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Check out these pro-tips to create a memorable Instagram feed: Have a niche. Select a topic that your followers can distinguish your creativity. Whether its food, beauty, or travel, and stick to it. This way, followers will know what to expect and those interested in the topic can become new and even loyal fans.

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  • Compose the shot. Strategize first before starting the live video, frame it and decide what will be included. Consider the background as it can add an interesting layer to the content. You can shoot in a garden, a coffee shop, or even in the comfort of your home. Make the most of natural light. My personal favorite is the golden hour since it makes your skin look dewy and fresh without applying too much make up on.

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    Lighting is key to a great live video and natural is the best way to go, indeed. Shooting outdoors or next to a window to take the best possible video is advisable. Cloudy skies are also helpful since it diffuses sunlight to make livestreams look less harsh. Add depth to keep it interesting. Depth is perfect for product reviews. A good idea is to add layers by using other objects in the background or the foreground.

    This can be visually pleasing, especially if the elements complement each other.

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    Create an outline. Thinking of a blueprint is the best way to have a solid plan to avoid rambling. The steps should be practically the same with most Samsung Android devices. From the Home button, pull down the notification panel by swiping down from the top-most part of the screen. On the upper-right side of the Notification panel, a Settings icon is located.

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    Tap on the icon to go Settings. From Settings, go to the Accessibility options.

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    • From Accessibility, tap on Vision. In the Vision menu, scroll down, and locate Grayscale. Tap the switch to the right of the Grayscale option to turn the feature on.

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      Your phone is now in grayscale. You can repeat the steps to disable Grayscale on your Samsung phone. Q: Will photos taken while my phone is in grayscale mode be in black and white? A: No, photos taken will be saved in color. The captured photo will appear gray, but once you disable the grayscale feature, the photo will appear in its original colors. However, the picture was in color after I shared it on Facebook and Instagram.

      Screenshots, photos, and videos captured when your phone is in grayscale mode will be saved in full-color. If you have questions with any of the steps above, let us know in the comments section.

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