A refined S-Pen with more tricks
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Although, its screen size is 5. It is successor of Note 5. I cant understand why people are comparing it with Samsung Galaxy S7.

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If you bought the S7 recently, Note 7 is not a update for you. Its for the people who cant live without S-Pen.

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And they are very much dependent upon it. To consider Note 5 as its predecessor, Samsung have introduced a lot of new features in Galaxy Note 7. One of the most prominent new feature is Iris scanner, which scans your eye to unlock your Note 7. Moving back to the problem, for which you are here. Losing the phone can be really a nightmare. When a phone is lost. There are two conditions, either it is actully stolen or it is present somewhere around or someone is just hiding it from you for fun.

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For both conditions we have a solution. If your phone is actully lost, you can lock it and track its current location. If someone is hiding your phone or its somewhere nearby but silent. You can make it ring. There are two services that can help you track and locate lost Note 7. All you need is internet connection and a smartphone or PC. There are two methods that we are going to cover in this guide. If one of them does not works for you. You can always try the other one. I am hopeful at the end of this guide. You will be able to track your Note 7 or actully get back your phone.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is very expensive and valuable phone.

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I can relate how you must be feeling right now. Android device manager is a service by Google for every Android phone. You can operate your phone to some extent using Android device manager. It has three basic features that are as follows:. Note: You can also download Android device Manager app from Google play store and use it to locate your lost Note 7.

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This method will only work if you had your google account logged into your Note 7 before it was lost. Then you can try your luck with the other method that is below. Well lets move on to your last hope and my 2nd method to help you locate lost Note 7. You can locate your Note 7 and perform number of steps on your lost Galaxy Note remotely.

Few notable features of Samsung Find my Mobile are following:. In the conclusion. In many cases, the upper-right corner of the battery could bend easily, sometimes causing negative and positive electrodes to come into contact with each other. The issues with Battery B apparently popped up when Samsung decided to rush production of Battery B in response to the initial recall.

The rushed production apparently resulted in a welding defect that again caused the battery to short-circuit and explode.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ review: bigger and now with a magic wand

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