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True to the name it does feel sensible at many places like the dialer, contacts agreed it borrowed some from windows etc. Its extremely refined and polished. DESIGN: The overall design is a notch above the former M7 with nicely rounded corners which aren't as prone to dents as the M7 with sharp edges. The phone is a bit longer though which might be a little uncomfortable for some but other than that there isn't a major change in the overall design. The attention to even minute details like the placement of the LED indicator is only possible when you're truly customer obsessed rather than profit obsessed.

CAMERA: Some reviewers have spoken of the lower resolution of the pics when compared to S5 and the likes, believe me unless you obsess over looking at every pic on your PC zooming at corners it really doesn't matter. In fact mega pixels has nothing to do with the quality of a photo, things like pixel size, aperture size etc are much more important in determining the quality and the M8 excels here with a 2?? So it really depends on where you use your camera the most.

Note: Some users have reported a pinkish hue in the photos taken at night, thats not the normal behaviour of the camera and its probably a minor defect in your camera's lens. It can easily be gotten replaced at any service center and the warranty covers it.

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The other features like Blinkfeed, BoomSound and Zoe that came with the previous edition are actually awesome and I personally find them pretty useful. Anyone who has used this phone or even the earlier version for a good amount of time will have to agree that it starts becoming "something you love" from "something useful" pretty soon. As Keats said "A thing of beauty is a joy forever", its that unexpressable joy you're investing in. CONS: Sense 6 seems to have added software keys for back and home and I can't think of a single reason why it would be more beneficial than the earlier capacitive buttons for which the space was already reserved on the black strip.

It would've made sense had they removed the hardware strip initially used by the buttons but thats not the case probably because it would screw up the aesthetics. This phone has a great front facing camera and back camera is also good but front facing is the best I have ever seen. This phone has a aluminum body and a sleeek and amazingly beautiful design. Phone is a little big and sense isn't much different from 5 but yes this phone is fast like a flash.

I recommend this phone anyday buy this it's price is totally worth it! I like design of the phone. HTC One M8. By Kashif Hussain The htc m8 is beautifully designed phone with aluminum uni body. Holding this phone makes it feel premium. It is kind of slippery to hold but still it is good. The power button is way on the top which makes it a bit difficult to reach. The audio jack has been placed at the bottom. The phone provides an expandable storage up togb. The screen is of 5 inch display with ppi which provides great display protected with corning gorilla glass.

The phone comes with dual camera on the back. The main is of previous 4mp camera with dual led flash. Another camera of 2mp is placed just above the main camera. The images shot with the camera are of decent quality. Not as detailed of a 12 or 16mp camera but it does not disappoints. The image after capturing can be refocused to produce stunning images. This is where the second camera comes in hand. The refocus is good but sometimes fails to blur out the background. The front camera is of 5mp which produces amazing images for the Instagram selfies. The phone is powered by the latest 2.

By the way, at that time Meizu was not yet producing the player on its own, but ordered them from manufacturers on a par with other brands. This player was distinguished by a strict design, right angles and straight lines, the model was designed for a male audience.

Zen Admire Unity vs Meizu M6s vs Meizu M8

The maximum flash memory in this player was already 1 GB. This player had several new features at once: support for FM-radio, alarm clock, the ability to read texts on a 6-line screen, the ability to update firmware.

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  5. The controls in the player were also unusual - a spinning wheel was used with an independent central key inside, with it it was convenient to scroll through text or tracks. There were also functions characteristic of previous models: a voice recorder and display of lyrics lyrics. The player played music for 40 hours on a single charge of AA-battery, at that time such an indicator of autonomy was impressive.

    This model also featured features typical of previous brand players: a voice recorder, FM radio and a joystick as the main control element. The X6 was distinguished by a futuristic design with bright blue backlight around the joystick and an OLED screen. The body of the player was made of metal.

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    The main factor in the success of this player, as in the case of ME, was the use of a high-quality chip from a well-known brand - Philips Nexperia PNX The rest of the player resembled the very first devices of the company - the same case in the form of a bar, control with a joystick, only the screen here was no longer used LCD, but OLED. Before the appearance of E3, Unika, HACHA, OPPO were already represented on the market, sharing among themselves the main shares of the segment of MP3 devices, but even though E3 appeared later than the above devices, it became the most popular MP3 player in the domestic market at that time.

    Meizu X3 In November , the company released the fashionable device X3. There were no features other than a bright design in it. Seamless anodized metal frame and front and rear panels, made with a minimum of connections, have become part of a very concise design of the new item. Meizu MiniPlayer M6 In May , Meizu showed the world one of its iconic models, which made the brand world famous in the circles of audio player enthusiasts - Meizu MiniPlayer. The device was designed to play music, games, view photos and videos, audio recording.

    Fortunately, unlike last year's MX, you can place the same widget in more than one spot. Speaking of ICS, there are a few features missing from Flyme. Face Unlock, for instance, is MIA, as is the data usage setting. Additionally, many of the core apps have been tweaked, the stock keyboard isn't included as an option, Android Beam isn't supported naturally, since NFC isn't onboard and so on. We're glad that third-party keyboard support is allowed on the MX, because we grew increasingly frustrated with the default option.

    Perhaps we've become spoiled by devices with larger screens, but the keys here are not only difficult to press accurately, they're arranged in left orientation. Faster typists will be concerned with the lack of autocorrect features, although word prediction is an option. It also took us a while to get used to the placement of the standard punctuation keys: instead of putting them with the other symbols or on a separate button, they're only accessible in the word prediction row when you hit the space bar. As with the previous MX, the Play Store is limited to just one download at a time, contrary to the standard Android style, which provides for multiple streams.

    In fact, it seems as though the official Google store has been put on the backburner, since it's tucked away in an obscure folder you can move it while the Flyme App Store sits front-and-center on your home screen. This comes as no surprise, given the prevalence of alternative application markets found in China. Don't worry, these apps can still be downloaded easily enough.

    Of note is the ability to add your own Flyme account, which allows you to backup and restore your contacts, calendar, messages, call logs and settings whenever you need it. You also have access to the aforementioned homegrown Flyme Store , which hooks you up with a repertoire of apps geared mainly toward the Chinese market.

    Is it time for an even bigger iPad Pro?

    Don't get too excited, though -- it's relatively small, with roughly 20, apps added to its collection. The remote control feature we saw on the dual-core MX didn't make a return appearance on this particular version, but Meizu tells us that the feature is only taking a brief hiatus and we should be seeing it again in the future.

    MEIZU M6 Hard Reset - Factory Reset by Flyme Recovery Mode

    We're hoping to see this re-enabled in a later update, but we won't hold our breath. But enough about cool features that can't be found on the device -- let's discuss some more unique additions that can be used, like Flyme Voicemail. The service is similar to standard Visual Voicemail in the sense that you don't have to dial into your carrier's voicemail number to listen to your messages. But there are plenty of unique details here to make it a compelling concept in its own right. For instance, all of the messages are recorded locally and stored on the phone's Recorder app, which means you can listen to each voicemail immediately after the caller leaves it.

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    You can also choose to have the feature enabled whenever there is no answer or even every time somebody calls. It's a lovely idea, but it needs some work: none of the voicemail messages were very clear; the voices sounded garbled and extremely distorted. Additionally, the phone app allows you to record calls, and you can pick which parts of the conversation are recorded, just in case certain portions of the call need to stay off the record. In fact, you can even choose to have every conversation recorded automatically.

    To be clear, the recordings won't be perfect -- while the mic picked up our voice well and offered crisp playback, the other side of the line came out just as garbled as it did on the Voicemail feature. Still, you can at least hear the recording well enough to make out what everybody is saying. This might be a good time to remind folks it's best to make sure the person you're chatting with knows you're recording the conversation.

    Meizu M8 - Specifications

    You can also import and export contacts from the phone application, as well as filter out unwanted callers. Another Flyme-branded service is Flyme Messaging, which is essentially Meizu's equivalent of iMessage; it only works if both parties are registered on Flyme and online. Meet both of those requirements and your message will be sent using data instead of as a text. Flyme even offers its own take on the standard smartphone timer: a multi-segmented timed task list.

    This means that instead of featuring just a single timer that needs to be reset every time you want to start a new task, you can set multiple timers, each beginning after the previous one ends. If that isn't enough, you can even set up multiple lists of timed tasks. The music and video players on the 4-core have a different look and feel than you'll find on the corresponding apps in stock Android. The music app, for instance, sticks to Flyme's simple aesthetic, but still offers a five-setting EQ with a few pre-programmed genres including a custom option and the ability to set up playlists and folders.

    The player adds an easy-access sleep timer for anyone who likes to fall asleep listening to their favorite Carly Rae Jepsen tunes. Finally, it also searches the internet to find lyrics and cover art for the song you're currently playing.