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GPS Locator Devices for People With Dementia

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Average rating: 2 out of 5 stars, based on 1 reviews 1 ratings. Sponsored product. Average rating: 5 out of 5 stars, based on 1 reviews 1 ratings. Average rating: 3. Average rating: 2 out of 5 stars, based on 10 reviews 10 ratings. Average rating: 1. Product Variants Selector Show More. Average rating: 2. Average rating: 0 out of 5 stars, based on 0 reviews. You can send text chats to the watch, including emoji if your child isn't a reader yet. They can't text you back, though.

Unfortunately, the app is riddled with spelling errors and messages that make no sense.

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An item called Make Friends brings up a message that reads: "Note: app delete function only for friends to pay a single friend devices; devices can cross multiple friends need to device the end delete. Time zone selection is confusing, as you have to calculate how far away you are from Greenwich Mean Time.

And the app's main screen has a decorative banner above the map that flips through five images that don't add anything to the app — they're just distracting. Worse, though, is that the app often displays an actual full-screen ad upon launching, even if you're launching it by tapping a push notification.

Never Lose Your Vehicle Again! Portable Real Time GPS Tracker Unboxing & Review

The company plans to release a 3G version of the watch soon. However, our review unit came with a SIM installed and pre-activated.

The bring-your-own-SIM model means you can shop around for cheap service. Your carrier may be able to add a SIM for this to your family plan, so check with them first. The Lil Tracker watch is passable — and affordable — but the app is disappointing and hampers the experience. It's too bad, because with an all-new app, the Lil Tracker would be a contender for the best GPS tracker for kids. The one-way calling, which lets you listen in on what's happening around your child, is a compelling feature for parents who want to know more than the kid's location.

It pairs with a smartphone app that looks like it was designed five years ago, but it still packs a decent amount of functionality. The setup isn't pretty, but it works for the most part.

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With the attached keychain, you can hook the finder to a bag or belt loop. You can add as many contacts as you'd like. PocketFinder's battery life varies widely based on how often the device pings the server with its location, a frequency you can set. By default, when the tracker is moving, it sends its location every 10 seconds for 3 minutes straight, then takes a minute break. When it's not moving, PocketFinder goes to sleep. But when he kept the finder in his pants pocket instead, we had to charge it each night.

You can customize when you want the tracker to remind you to charge it, to avoid sending your kid off with a tracker battery that won't last all day. Even if the tracker is asleep, you can always press Track Mode in the app's Power Management menu to wake and start locating the tracker within 2 minutes.

You can also save battery life by having the tracker take minute breaks between "locates.

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The worst part about the PocketFinder is its smartphone app. The interface looks very dated, with an iOS 6-era design and a letterboxed layout.

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Menus display features that aren't available yet, like one that will alert you when the PocketFinder exceeds a certain speed limit. Other tools are buried; for instance, you set up SOS Alerts in the Power Management section but add the contact details for those alerts in the Account section. The iOS app also crashed every time I tried to add an email address or a phone number from my device's built-in contacts, forcing me to type those in manually. The app's main screen, however, does pack in a ton of information. It shows the tracker on a map, as well as how far away it is from you, which direction it's moving if it is moving , its signal strength and battery life, and what address it's closest to, which you can tap to copy or open in your phone's default mapping app.

You can tap the Instant Zone button on the map to add a zone around the tracker's current location, so you'll get a notification when the tracker arrives or leaves. Or you can tap Zones in the menu below the map to see the zones you already have and add new ones anywhere in the world. I was getting "out of zone" notifications when the tracker was just at a far end of my house, until I made the zone a little bigger.

The History feature lets you specify an exact period of time and see all the tracker's locations during that time plotted on a map. The web app can also be used to locate the tracker, set up zones, view alerts and create Access User accounts that are limited to locating the tracker only — everything the smartphone app can do. This is a great feature in case you happen to misplace your phone along with the tracker. That's more than the similar Jiobit tracker.

Features: In addition to tracking location, many GPS devices offer a multitude of features, including one- and two-way calling and the ability to set up geofenced zones that alert you when your child has left a designated area. We look at which devices went beyond the basics and how those features were implemented. Performance: You want a GPS tracker that accurately displays a person's location, with frequent updates when he or she is on the move.

We took note of how accurately each device pinpointed our location.

1: A GPS tracker gets its location from satellites by triangulating the location of 3 satellites.

We've found that generally trackers work better in wide-open locations, with less accurate signals when we tested in dense downtown areas. Design: We considered the size of the GPS tracker and whether it was something a child could easily carry around. We also looked at durability: Could the device withstand rough-and-tumble trips to the playground?