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We apologize for any inconvenience. Learn how to enable it. We support browsers, not dinosaurs. Please update your browser if you want to see the content of this webpage correctly. Over million installs. Protect privacy Block threats Secure remotely Enhance performance Gain insights. Protect your privacy. Protect your privacy Keep intruders out of your business, both online and on your device. Block all potential threats.

Block all potential threats Prevent viruses and other malware from infecting your Android device. Perform regular scans to detect threats and vulnerabilities Detect malicious apps before you install them Protect against malware-infected links on the web. Verify the security of any Wi-Fi network Why use an antivirus on your Android? Others Banking trojan — Steals your banking credentials to gain access to your account Rooter — Acquires privileged access to take over and control your device Fake apps — Malware that disguises itself as a real app to trick you into downloading it Trojan clicker — Secretly clicks on webpages and eats up your data resources Spyware — Infects your device to gather and transfer information about you SMS Trojan — Uses your device to secretly send premium SMS messages.

For 25 years I have helped my husband look for his wallet. No matter what system I tried to introduce him to, what basket was on the counter just for his wallet I gave this tile to him for Christmas. It has been the best two months of my life. Add to cart.


In Stock. This key finder system works great for my wife who looses her keys and cell phone almost every day and for me since I no longer have to stop what I am doing and help her find them. To amend the previous review submitted recommending "do not buy", I submit that after a surprising personal telephone call from the manufacturer who showed considerable concern over my purchase,and after contacting the aged couple who was given the devices, I now suspect that the failure of the devices to perform correctly for them was most likely due to their initial operation of the devices and their inability to decipher the instructions correctly.

After several concerned conversations with the manufacturer, I am so convinced that the KeyFinders will work correctly that I am ordering a second set for myself. I am especially pleased with the manufacturer's concern, and his willingness to resolve the difficulties to complete customer satisfaction. Currently unavailable. The bears have now come out of hibernation and are knocking down hanging bird feeders and are taking them away.

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I donated these terrific MWAY locators to the SnowManCam, winner of the 25 Most Interesting Earthcams in the world, and they are thrilled at being able to find the feeders so easy with an alarm loud enough to hear outside. These locators also seem durable as the feeders drop about 4 feet when the bears knock them down and then withstand being carried off into the woods and having to endure who knows what… In the picture, you can see the tracker hanging from the feeder as the bear carries it off See All Buying Options. Tile Style - 2 Pack - Discontinued by Manufacturer.

Got this for my mom, who always loses her phone generally on silent mode in random places in the house the closet, her bathrobe, etc. It's worked like a charm and she loves it! Tile Sport - 1 Pack - Discontinued by Manufacturer. Only 10 left in stock - order soon. Much better distance than the Tile Slim, I can have the tile slim and the Tile sport next to each other in my bedroom and when I go outside my house the App cannot see the the Tile Slim, but has no problem seeing the tile sport. Build quality seems to be much more rugged, but I never had a problem with the tile slim breaking either, so wile the build quality seems to be more robust, it's really the distance improvement that has me happy I made the switch.


I tried to pair it to my phone and computer and neither worked. I think maybe the battery was bad in the first one. Almost all other brands had no e-mail or telephone numbers listed with device for customer service.

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The TEST on what could be worse case scenario with key lost. What a great idea Reviewed by Bilal. I recently bought a mini s Reviewed by Raja Usman Ahmed Khan. Reviewed by Syed Ali Raza. Reviewed by Muhammad Faisal Malik. A must have charger. Reviewed by Khurram. I had ordered Roidmi Bluet Reviewed by Tariq Naveed. Great cable for fast char Reviewed by Ali Mughal. Better then Alkaline batte I put the reminder to noti Reviewed by Usman Muneed.

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Works flawlessly with my c I Received power bank Mi Reviewed by Ibrahim Jutt. Very good power bank, i'm Great, awesome best power Reviewed by Muhammad Imad. ZMI produces some exquisit Reviewed by Muhammad Usman. Reviewed by Umar. Bought 3 cameras five mont Reviewed by Akif. Excellent camera, good res The video quality is very Reviewed by Farhan Sheikh.

I bought this dash cam bec Reviewed by Yasir Ali. Excellent quality.

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Reviewed by Tayyiba. Very good selfie stick, ve Another very good gadget f I like this auto perfume s Reviewed by Bilal Khan. Price is cheap when compar