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Other Products. Software and Tools. Mobile Services. View All. Huawei In-App Purchases. Consult Authorised Service Centers It is important to strictly use Huawei authorised repair services.

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Repair Services Service Center Find the nearest service center around you. Pick Up to Unlock. Reset Your Phone. System update failures. How to update Text style. Unable to receive system update notifications. Use Basic Camera Features. Use eRecovery to Restore Your Phone. The device is excellent for the price, flexing its muscles by way of raw processing power, great battery life, and solid build quality.

While budget devices usually cut corners in the camera department, the Honor 9 Lite certainly did not. There are a few key areas where the competition has it beat, but they are few and far between. To put things into perspective: for a brief period of time, I considered using the Honor 9 Lite instead of my OnePlus 3. I realize the OnePlus 3 is a couple of generations behind now, but consider for a moment that the Honor 9 Lite is a budget-oriented mid-range device while the OnePlus 3 is a flagship.

Disclaimer: Honor sent XDA this device for review purposes. The opinions in this article are our own. It feels premium thanks to a glass-coated front and back. The back of the device largely resembles an iPhone 7. This has led friends to ask me if the phone I had was an iPhone. Coming in at 5. It has a pretty neat one-handed mode that makes it easier to use in portrait mode. The same logo can also be found on the reverse of the device, which makes much more sense — I would have much rathered it stayed there. The symmetry between the bezel at the top of the device and the bottom of the device is also appreciated.

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The micro-USB port feels just as sturdy as the rest of the device. In terms of wear-and-tear, the device is a mixed bag. I kept my OnePlus 3 in my pocket for the best part of 2 years with some very, very minor scuffs on it. Using the Honor 9 Lite has left the glass worse for wear. This appears to be because of the lack of Gorilla Glass. Honor opted to use an in-house method of protecting the screen.

I would definitely recommend sticking this phone in a case, or at the very least slapping a plastic protector on the front and back.

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It sits right where I would place my finger when holding the phone, which has led to me to absent-mindedly unlocking the phone. The speaker grill is to the right of that. It is truly excellent. EMUI is packed full of features but skirts the edge of what you could call bloatware. These modifications give the device some uniqueness. EMUI is based on Android 8.

Some parts of the UI are drastically different from stock Android, but others not so much. I found it had a number of useful features not present in AOSP, including a theme engine, which is a whole lot more robust than I initially thought. It can theme applications along with multiple system UI elements. Other features like built-in one-handed-mode, accessed by simply sliding along the bottom of the screen, are surprisingly intuitive. None of the features were really shoved in my face.

The button sits just above the home button and is to easy to press accidentally. I get the idea, but I frequently use the flashlight at lower battery levels to look for my charger. What also worries me is that I have not gotten a single software update yet, despite the fact that the phone launched months ago. The Honor 9 Lite is extremely fast. There are of course some hiccups, many of which are software-related rather than hardware-related.

Using the camera on this device is a painful experience, so much so that I almost opted to keep two phones on me simply because of the poor experience on the Honor 9 Lite. Images are good more on those later , but the camera app is anything but.

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As a result, camera launch times are abysmal. After downloading the Snyc Fix for Fitbit ap, I went through all the options without any sucess - until i got to the nuclear bomb option and downloaded the old version of the Fitbit ap with the update disabled. It turns out that the updated version of the ap is unstable with updates for older trackers like mine and as soon as i downloaded the old version of the ap it all works perfectly and as it should! Thanks for all the steps that you've tried with your Surge.

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