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It works perfectly with no features missing. Installing is as easy as pie as well. You can just sign into your account and it will work perfectly. This is because Facebook designs their apps to work on any device, no matter the services installed. All you need to do is sideload the apps and it will work perfectly.


All you need to do is side load the app and it works! Installing this is just as simple as the others, all you need to do is sideload the APK and it will work. Luckily, it works perfectly without GMS. Unlike Telegram, every feature in the app works. All you need to do is side load the app.

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Everything about the app works so you can check in on your contacts really easily. Everything else about the app works. Installing LinkedIn is just like installing most other apps. Once installed, it will function normally. You can sign in using Facebook or your Spotify account, everything works. It has almost every video you would ever want to watch.

It has so much and can entertain you for hours on end. Luckily, there are alternatives. The first alternative is just using the YouTube website. You can go to YouTube.

It will also allow you to sign into your account and view all your recommended videos. Luckily, neither of these apps require root. Installing is pretty simple as well. It allows you to store all your photos in a high quality formats. This is an amazing service, but sadly, it will crash without GMS installed.

Google cuts Huawei's Android access to app and security updates

Instead, you can use the website. Alternatively, you can use the Huawei Gallery app. The Huawei Gallery app allows you to sync data with Google as well. Using stock apps on your phone is always better than alternatives, so syncing with Huawei Gallery with Google data could really be your best bet.

It is really simple, all you need to do is sign into the mobile website through the Huawei Browser app. It has a great and easy to use UI along with the ability to upload photos. You are able to search for locations and navigate to the location. To install Google Maps, its actually really simple.

There will be an outlier here and there, but most of the time it will be fine. As I used the phone without Google apps, I realized that they are less and less necessary if you are willing to work around it. Original Article. Thanks Meter : 7. Join Date: Joined: Jan Thanks Meter : Join Date: Joined: Nov I believe its just a matter of time and there will be enough alternatives outside of GMS. I find it funny that Huawei got blocked from using google but sideloading GMS is still possible. Ok, the initial link got taken down but in essence the same procedure remains and once you have GMS installed on your phone it all works normal.

Updates, buying apps trough play store and even most banking apps work. It would be perfect possible for google to block our phones if they really wanted. If my phone provider can see which phone I am using without me telling them I am sure google can see this also.

Its just not in their interest of really blocking our phones, maybe there are not enough of us around for them to justify taking action but then again it would be just a matter of programming software. I will root my Galaxy Note 9 to remove or "freeze" most of the google crap I don't really use but honestly I like the fact that there are android devices out there without google. If not for the build in stylus I would not have bought the Note 9.

That's Honor's own take on Android 9 Pie and it's… Huawei-y. You can put the app drawer back in, but it's the old button-based version pre-Android Oreo. In , I would generally say I can live with most custom versions of Android like Samsung's own TouchWiz, but it's also and seeing such an abundance of duplicate apps and bloatware pre-installed tainted my first days with the View Granted, many of the pre-installed apps like the Booking. I'm aware that many people really aren't bothered by duplicate apps i. Battery life on the View 20 is also looong.

With a 4, mAh battery capacity, the View 20 often lasted up to two days on a single charge with light to moderate mixed usage. But with my heavy usage, the phone mostly made it through a full day with about percent battery left to spare. As unsexy as battery life is to test and write about, it is one of the most important features many people consider when buying a phone so it's great that Honor delivers tons of it.

The hole-punch is new and neat, but once you get used to it, the only features that really matter day in day out are performance, battery life, and the cameras.

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Smartphone cameras have hit serious milestones over the last few years. But like all innovations, cutting-edge tech quickly gets pushed down into less expensive products. On paper, the View 20's cameras appear to be beasts. The back has a megapixel camera paired with a secondary camera for capturing depth information. High-resolution cameras aren't new, though. Sony and Nokia have touted more megapixels for years only for consumers to collectively shrug at them.

What matters most is whether or not a camera can take correctly exposed photos with accurate colors, nail low-light photography, and take sharp shots. Despite its megapixel sensor, the View 20's shoots megapixel resolution by default. The camera's good, but I wouldn't call it flagship-level. If you only post them to Instagram or Twitter where compression kills image quality, you can get away with most shots. But if you're really pixel-peeping or want to crop in on a photo you'll find sharpness is lacking.

The thing that shocked me most while shooting with multiple phones was how improved the OnePlus 6T's camera has become. It was good, but it's inching closer towards great with each new update to the camera software.

Google cuts Huawei's Android access to app and security updates

But wait! The View 20 has two special modes that make up for the average megapixel default photos. Toggle on the megapixel resolution mode or megapixel "AI Ultra Clarity" mode and sharpness greatly improves.

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Here are three photos taken at megapixels default , megapixels, and megapixels AI Ultra Clarity. Honor recommends the megapixel AI Ultra Clarity mode only for shooting "still objects and scenery in good light. Magnified, you can see the AI Ultra Clarity mode does in fact sharpen the image up. The Chinese characters a hair crisper with AI Ultra Clarity compared to the regular megapixel mode. Low-light shooting has improved a great deal on phones and it's equally good-enough on the View The camera tends to pump up the saturation in an attempt to bring out more colors like the sky in the below night shot of the Empire State Building shot about 30 minutes after sunset.

A few simple tweaks in Instagram or Lightroom can make the View 20's low-light photos better, but look at the iPhone XR's shot. The ESB's yellow lighting is perfectly exposed and the sky is accurate to what my eyes saw. The Pixel 3 took a good shot, but there's still some overexposure going on. And the OnePlus 6T Then, there's the View 20's night mode.

With the magic of algorithms, the View 20 can shoot a bunch of photos and stack them together to create one brighter and better-exposed photo. In night mode, the camera takes a four-second exposure meaning you have to hold it still for the full duration. In this particular photo, the OnePlus 6T exposed the point of focus the Empire State Building's tower with better highlights and details. However, the Pixel 3's sharper overall and where you really see the difference is in the details in the rest of the photo.

Whereas the 6T's night mode produces really crunchy-looking shots, the Pixel 3's crisper albeit darker. The View 20 smears most of the details of the building. The Pixel 3 preserves the most details. The Pixel 3's Night Sight is in a league of its own when it comes to seeing in the dark, but the fact a phone like the View 20 has a night mode at all is commendable.