Samsung's new Galaxy M-series is quite unlike what one has come to expect from budget Samsung phones, in a good way. It brings a fresh new ideology that was much needed from a company that has been losing market share to its competition.

The Galaxy M20 Review has already proven to be a solid affordable smartphone thanks to a large battery and a stunning Infinity-V display. The Galaxy M10 follows a similar path in a lot of ways, making it a great choice for consumers on a budget. The Galaxy M10 is cheaper than the M20, and yet Samsung has not cut corners just for the sake of it. At Rs 7,, the M10 comes with a similar Infinity-V waterdrop display and an ultra wide-angle camera, both of which are quite unique in this segment, a large-ish battery, a familiar Exynos chipset along with a familiar Experience UI.

I tested the M10 for a week and here's what I found. If you read our Galaxy M20 review, especially the design part, you can skip this bit. Just kidding, the Galaxy M10 does look similar to the M20, but there are some subtle difference that you should be aware of.

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For one thing, the M10 does not come with a fingerprint sensor. There's only the face unlock option for biometric login, which is a little disappointing. Phones in this price range do come with fingerprint sensors now, so there is no excuse for it not being here. The Galaxy M10 is also mostly made up plastic.

The rear panel wraps itself all the way around the frame to the front meeting the glass panel, so it's nicely curved around the edges to offer a good grip. The phone is definitely lighter compared to the M20, which is obvious since the M10 doesn't get the same 5,mAh battery. The volume and power buttons on the side have a nice tactile feel. The 3.

Samsung Galaxy M10, the youngest of the family

The rear panel is clean except for the Samsung branding on the center, dual camera module on the top left corner and a speaker grille on the bottom left corner. Yes, the speaker is on the back and not on the bottom of the frame. The plastic panel does attract a lot of smudges and fingerprints, which is especially visible in blue and should be equally noticeable in black, if not more. The front-facia is mostly all screen thanks to the new Infinity-V waterdrop display which offers a large screen real estate and minimal bezels all around. The droplet-style notch houses a selfie camera, and an earpiece just above it.

The ambient light sensor is also hidden within the notch. This is because the M10 is now the cheapest phone with a waterdrop display, which makes it pretty unique in the budget segment. And you can trust Samsung to make a great display, even an affordable one.

The chin is thicker than the one on the M20, but it doesn't distract you much. This is an immersive display with a droplet notch on top that has a flatter curve to it, making sure it barely intrudes your viewing experience.

Samsung Galaxy M10 Dual sim, 16GB Phone, 4G LTE

The outline of the droplet illuminates when using face unlock or the selfie camera, which is a nice little touch from Samsung. The M10 gets a 6. But don't let that disappoint you because this is a pretty attractive display and Samsung has done a commendable job in making this display look rich and a lot of times superior than other LCD IPS displays in this segment.

Much like the M20, the M10's display also offers deep and appealing colours and good brightness levels.

Videos will lack sharpness, but it is good to know that even the M10 comes with Widevine L1 support to offer full p resolution on supported platforms like YouTube and Prime Video. But, audio through third-party headphones is good. Unlike M20, the Galaxy M10 lacks fingerprint scanner. Having said that, it has support for Face recognition.

SAMSUNG GALAXY M10 (32gb) | Hub Maldives

With face unlock, it takes good 3 sec to unlock the phone, which might frustrate you at times. Not implementing a fingerprint scanner is a bummer, but considering the budget from, we are more than happy with it. The connectivity options include Wi-Fi The dialer and messaging have familiar UI. Moving on, the call quality is good, and we did not face any call drops and the earpiece volume was loud. Talking about casual usage, the M10 performed well up to our expectation.

Check out the synthetic benchmark scores below. Battery Life. The Samsung Galaxy M10 comes equipped with mAh battery. In our usage, it offers excellent battery life. In our One Charge rating, the Samsung Galaxy M10 scored 18 hours 48 minutes, better than the M20 since this has a low-resolution screen.

Tracking Samsung M10’s OnePlus FOMO

Samsung is off to a good start with Galaxy M series and without a doubt, the Galaxy M10 is huge leap for Samsung under mid-range segment compared to its predecessors. This budget device is simple, straight forward and on to the point. Barring few things like mediocre camera, slow charging and not-so-good speaker setup, this device is worth a try, provided if you are a casual user.

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