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Also, it can spy on call logs. Here, you can spy on all incoming, outgoing and missed calls. Spyic in doing so lets you spy on all contact details, timestamp and call duration of the calls. This revolutionary phone hacking app lets you spy on virtually all the popular social media apps such as WhatsApp. It helps you spy on all shared files on WhatsApp including images, videos, and other documents. Spyic lest you read all incoming WhatsApp chats.

Also, you can spy on WhatsApp call log i. Spyic is a web-based iPhone spy app that allows you to spy on your target via a web browser. For iPhones, no installation is required on the target device. This allows you to spy on your target without physically installing the app.

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You only need to provide the active iCloud credentials of the target iPhone. This app lets you spy on iPhones by synchronizing data from iCloud backup and saving data on a remote server. Spyic does not require jailbreaking the target iPhone for the app to work. Also, the warranty on the phone will not be voided.

Unlike other iPhone surveillance apps, the entire functionality of this app works without jailbreak mode. The use of cutting-edge technology makes the app spy on other third-party apps without jailbreaking the target iPhone. This is a reliable iPhone spy app. The app is trusted by millions of users across the world. Spyic has even attracted the attention of global media outlets like Forbes. The app is legit and does not contain viruses that compromise the performance of the target iPhone.

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Its intuitive and intelligently designed user interface makes this app user-friendly. The powerful spy app can be configured in a matter of minutes on the target iPhone. All iPhone surveillance activities by this app take place in stealth. The app works in the shadows to avoid interfering with the performance of the iPhone. This way, your target will be unable to suspect anything fishy. Step 1: First, sign up for a Spyic account. To do so, visit the official Spyic website. Also, make sure you subscribe to a plan that suits your spying needs.

Step 2: Setup the target iPhone. After subscribing to a suitable plan, you will receive an email. Click on the Start Monitoring button to access the Control panel. Provide the target iPhone name. Step 3: Now, provide the iCloud credentials of the target device and verify them. Therefore, any chance of the target user finding that he is being monitored is out of the question. It can be hard to trust a new and coming app in the market when it comes to phone spying. However, Spyic has been around for a long time and it is employed by millions of users around the world.

You can spy on the phone from Spyic dashboard, which opens on the internet in all web browsers. Further, it has convenient pricing plans. You can choose the number of devices you want to monitor. You can also opt for monthly, quarterly, or yearly renewals. Go here and check out Spyic demo for free. I think it will paint a better picture for you. Therefore, check out all these things Spyic does for you in addition to spying on WhatsApp.

It also has separate modules for Facebook, Snapchat, and so much more.

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You will know every aspect of the user and who all he talks to everywhere. This is one of my favorite Spyic features. It essentially keeps a record of every keystroke that is made by the user. This includes a message on WhatsApp, a search in the browser, or looking for a person on Facebook. Another very good feature. Call monitor will record all the calls that are made by the device and received by it.

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It will give you complete information like caller identity, call duration, etc. Further, you can even record the calls to know what the person is talking about. This can be very helpful if you already have your doubts about the person. Location tracker gives you an update about the live location of the person. You will know where he is and where he has been recently. You can even set a location perimeter for the phone. When the phone crosses this boundary, you will get an alert. This is just a glimpse of what Spyic has to offer. However, for the sake of this list, I will keep its discussion limited.

Go here and check out all the things that Spyic can do for you. You can also check free demo of Spyic. I know you have probably made up your mind without going through the rest of the list. I was like that too when I first came to know about Spyic. For all those people who want to get Spyic now, you can go here and signup. If you take Spyic out of the equation, Cocospy is the best WhatsApp spy tool ever created. With so many features that are hard to count and a brilliant user interface, Cocospy stands out from the rest of the crowd.

It never fails to woo me whenever I try it out. It even shows you the pictures and videos that someone has sent or received through WhatsApp. It is not just limited to that. It also shows you the snaps that the person has captured from their camera. Further, it also gives you an idea about all the people they talk to.

And you might think that you would have to do a lot of hard work to get it running. It installs within 3 minutes and it does all the work by itself. All it needs is the iCloud credentials of the user and it works like a charm. Spyier is another good WhatsApp Spy app.

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It has other additional features too. For example, it can track messages, locations, and phone calls too. Further, it also has options to monitor other social media platforms as well. It is available for both Android as well as iPhone. However, a major downside and a dealbreaker for me of this app is that for Android phones, it requires rooting the device.

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As I know rooting can compromise the device security and warranty, I am unhappy with this particular stance of the software. Further, the prices of Spyier are a bit on the higher end. Other than that, it is a decent app that can get the job done once you fulfill its requirements.

What I mean is that it can get the job done. However, when standing up against in competition with apps like Spyic and Cocospy, I wish it could do more. And this constant mobile gazing of either your loved one, children or friend yearns you to discover the details of the person with whom they have been chatting all day and all night. Table of Contents. Get a mSpy for iPhone Without Jailbreak application.

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Clutch an iPhone of the monitored user for few minutes to check with the iCloud settings of the device. These are the three simple steps that you need to carry out before using this amazing application to unearth the truth. Login the Cpanel of the mSpy. You will see the mSpy wizard that will aid you in installing the app.