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The detector will report both the initial and current distance between fingers in pixels.

How to Enable Unknown Sources in SAMSUNG Galaxy A50 - Allow App Installation

Useful to implement camera zooming. The detector will report the initial and current finger positions instead of the distance. Useful to implement camera zooming and more sophisticated gestures such as rotation. Pages Direct Access??

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Path Interface and Splines Bounding Volumes?? You signed in with another tab or window.

Part 2: Use Android Lost to Track Lost Samsung Phone

Reload to refresh your session. You signed out in another tab or window. It's really rubbish phone. Will never recommend and never buy any Samsung anymore. It had a red shade on the upper half of the display, so I returned it. I have dry fingers so it doesn't work better than that.

And then they crippled it for two months for some even longer.

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Don't be delusional and misleading. Mine is not defective and neither is yours. It simply is immature tech they have put into the phone. The A50 wasn't the only affected device from Samsung with the crippling November update. I have gone through five of these and know exactly how bad everything is. I put up with the terrible speaker and camera but after one bad patch after another I'm fed up. You enjoy your A50 but please don't complain after a year or two when nothing works anymore.

It's not build to last and the quality standards for lower end models are bad.

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You are a prime example of someone who should have limited or no access to the internet at all xD. When do you think it will arrive? It gets rid of the error but gives a different error if you scan the sides of your thumb instead of the middle only while registering. I installed it so I could sell it but this will not improve it by much. The bad hardware can't be fixed with software. You will still have to lick your thumbs if they are dry.

The unlocking animation is still a laggy mess though. Has anyone in Europe received the January update??? At this point you, you will be seeing the same activities in both the phones. Take the screenshot on the 2nd phone that is remotely accessing the host phone. You should have no problem taking any screenshot of any kind because the app that may be restricting the acreenshot feature is not in your phone but in the host phone. Go to your settings and click apps.

In the options view disabled and see if media or media storage or anything like that is disabled. If it is then enable it. This was happening to me on my Android when I tried to capture an image on the Bing app. Today I went to the Bing app. Now I can screenshot on Bing.

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  8. I have configured in MobileIron my app should not allow to take screen shots from any android device. After the configuration i have installed my app through MobileIron in Samsung, Pixel and One plus devices. Now am not able to take the screen shot from app in Samsung and Pixel devices.

    Option 2: Older versions of Android

    But in One plus devices am able to take the screen shots from my App. If there is mistake in configuration of Mobile Iron then its should allow take screen shot from all the devices. But its not working only in One plus devices. Kindly give suggestion on this.

    There appears to be a few social apps that have implemented the blocking of screenshots.

    Update: AMOLED Black Theme

    If the app developer has placed this block in the software, there is no way to undo it. This is absurd. I was trying to take a screenshot of a conversation in a Facebook group. So I copied the link to the conversation and pasted it in my browser, then displayed the same page, and took a screenshot there.

    Currently having the same problem. But at the same time I can take screen shots of other pictures on other apps etc. How do I get thelis to stop? I wonder if this is part of a recent update to our phones??