productive, regardless of where they may be. Call