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If your phone is your primary media player, especially if you mainly use it for music playback, the LG G8 would make an excellent choice for your next device. Here, LG is hoping the G8 will stand out for the reason it lacks a camera bump.

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The G8 is a great-looking and feeling handset, with impressive build quality to boot. One caveat to such a featureless form is that the phone does like to move around of its own accord. If placed on a perfectly flat surface — a glass or laminate table, for example — the G8 will sometimes start to drift across it as if possessed. As for the software experience at play, LG has made strides in stripping back some of the heavier-handed traits that LG UX previously brought to the table. Running atop Android 9. The Settings menu feels overloaded, with four tabs full of options. Plus, there are a number of LG apps that I doubt the average user will likely touch.

The Shortcuts and Context Awareness features are also appreciated inclusions, with the first highlighting quick access routes to reach choice features — swiping down on the fingerprint sensor to summon the notifications shade or double-tapping the volume keys to jump into the camera, for example. Meanwhile, the latter adds some integrated automation to the G8 experience. Rather than relying on third-party services such as IFTTT, the G8 can natively be set to switch features such as Bluetooth and mobile data on or off, based on factors like location and time of day.

This is reflected in the general user experience and when partaking in more intensive tasks such as gaming or split-screen multitasking.

LG G8 screenshot method 2: Air Motion

It just remains to be seen whether LG will stay on top of security updates and major Android release updates to ensure the G8 feels fresh later into its life — something over which the company proved a touch lax with the release of Android 9. Plus, with Bluetooth 5. Both work fairly well but struggle with fine detail when it comes to edge detection. The ability to record video with real-time adjustable background blur is rather impressive, as are the talents of the front-facing Z camera when used in conjunction with the 8-megapixel selfie snapper.

It offers better edge detection for cleaner background blur and shots retain an impressive level of detail and dynamic range for a selfie camera. While I appreciate this design choice, when you lay the smartphone down on a flat surface, it typically begins to slide.

This experience becomes even worse when playing music, as the Boombox speaker — technology that vibrates the air inside of the handset to amplify sound — causes the G8 ThinQ to vibrate a lot. Additionally, LG adding more spec configuration options such as RAM, storage and size variants to the phone would have been preferable as this is quickly becoming common with other smartphone manufacturers.

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The pictures I took looked good and retained colours, but are slightly colder. Images are quite bright, and the device has a Night View mode that can make images even brighter in the dark. I was expecting a pronounced bokeh with the addition of the time of flight camera, but I was left unimpressed. Like the G7, the G8 has the Boombox speaker, mentioned above, which can also amplify sound when laying on a surface.

What might be a concern for audiophiles is that the G7 can get louder than the G8. LG says that Hand ID is even safer than a fingerprint scanner. After LG sent a tutorial on how to use the feature, it became a lot easier.

LG G8 sidelight Notification

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