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NEC P , a Japanese brick from However, "brick" has more recently been applied to older phone models in general, including non-bar form factors flip, slider, swivel, etc. The term "brick" has also expanded beyond smartphones to include most non-working consumer electronics , including a game console , router , or other device, that, due to a serious misconfiguration, corrupted firmware , or a hardware problem, can no longer function, hence, is as technologically useful as a brick.

This term is commonly used as a verb.

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For example, "I bricked my MP3 player when I tried to modify its firmware. A slate is a smartphone form with few to no physical buttons, instead relying upon a touchscreen and an onscreen keyboard.

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HTC Magician , a pre-contemporary slate from Samsung Galaxy Spica slate from A portmanteau of the words phone and tablet , phablets are a class of mobile device designed to combine or straddle the size of a slate smartphone together with a tablet. Phablets typically have screens that measure diagonally greater than 5. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 , a modern Android phablet. BlackBerry Z30 , a BlackBerry 10 touchscreen smartphone. Nokia Lumia , a Windows Phone phablet. Other multi-screen form factors has screens on both sides of the phone.

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In the case of Yotaphone and Siam 7X , they have normal touchscreens on the front, but on the backside is an e-ink screen , which enables using the cases in a fashion similar to reading a book. The presence of the front camera for taking selfies has been an essential feature in smartphones, however, it is a difficulty to achieve a bezelless screen as is the trend in the later s.

The taco form factor was popularized by the Nokia N-Gage , released in It was widely known as the plastic taco for its taco-shape and the placement of microphones on the side of the device, which, when one talks into the microphone, gives the appearance of eating a taco. A smartphone in the form of a wristwatch is typically referred to as a smartwatch or watch phone. Xiaomi revealed Mi MIX Alpha , a smartphone with a display that surrounds almost entirely its body, only interrupted in the back part by a column that contains the cameras.

Back part of display can be used as viewfinder for selfies and videocalls. A flip or clamshell phone consists of two or more sections that are connected by hinges , allowing the phone to flip open then fold closed in order to become more compact. When flipped open, the phone's screen and keyboard are available. When flipped shut, the phone becomes much smaller and more portable than when it is opened for use. Motorola was once owner of a trademark for the term flip phone , [16] but the term flip phone has become genericized and used more frequently than clamshell in colloquial speech.

In , Motorola introduced a different kind of flip phone with its Backflip smartphone.

The hinge is on a long edge of the phone instead of a short edge, and when flipped out the screen is above the keyboard. Clamshell came to be used as generic for this form factor. Flip phone referred to phones that opened on the vertical axis. As clamshells disappeared from the market, the terms again became disambiguated. By the mids, "flip" designs reached the peak of their availability and declined afterwards, being replaced by sliders which in turn were completely replaced by slate smartphones.

Palm Treo , unusual flip-up form. The Sony Ericsson W , last unusual flip-down phone. The phone's primary display could lay on top of the second display, reducing its size. The screens could fold to either have two forward facing screens, or one forward and one rear facing screen.

Due to advances in display technology, as of s, OLED screens can be manufactured on a flexible, plastic substrate. Glass is no longer needed, allowing the displays to be rolled, bent and folded. This makes new form factors possible in mobile phones. In January , rumours emerged of a Samsung foldable phone. Asus , in the Zenfone 6 smartphone, manages to implement an all screen front, prescinding from a dedicated selfie camera, thanks to main cameras are housed in a motorized flip-up module, that rotates degrees to focus the front part.

A slider is composed of usually two, but sometimes more, sections that slide past each other on rails. Most slider phones have a display segment which houses the device's screen, while another segment contains the keypad or keyboard and slides out for use. The goal of a sliding form factor is to allow the operator to take advantage of full physical keyboards or keypads, without sacrificing portability, by retracting them into the phone when they are not in use.

Many different companies have developed smartphones that slide: Samsung has the Corby and BlackBerry has the Torch. The Siemens SL10 was one of the first slider smartphones in Many phones pop out their keypad segments as soon as the user begins to slide the phone apart. Unique models are the 2-way slider where sliding up or down provides distinct functions: the Nokia N85 or Nokia N95 are examples of this. A version of the slider form factor, the side slider or QWERTY slider, uses vertical access of the keyboard on the bottom segment.

The side slider form factor is primarily used to facilitate faster access to the keyboard with both thumbs.

Sliders supplanted the flip form, since they allowed manufacturers to pack more keypad buttons and features especially the side slider or QWERTY slider into the same form factor, while touchscreen interfaces were still in their infancy. By the lates, "slider" designs reached the peak of their popularity and declined afterwards, being completely replaced by slate form factors with well-developed touch interfaces.

As , manufacturers are trying to develop bezelless smartphones, being the greatest difficulty the presence of front cameras and face recognition sensors, while most brands expand display real state conserving a notch, some departs from that approach returning to the slider form factor, [30] in models like Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 , [31] [32] Huawei Honor Magic 2 [33] [34] and Lenovo Z5 Pro.

T-Mobile Sidekick II, side slider. BlackBerry Torch , a tall slider. Xperia Play , a handheld game console slider. Phones like Oppo Find X [36] and Vivo Nex [37] hide front cameras within the body of the devices in motorized pop-up modules to create a bezelless front face fully occupied by screens without any cutout while keeping a front-facing camera that can up when required.

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Vivo V15 Pro [38] and Centric S1 [39] also come with pop up camera mechanism for selfie camera. A swivel phone is composed of multiple, usually two, segments, which swivel past each other about a sagital axis most of the time. Use of the swiveling form factor has similar goals to that of the slider, but this form factor is less widely used. Sony Ericsson Wi , a swivel phone. Motorola V The Motorola Flipout , a swivel phone. Some implementations, that do not use the sagital axis, are presenting in phones like Nokia and Oppo N1 , with twistable componentes: a keyboard, and main camera doubling as a selfie one , respectively.

Oppo N1 , has a twistable main camera that is used for selfies when rotates. Bezelless Samsung A80 [41] only has rear cameras that are housed in a motorized module, using a combination of slider and swivel they achieve the rotation to the front to be used for selfies. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A Nokia E51 , a typical bar phone. Nokia in an unusual bar shape. Palm Treo The phones sold in China are stripped of a lot of functionality since Google features don't operate there.

I have zero idea about what's left. I've found an article on a forum talking on how to upgrade lenovo z5 android to version 9 and they say it has fixed all the bugs including notifications. I hear what you are saying. Thank you for your reply. View All.

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Lenovo is committed to environmental leadership from operations to product design and recycling solutions. See our Sustainability Report. This website uses cookies. By browsing this website, you consent to the use of cookies. Learn More. APP Download. All Forum Topics. MattForumsMngr Administrator. Re: Z5 issues in support and software settings , PM Hi. You may want to consider returning it if possible. Please do not PM me - if you have issues, search the forums for threads on your topic and post there, or start a new thread.

Slaccko Paper Tape. Re: Z5 issues in support and software settings , AM hi i am from serbia and i have problem with my lenovo z5 it stuck in quick setting and no wifi or cellular network to activate pls help. Altroo Paper Tape. Re: Z5 issues in support and software settings , PM Same issue here no notifications, can't record screen, can't receive light notification, can't set a background wallpaper.

Re: Z5 issues in support and software settings , PM I've found an article on a forum talking on how to upgrade lenovo z5 android to version 9 and they say it has fixed all the bugs including notifications. Thanks, GB. Forum Home. Community Guidelines Please review our Guidelines before posting. Check out current deals!

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