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Motorola Moto e6s But where should the second factor be generated? Instead, it's a better idea to leave your old phone at home and to activate the authenticator apps from Google, Facebook, and even your bank. We all know smartphones can be used as remote controls, but how many of us actually use our current phone as a remote? Very few, I'd expect. You can use it to control iTunes or your whole PC. There's no shortage of great remote control apps out there, so take a look around your living room to identify your requirements and then hit the Play Store. Chromecast was a surprise hit for Google: a small stick on the TV and an app on your smartphone are enough to put content on your TV.

Netflix, Spotify and many other apps support streaming. The trick is that the controlling smartphone does have to display the content, so older smartphones are just as suitable. So you can use your old smartphone at home to get all the services you need. Do you have any other suggestions of ways to use your old smartphone?

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I have an old alcatel one touch android phone that has a built in fm receiver bluetooth too Of course,if you are in range of a wi-fi source you can get Iheart to hear any am or fm without data costs. Makes an inexpensive radio for my bike ride that needs no batteries,fits in my shirt pocket,weighs a few ounces and if damaged Universal remote via Logitech Harmony app. Of course you also need the harmony hub but I already had that.

How to Use Google Hangouts

There are other ways to do this too. Thanks for the article! I'm also using my old smartphone as VR Controller from Vasosoft for games. Really useful for gamers! Search for Smeasure in Play Store. A Smart and innovative way to use your Smart Phone. First, you will need a working Android Smartphone that you may want to give away, trade or sell.

Make certain that: 1.

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It is running at least Android 4. Can connect to your mobile data network 3. You can also create a new Google account just for this. Next, head back to settings Make sure that location services in on and actively locating this device. Next, find a secure location in your vehicle and hide your old smartphone. Make sure the area is dry, not too hot or wet. Be sure that it's effectively receiving GPS signal and remains connected to your mobile data network.

3 easy steps to monitoring Oppo Reno 5G with our spy app

Then, From another mobile device or from a computer, log into Android Device Manager. Note: Be sure you're logging into the same account that the hidden smartphone tracker is using.

Google Hangouts replaces GTalk app

Don't forget a power cable if your gonna leave it installed. Definitely want the Echo instead of my speaker cradle. The phone could be connected via wifi to turn it into a smarter phone :- It would be AWESOME to coordinate the "smart devices" by making them all the same brand. Add a coordinating tablet, which could be turned into a Smart Home Hub and electronic photo frame:- P. All kinda fun too be had Half of these I'm already doing on my current phone, but will give the offline GPS thing a go. For the Folding Home section I would like to suggest BOINC which has many more options and has a more diverse selection of projects to contribute computing time to.

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Jump to section: Alarm clock Google Home Landline telephone replacement Home surveillance camera Baby monitor MP3 player File server Wi-Fi hotspot Two-factor authentication Remote control Chromecast streaming Use your smartphone as an alarm clock If your old smartphone doesn't even have enough RAM to handle some occasional gaming, then you could use it as a bedside clock. Daydream mode offers several nice bedside clock options.