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Those two Cortex A73 cores make all the difference in day to day use. The storage can be expanded further. The phone supports dual VoLTE as well. Samsung has done a great job eking out the maximum out of the Exynos chip on the Galaxy M Performance is for the most part pretty good. Other than a stray frame drop or two, the interface was generally remarkably fluid.

Samsung Galaxy M20 Smartphone Review - Reviews

The phone did not exhibit aggressive memory management and we could easily jump between apps. The phone held PUBG in memory while we went around using the browser and shuffled between playlists on Spotify. Moving on to gaming capabilities. The phone defaults to the medium quality setting and more or less holds a solid 30FPS. There were a few frame drops but overall, the gaming experience is very decent. The Galaxy M20 also does really well with network performance. In an area with a really poor cellular network, yet the phone still did an above average job at latching on to the network and calls drops were far and few.

Call quality itself is very good. Running Samsung Experience 9. The entire experience is as smooth as it gets and other than a stray frame drop or two, it never really lagged or slowed down in any noticeable fashion. There are a whole bunch of customization settings available to power users and while the default layout should be familiar to long term Samsung users, it is a cinch to personalize the entire interface.

The idea here is to display relevant news articles and content on the lock screen everytime you turn it on.

Thankfully, it is easy to switch off. The default layout makes use of a secondary app drawer but you can easily switch that over to an iOS-style layout where all apps are laid out in a grid-like pattern. While by default, the phone has a row of navigation keys at the bottom, a quick trip into the settings menu lets you switch on gestures.

Intuitive and customizable, they really help make the entire experience a lot more immersive. Preinstalled apps on the Galaxy M20 are quite limited and outside of a few utilities, a news app by Dailyhunt, Office Mobile, OneDrive and LinkedIn were the only ones that stood out. Most of these cannot be uninstalled. While the phone has a fingerprint reader at the back, it also supports facial-recognition-based unlocking. This works reasonably well in good ambient light but is no match for the fingerprint reader which we found to be remarkably quick.

Smaller tidbits like the animation around the notch when the phone is trying to recognize your face are cool to see and show attention to detail. The secondary camera has a degree field of view, which is great for capturing larger buildings or a big group of people in a single frame. The camera on the Galaxy M20 is a bit of a mixed bag. In adequate ambient light, the phone manages to capture good looking images with a decent amount of detail. Images can at times look just a bit overexposed with unnatural colours.

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The limited dynamic range of the primary camera extends to and is perhaps a bit more evident in the ultrawide camera. The phone has a tough time dealing with highlights. Meanwhile, low-light performance is rather disappointing.

Case - "Back to the Roots" Is Not Always Good

Images generally have a lot of noise and the aggressive noise reduction further smudges details. Zooming in to the image reveals digital noise in the form of splotches. Samsung definitely went overboard here. Pure hardware aside, Samsung has done a phenomenal job at optimizing the Galaxy M20 for better battery life.

The 5,mAh cell lasts forever and on an average, the phone lasted two days of use for me. Now, your use case may vary, but with multiple social media apps, Reddit, emails and more, I could still consistently get almost eight hours of screen on time.

Reassuring Samsung's 'M'ight in the budget segment

With a video loop test, the phone managed 20 hours before shutting down. However, the phone supports fast charging over the USB-C port and takes just about 2 hours 15 minutes to get fully charged from scratch using the in-box charger. It's a sub 15K phone that's said to replace the On-series handsets from the company. Undeniably, Samsung's intent of making it a complete handset is visible on paper, but does it work the same way in real life usage?

We have been using the Galaxy M20 from a week before the launch and testing it to see if it matches up to the hype that's been around the phone from a while. As part of a launch offer by Jio, buyers of new Galaxy M20 will be entitled to double-data offer on Jio 4G. Face up, the Galaxy M20 looks nearly identical to recently launched budget phones like Honor 10 Lite and Realme U1 with a water drop notch and thin bezels.

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  5. That said, the phone brings along a completely new, but very basic design from Samsung this time. It's nowhere close to the J-series or the On series handsets that we've seen in the past. The phone gets a polycarbonate body which undoubtedly feels good to hold.

    The finish is glossy and smooth to touch, and it does not imitate glass like most phones in its range. It is curved on all sides, making it fit in your hand perfectly. It has an oval fingerprint sensor, placed in the center back, which is easy to reach. The Galaxy M20 is grams as it packs a mAh battery, but that doesn't make the body thick.

    Samsung Galaxy M20

    We would say it's not the best design from Samsung or in its own league, but it's practical and one of the few phones that fit pleasingly well in hand. Samsung is not going for the most premium looks here, and it doesn't need to either. The material and finish are impressive, it fits superbly well in hand, doesn't catch fingerprint, isn't prone to cracking and slides into pockets like water. After all, this, if it doesn't imitate a premium phone, it's ok. The left side of the phone has a SIM card tray and the volume rocker is on the right, while the bottom has a USB Type-C port, a speaker grill and audio jack.

    The display of the Galaxy M20 is a 6. If you're surprised to see the term TFT, it's just the terminology that sounds dated, but Samsung has worked on the PLS technology and it's visible on this device. The display has rich colours, impressive viewing angles and outdoor visibility. It's one of those displays that catch your eye the moment you turn on the phone for the first time.