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I have a Lenovo K6 Power, it was stolen recently, and i really need your help to track it and get it back. Please contact me for any detail that would enable you to help me retrieve it. Sorry to know that your phone was stolen. I am afraid the only solution that we can give you is under one of my colleague's post MotorolaJess on this thread. Hope that helps.

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See our Sustainability Report. This website uses cookies. By browsing this website, you consent to the use of cookies. Learn More. APP Download. All Forum Topics. WebWatcher records features listed below and sends data to a secure web-based account allowing parents to monitor their kids on the go from any device. Add to cart. Additional screenshots available for purchase.

Discreetly sends data on all Internet browsing and other web-related activity to a secure account.

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Parents or employers can see exactly what their children or employees are doing and who they're talking to on the Internet and on their mobile devices. If WebWatcher is installed on two or more devices used by the same individual, all data for that user will be combined into a single report. Trusted by Millions of Parents. WebWatcher Discreetly sends data on all Internet browsing and other web-related activity to a secure account.

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Just days ago, Georgio Armani canceled his live show in Milan and opted to stream it instead due to coronavirus concerns. Now, at the start of Paris Fashion Week — shadowed by similar worries — Burberry has launched an augmented reality tool that lets you view the latest high fashion from the comfort of your home. The business world is currently figuring out how to deal with the coronavirus crisis, with many offices opting to work remotely for at least the next few weeks as a safety precaution. Predictably, this has thrown remote meeting software back into the spotlight, especially augmented reality solutions.

Following its dominance as a provider of silicon for smartphones, Qualcomm is eager to replicate that ubiquity with not only processors for augmented reality headsets but also reference designs to give device makers a head start.

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Despite the cancellation of Mobile World Congress and several high-profile companies pulling out of the upcoming Game Developers Conference, Magic Leap is pushing forward with hosting its own developer conference. The coronavirus continues to disrupt the tech industry, including the augmented reality segment, with Apple and the iPhone the latest to feel the impact. The UK has officially exited the European Union, completing the long and tumultuous Brexit story and putting the storied nation once again on its own on the international stage.

The sky is the limit when it comes to augmented reality, but Snapchat's latest innovation is keeping its AR platform grounded.

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As augmented reality continues its collision course with mainstream adoption, the technology will now have a role in one of the most anticipated boxing matches of the year. Part of the fallout from the canceled Mobile World Congress is that a range of products, ideas, and designs slated for reveal in Barcelona are now being showcased without the framing and context of the massive tech gathering. We've been so worried about volumetric scans possibly robbing celebrities and performers of their agency and right to control their image that, somewhere along the way, we forgot that scans may not always be necessary to produce passable holographic performances.

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If you thought the news coming from China about the coronavirus might not affect your daily life in Europe and in the Americas, think again. Augmented reality's status as a new storytelling medium has already led to the reinvention of filmmaking and journalism. Smartglasses startup Nreal enjoyed some highs and endured some lows this week, as the company landed a product placement with Kevin Bacon but then faced production issues related to the coronavirus outbreak. Web-based mobile augmented reality technology continues to gain momentum as Google is set to expand the standard for immersive web content to AR.

Snapchat is probably used to Facebook copying its features by now, but Apple borrowing a page out of its playbook is likely a bit more surprising. The "what blank are you" augmented reality filters on Instagram have become so popular that more and more Hollywood giants are following the augmented reality-powered social media meme train, with the latest example coming via Snapchat.