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It can be difficult to hear audio when outdoors in noisy environments, even with the volume cranked to the max. Unlike most Android phones in the U.

Design, Display, and Durability

The Pixel 3a also feels more fluid, while the A50 few stutters here and there. Take Google Maps, for example. Moving around the map is smooth on the Pixel phone, but you can see occasional lag on the A The benchmark back this up. Still, the Galaxy A50 is a perfectly capable phone.

Even gaming is possible. I reviewed the Verizon Galaxy A50, which is pre-installed with many apps and games. Thankfully, I was able to uninstall most of the bloatware. The Pixel has smarter features in software, like Call Screen , which protects you from robocalls, and Now Playing , which detects and displays music playing in your surroundings.

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Software updates are a concern, too. Samsung is notoriously slow to deliver Android version. On a more positive note, Samsung is following through with monthly security updates for several devices.

Samsung Galaxy A50 Smartphone Review - Reviews

That means you can expect the Pixel 3a to run Android S in Updates are important. The Samsung Galaxy A50 has a triple-camera system on the rear. The camera app can be slow to launch, and the shutter can lag at times, but photo quality is good. The HDR surprised me the most and makes the A50 adept at handling high-contrast scenarios.

It does make the A50 more versatile than your typical budget phone. The wide-angle lens has trouble in dark situations, however. I compared the Galaxy A50 to the Pixel 3a, as you can see in the photos above, and preferred the Pixel 3a. The Pixel 3a handles dark settings well even without the Night Sight feature turned on.

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However, the Pixel 3a elevates the camera experience. As expected, it lasts a full day of heavy use, and not a single minute more. After a day of messaging, music streaming, gaming, and capturing photos, the phone hit 15 percent close to midnight. Our battery test proves that too. I played a p YouTube video over Wi-Fi with the brightness cranked to the max, and the Galaxy A50 lasted 10 hours and 56 minutes. Samsung offers a standard limited warranty, which protects the phone from manufacturer defects for one year from the date of purchase.

The Galaxy A50 shows Samsung can make excellent phones, no matter the cost. The Google Pixel 3a or 3a XL. Both are a little more expensive, but not by much. They match the A50 in several categories such as screen, battery life, and performance — pulling ahead in some — but they have better cameras, and significantly better software support. Or consider the ZTE Axon 10 , another mid-range phone with even better hardware. It's thin, sleek, and sports an edge-to-edge display that's uncommon to find on phones in this price range.

With the exception of a small teardrop notch for the selfie cam, there's almost no bezel—another rarity for the price. It measures 6. Flip the A50 over and you'll find a glossy plastic back in an almost iridescent black.

A vertically aligned triple camera stack is at the top left, and there's a monochromatic Samsung logo in the center. While the design is undoubtedly attractive, it picked up a number of nicks and scratches during our review period. The top of the phone is bare, while the bottom is home to a headphone jack, a speaker, and a USB-C charging port.

The buttons are easy enough to reach, even with small hands, and provide a satisfying click when pressed. The 6. Resolution comes in at 2, by 1,, for pixels per inch, and everything looks wonderfully crisp, with inky blacks and vivid colors. The only downside is the in-display fingerprint sensor. In testing, it only worked about 40 percent of the time, and with a dirty finger or a smudged screen, it failed to respond at all.

Like most phones in this price range, the display uses Gorilla Glass 3, an older version of Corning's strengthened glass that's more likely to break with an accidental drop. And like the Pixel 3a and most other midrange phones, the A50 isn't water resistant, so we recommend a case to protect the phone from drops and water damage. It's compatible with every US carrier, and even has band 71 for rural T-Mobile customers. In our tests on Verizon's network in downtown Manhattan, we clocked average data speeds of Call quality is solid. Noise cancellation worked without a hitch, and at 68dB, the speaker is fine for indoor conversations, though you may encounter a little difficulty hearing calls on a busy street.

The speakerphone clocked in at 82dB, which is loud enough to hear in a noisy room. On the other hand, the Galaxy A50's bottom-firing speaker is a disappointment. With a peak volume of 93dB, it can easily fill a room, but audio quality gets tinny at higher volumes, so you don't want to rely on it for multimedia streaming.

Samsung Galaxy A50 6GB RAM

Fortunately, there's a headphone jack for wired audio, as well as Bluetooth 5. NFC is also present for mobile payments. Three sensors sit on the back of the Galaxy A The majority of our daylight test shots with the 25MP sensor looked crisp and offered excellent depth of field, though there were a couple with slight background blurring.

The ultrawide sensor performed similarly, though we noticed a shot with some minor distortion around the edges. For low-light photos with the 25MP sensor, most of our images were acceptable, but somewhat muted, with a hint of background noise. Photos with the ultrawide lens had noticeably more noise as well as some background blurring. There's really no comparison here with the terrific Pixel 3a, which has the absolute best camera you can get outside of a pricey flagship. In bright light, subjects were well defined, background details were crisp, and color accuracy was spot-on.

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  • Low-light photos were pretty solid as well, with good color accuracy and well-defined foreground detail. There was a little background blurring, but not enough to detract from the photo. Again, though, the Pixel 3a easily has the advantage in the camera department.