Is desperation finally kicking in?

Google added a 2X optically zoomed lens to the Pixel 4 , and as a result, you get great 2X zoomed photos. But Google has seemed proud of what the Pixel 4's zoomed lens can do when you zoom further than 2X, where the phone starts using software-based digital zooming. Indeed, the Pixel 4's digital zooming is better than what I've seen on other phones, but photos with digital zoom still look like photos with digital zoom — there's still some blotchiness and detail smoothing.

I wouldn't use the Pixel 4's digital zooming to capture anything meaningful. Could you image wider Pixel-quality photos that captures more scenery, colors, and details? Unfortunately, imagining how good ultra-wide Pixel 4 photos would look like is all we can do, since the Pixel 4 doesn't have an ultra-wide camera. It's a shame that the Pixel 4 doesn't have an ultra-wide lens like some of its biggest competitors — it means the Pixel 4 is a less versatile smartphone for taking photos than other recent smartphones, like the iPhone 11 , Galaxy S10 , and OnePlus 7T.

Adding salt to the ultra-wide wound, Pixel 4 owners don't get the free, unlimited Google Photos storage at the "original quality" setting anymore, like Pixel owners did up until the Pixel 4. With the Pixel 4, you get free, unlimited storage at Google Photo's "high quality" option, which is still great.

Google Pixel 4 XL review: Remarkable phone, small battery

It's actually hard to tell the difference between "original" and "high quality," but still, it's a demotion. The astrophotography mode on the Pixel 4 captured the night sky amazingly well. At the same time, my night sky is a little boring, and I'd imagine most night skies are pretty boring, too. I think you need to be at a location that's directly under the Milky Way, or somewhere that's absolutely pitch black with no noise pollution, to take photos that look good and interesting. Otherwise, astrophotos, at least mine, look somewhat boring. No one should have expected Google to reintroduce a headphone jack into the Pixel 4 after ditching it with the Pixel 2.

The Google Pixel 4 reviewed… acrostic-ly

Nowadays, removing the headphone jack is pretty much standard, and I can't accuse Google of being unhelpful for this. If you have a traditional pair of wired headphones and you unbox the Pixel 4, you will not have anything you need to listen to music on your new Pixel 4. The company surely wants you to buy its wireless audio solution to listen to music on the Pixel 4 — the Pixel Buds 2. But get this: they're not even coming out until next year. So either you're stuck with buying the extremely poorly reviewed original Pixel Buds, Google's USB-C wired earbuds, or your own choice of wireless Bluetooth headphones.

So far, there have been no issues worth reporting. The adaptive 90Hz screen contributes a great deal to the Pixel 4's overall impression as a fast and powerful smartphone. It's purely aesthetic yet surprisingly noticeable and meaningful compared to 60Hz phone screens, like the iPhone 11 series and Galaxy S For reference, the more "Hz" a screen has, the more frames per second it can display.

More frames per second means smoother animations. The 3,mAh battery in the Pixel 4 XL will see you through the day, but not as comfortably as other smartphones. I haven't heard great things about the smaller battery in the smaller Pixel 4, either. With that in mind, it would have been good to see some of the faster 25W-plus charging technologies we've seen in Samsung and OnePlus phones instead of the 18W charger that comes with the Pixel 4. That way, should the Pixel 4's battery life start to cause concern, a quick charge would help settle some nerves.

Awful battery life

Is it the radar, then? With the seamless unlocking and swiping away the brutal morning alarm? Or perhaps it's getting Android updates as soon as they roll out? S omething else I loved about the Pixel 4 was Google doubling down on its decision to murder the notch. Good riddance. P erhaps one of the most talked about elements of the Pixel 4 is motion sense. Basically, there are cameras and sensors on the front of the phone that can track hand movements and turn those into commands.

You know, like swiping your hand to change tracks. Currently, this is a gimmick with no real use. E ven though the face unlocking feature is good, I really miss the fingerprint scanner. That was so much quicker and more reliable than this face-scanning nonsense. So, in six months time, the already impressive results might be even better.

Google's Pixel 4 hits its lowest price yet on Amazon

Which is terrifyingly cool. Meaning, if someone had your Pixel 4 XL, they could hold the phone up in front of your face and gain access to it, whether you're unconscious or asleep. By default, Apple's Face ID requires the users' eyes to be open and looking at the phone to unlock. Google says it is working on an update that will add the option to require users' eyes to be open, but we won't see it for a few months. Motion Sense -- the radar-based feature that lets you wave your hand above the phone to do things like silence an incoming call or change tracks when streaming music -- works, but it's gimmicky and very limited right now.

I've used to it control Spotify, skipping tracks just by waving my hand over the phone on my desk. It's fun, but not as useful as I would have hoped. Surely Google will continue to improve and add functionality to Motion Sense, but right now, it feels very much like a fun party trick.

If you have a Pixel 3, I wouldn't recommend getting a Pixel 4. If you're happy with the Pixel 3's battery life and performance, there's little reason to upgrade. The camera features are neat, but not worth the upgrade alone. I'd wait to see if Google can resolve the battery performance through a software update in the future before placing an order. On paper, the Pixel 4 XL reads like the perfect Android phone.

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Google Pixel 4 Price in India

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