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You can get this information from your cellphone carrier, assuming they support this feature. The following example shows a hypothetical APN profile used to route internal traffic through the Knox Workspace. Enterprise roaming allows an organization to control what apps are allowed to use data when they roam. This restriction can reduce billing costs, especially when an employee travels frequently. Here are some common use cases that you can use for. You can use Workspace to manage VPN connections, but only for user accounts you control. This typically includes the default user and any Workspaces you activate.

VPN connections for apps installed in user accounts you don't control, such as those created for Android for Work managed profiles, must be managed separately. As of Knox 3. To set a container password, use a MDM to specify a password policy for the container. Make sure you deploy the password policy before the user creates a container.

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When setting a password policy, you must specify both the length and the quality of the password numeric, password, pattern, etc. Otherwise, the MDM does not prompt the device user to set a container password. NFC is enabled by default when a Workspace is created. IT policies can disable this feature off if needed. Bluetooth is enabled by default when a Workspace is created.

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Monolithic modified Linux kernel. Official website. Original : Samsung Experience 8. Original : Samsung Experience 9. Original : One UI 1. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite. Samsung Galaxy A7 Samsung Galaxy A9 The A30 has three rear-facing cameras and a single front-facing one. The latter takes vibrant-looking portraits but at the expense of preserving detail.

As the selfie to the right demonstrates, the sensor struggles to reproduce fine structures and details, while objects are poorly delineated from each other too. While the default camera app does not include a pro or manual mode for the front-facing camera, there are a host of other options from which to choose.

Samsung includes several filters and beautification modes, for example, along with options for adjusting the resolution, HDR, and the intensity of the bokeh effect that the device applies to shots. The primary rear-facing sensor struggles in the same areas that the front-facing one does. While the 25 MP camera reproduces objects and panoramic scenes well, the edges of objects and textures lack clarity.

Colours always look vivid, though. The A30s handles macro photos better, with its 25 MP sensor able to capture more details than when in general shots.

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The edges of objects are more distinguishable too, while blurriness only sets in at high zoom levels. On the other hand, the primary camera struggles in low-light conditions, as scene 3 demonstrates below. The sensor captures hardly any details and underexposes the whole scene, while image noise dominates too. The default camera app includes a pro mode for the rear-facing sensors though, including those we described above.

The pro mode contains options for adjusting the ISO, white balance and brightness. The A30s can record videos in up to x, or in x for square videos.

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The default camera app does not have a slow-motion mode or any equivalents, though. Overall, the image quality of our test videos is on par with that of our test photos. The primary camera has an image stabiliser to compensate against small camera shakes, but sensors are optically stabilised. Choose a scene and navigate within the first image. One click changes the position on touchscreens. One click on the zoomed-in image opens the original in a new window.

The first image shows the scaled photograph of the test device.

How to Disable Bloatware on the Galaxy S8

We also subjected our review unit to further tests under controlled lighting conditions, the results of which you can view below. Our tests determine that the primary rear-facing sensor reproduces colours more brightly than it should, although it struggles to pick out any at 1 lux. As expected, our test chart also looks overexposed under controlled light conditions, but the A30s preserves fine details and textures.

Contrast levels drop off slightly in the lower corners of our test image, but this is often the case even with flagship smartphones. Our test chart is almost unrecognisable at 1 lux too. Samsung includes a modular USB charger, a matching Type-C cable, and a pair of headphones in the box. There is a tool for opening the card slot too, along with the usual set of warranty guidelines. Samsung sells other accessories like power banks, cables and headphones on its website too. The A30s comes with a month limited manufacturer's warranty. Samsung preinstalls its in-house keyboard on the A30s, as it does for all its smartphones.

The app functions like Google Gboard or SwiftKey do, with options for customising its layout or size. The touchscreen in our review unit reliably reproduced our inputs without delay during our tests, but the display has a slightly resistive finish to it that makes drag-and-drop movements a chore after a while.

The accelerometer consistently adjusted the orientation of the screen correctly and quickly throughout our tests too. You can secure the A30s with a password, pattern, PIN or a fingerprint. The latter is registered using a sensor that sits underneath the display, as opposed to a capacitive one to which you may have become accustomed.