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The G8 continues that endeavor with a portrait mode video function, which allows you to blur the background of a subject in real time while shooting. Once in Portrait , hit the red record button and the viewfinder will line up an area for you to put the subject in frame, or you can tap on an object or area and slide the blur slider to adjust bokeh intensity while recording.

Or you can opt to connect with any Chromecast-enabled device. All of this is easily accessed via the Screen sharing shortcut found in the quick settings section of the notification panel. Tap this to see a list of devices in the area — both Chromecast- and Miracast-enabled devices will show up here — and select your preferred device.

LG wants you to enjoy media on-device too, which is why the G8 has a 3. These can be excellent features for those who are hearing impaired or are otherwise sensitive to sounds, as well as the audiophiles who need to hear music the way they want it. Handling multiple messaging accounts with separate instances of the same app can be a very useful tool for professionals. The G8 supports dual app instances for most major messaging platforms, including Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, and even Snapchat.

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From the list, just tap Install and a second copy of the app will appear on your home screen bearing the dual app symbol in the corner of its icon. After that, log in to your preferred account and multitask like the pro you are. Otherwise, both manual and automatic backups include your home and lock screen, pictures and videos, music, and settings, as well as personal data such as contacts, messages, call logs, and voice recordings. Fortunately, LG makes it easy to cloak this protrusion within the screen. The deep blacks of this OLED display help mask the notch well, especially with a black border, making the overall aesthetic more uniform and rounder.

For instance, you can choose to turn off Wi-Fi when you leave your house or turn on Bluetooth when you get to work. Context awareness offers these features natively in the G8, but also adds a neat feature called Parking Assistant. The phone will automatically remember your parking location.

You can set your home and work address, and then you can turn on more Context Awareness features so the G8 will know when you are at home or at work, and you can trigger specific actions. What is Android TV? The best Android apps March 1 day ago.

LG V50 ThinQ 5G review

The best productivity apps for Android and iOS 2 days ago. Google has made its own camera app for the cheapest Android phones you can buy 1 day ago. However, when there is some additional lighting, which is more likely in most real-world shooting situations, the camera struggles to get things right. In better news, the results are consistent and repeatable, so neither the exposure nor the white balance changes from shot to shot.

The most noticeable problem is the inconsistent application of blur effects to images of the same scene. In some images, the blur starts quite sharply behind the portrait subject, while in others, the blur begins appearing much farther behind them.

LG G8 ThinQ Tips and Tricks

In addition, there are depth estimation artifacts. As with its stills, the G8 generally gets the target exposure right and produces pleasant colors. Perhaps the biggest surprise, however, is that the AF system, which is fast and reliable with stills, is a weak area with video. The tracking AF system is a particular problem, and the subject can drift in and out of focus when it moves. These AF failures are most common in low light, but they can also occur in bright conditions.

However, it becomes more limited outdoors and in more everyday shooting scenarios. Indoors and in bright light, the LG G8 ThinQ keeps both temporal and spatial noise well in check, especially chromatic noise. However, things change in low light, when higher levels of luminance noise become visible.

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It does most things reasonably well without really excelling or failing dramatically in any area. It produces colors that are attractive, if not always accurate, and its stills AF system is fast and effective. It also usually handles exposures well, underexposing only occasionally and even taking backlight situations in its stride unless the zoom is in use. Its video output is similarly pleasing in many situations, but the best results require a static shooting position and constant subject distance.

The inconsistent bokeh performance is a little disappointing and not up to the standard of the current leader in this area the Huawei P30 Pro. Read more about our Comment Policy. Camera Audio.

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Key camera specifications: Triple-camera setup Primary: 12Mp sensor with 1. Test summary.

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Bokeh mode results can be slightly inconsistent, with more artifacts than the best in class. LG G8 ThinQ LG G8 ThinQ, noise in bright light. LG G8 ThinQ, crop.

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Apple iPhone XS Max, noise in bright light. Apple iPhone XS Max, crop. LG G8 ThinQ, outdoor detail.

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Apple iPhone XS Max, outdoor detail. LG G8 ThinQ, indoor detail. Apple iPhone XS Max, indoor detail. LG G8 ThinQ, central acutance. LG G8 ThinQ, corner acutance. LG G8 ThinQ, cyan shift.

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LG G8 ThinQ, medium range zoom, lux. LG G8 ThinQ, short range zoom, lux. Another shot of the same scene using the same settings results in much more blur. LG G8 ThinQ, bokeh mode.

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