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Moto G6 review: A budget phone that proves you get what you pay for

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Customer Reviews

Oct 1, The Moto G6 certainly appears full steam ahead in the opposite direction, but looks can be deceiving. Motorola has opted for a sleek build, with a very glossy design on both sides, which gives the illusion of glass. It even has the subtle curvature to the back, a feature that reminds me of the original Moto X.

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The downside of a glossy back is that it tends to catch fingerprints. And the Moto G6 is pretty good at attracting them, although the black variant I have been testing does an adequate job of hiding them unless you're looking right at the phone. Fingerprints aside, Motorola is great at crafting devices that feel great in the hand. While the Moto G6 has a smooth back, i found the device doesn't get too slippery and still has a grip to it.

Since it's an unlocked device, you get minimal branding on the back with a classic "M" for Motorola logo in the middle underneath the main dual camera. They did manage to sneak a dark gray Motorola logo under the display since this device has bezels. A majority of flagship devices have been shifting to an screen ratio, which gives you a bit more space and an elongated front.

The Moto G6 opts for this ratio with a 5. After several days of use, I like the display, but it's not perfect.

It has mostly accurate color representation, although some vibrant colors can look over exaggerated. Glare can be an issue with direct sunlight — using it outdoors will usually mean the display won't look nearly bright enough. A smart person must have once said that clean Android is the right Android, and it's a software choice I support. Gone are the days of Motorola's clunky user interface as the Moto G6 is running a version of Android 8. You get some simple design changes, like a circular clock and weather widget on start, along with a Moto app for some neat tricks.