The Redmi K20 truly feels more expensive than it actually is. And that is priceless.

The edges of the Redmi K20 Pro are nicely curved and polished. This offers a good hand feel and makes the Redmi K20 Pro a compact phone despite a big 6. I believe, the Redmi K20 Pro has the right size and it slides in jeans pocket easily. I like the fact that there's not much of camera bump on the back panel. Many phones nowdays have prominent camera bulges, and that doesn't look too nice.

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The main 48MP camera sensor of the phone sits inside a module separated with red ring, and that is followed by a dual camera module, and then comes the LED flash. Everything in place and neatly designed.

Xiaomi's Redmi K20 Pro is a brilliant mid-premium smartphone with minor shortcomings.

It looks extremely classy and adds to the design. The pop-up camera of the Redmi K20 Pro sits on the top-left side and it also sports a clean design. The LED notification light on the top and sides of the pop-up looks pretty cool. However, if you want a more subtle look there's the option to disable the LED lights. Overall, I feel the Redmi K20 Pro is one of the best looking smartphones, not just in its segment but overall.

Looks like Xiaomi was taking notes. I have used the Redmi K20 Pro as my primary smartphone for nearly a week now and can say that in both indoors and outdoors the screen is extremely bright. Indoors, keeping the brightness around 40 - 50 per cent is adequate for while outdoors I had to often increase the brightness level to 80 - 90 per cent but it was good enough for me to allow watching videos even under the Delhi sun. There are slim bezels around the Redmi K20 Pro screen. As a result it offers a screen-to-body ratio of In other words, the front is all screen.

In almost all scenarios the Redmi K20 Pro offers great viewing angles. The Redmi K20 Pro's display also includes fingerprint sensor beneath it and it turns out to be pretty smooth and fast at unlocking the smartphone. The pop-up camera of the K20 Pro sits on the top left side. While I like the fact that it gives the phone a seamless design, and an expansive screen without any breaks, I don't particularly like the speed of the pop-up camera. The module pops out somewhat lowly compared to what I have seen on Vivo or OnePlus phones. This also makes using face unlock slower on the phone.

I believe the selfies clicked with the Redmi K20 Pro could have been slightly sharper, detailed and better at capturing colours.

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There is lots of megapixels here, but given the hype I expected better performance from the selfie camera of the Redmi K20 Pro. The selfies are decent -- take a look at the image samples -- but that is all.

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The details in particularly seem mushy. In portrait mode the camera blurs out the background pretty well, with pretty sharp edges. Sadly, here too the details are lacking. On the rear, the Redmi K20 Pro comes with triple cameras. The pictures clicked with the Redmi K20 Pro main camera look crisp, vibrant, and details are captured well, especially in daylight. In good light the pictures clicked with Redmi K20 Pro turn out to be full of fine details, although the camera also has a tendency to over-sharpen the photos.

Colours too are boosted, which makes most of the photos clicked with the Redmi K20 Pro over-saturated. Some will like the enhancement that camera sensor adds to the photos while others won't. I personally wish the pictures clicked with the K20 Pro looked natural. Additionally, compared to the normal photo mode, the pictures clicked in 48MP mode appear to be more natural and detailed. Surprising but that is how it is. The portrait mode works pretty well as it captures pictures with background nicely blurred out and edges sharp. The Redmi K20 Pro also includes an ultra-wide sensor and 2x telephoto lens.

I used both these camera modes and found that both produce good results. The pictures shot in the ultra-wide mode turns have punchy colours as well as good amount of details. The same can be said for the 2x telephoto lens as well. The pictures captured in 2X mode also capture details very well and look crisp.

Xiaomi Redmi K20 Pro/Mi 9T Pro review

In low light or night, the Redmi K20 Pro clicks decent pictures, although the details get mushy and colours lose their contrast. Night Mode helps, though, as it allows users to take better low light photos at the slight cost of speed. The Redmi K20 Pro also gets AI scene recognition which will automatically detect the scene and adjust the setting accordingly. In some TVs, the Miracast function needs to be manually opened to complete the screencast, and the application content is provided by the Keep App.

Wireless printing: Once updated with the MIUI 10, Xiaomi phone users can print photos and documents wirelessly on printers more than models in the market.

When can I get it?

New Photos app: This will arrange all the photos in the relevant sections for access and the interface will be improved to shows best photos on top and also thanks to Artificial Intelligence AI algorithm, the app can automatically organise pictures based on the type of acquaintances of the phone users. Family Guard: This feature lets the device owner track the live location of their family members as well as set time restraints on app usage.

Once enabled, the administrator can access the GPS gadget data and can see at any time where the child or senior citizens is located. Parents will have the option to customize app access and the duration of use. Also, Xiaomi also claims that the device owners will also get natural disaster warning notifications for people to escape from the earthquake.

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Share permalink. Xiaomi MIUI Key features you should know Refreshing new ambient display: Xaomi is bringing new dynamic themes with reflective lighting,wave-point dial that expresses the mathematical rhythm, the original still patterns bloom on the screen. GET IT. Alongside the always-on experience, MIUI 11 brings a reimagined notification light.

It serves a functional purpose. This means that no matters if your phone does or doesn't include a notification light, it can provide you notification alerts in an idle state through on-screen notification effects. Further towards enhancing the lock screen, Xiaomi has extended its partnership with Glance to offer a feature called Wallpaper Carousel. The company claims that the new feature is designed to deliver a personalised lock screen experience to the users.

However, you should be aware that such features generally acquire your data and usage behaviour to some extent to provide personalisation. It allows users to set any videos as a wallpaper on the screen. MIUI 11 also upgrades the existing File Manager app with a document viewer and the ability to preview documents at a glance. The company has also integrated a task manager within its Mi Notes app to let users view their To-Do list, add new tasks to their existing list, and sync tasks with the Calendar app.

There is also an option to simply swipe from the top-left side to access the To-Do list. Further, users can also record their tasks using their voice. The Calculator app on MIUI 11 has also been upgraded with a floating interface to let users easily perform calculations. This can be accessed by swiping right from the home screen -- through the App Vault.