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The black colour Mi Band 3 is the subject of this review. I've used the Mi Band 3 for almost three weeks and can confidently say that it's the best value-for-money fitness bands available in India right now. Interestingly, it is more than a fitness band. There is so much functionality built into it and there are many features that so far we have mostly seen in more expensive fitness bands or smartwatches.

There is an embedded touch-sensitive under the display glass. It also lets users go back to the home screen. The band alerts users about an incoming call or message. Xiaomi claims users can go swimming wearing the Mi Band 3. Xiaomi has been so far fairly consistent with the design of its fitness bands. And this design so far has been utilitarian, focusing more on functionality.

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There's no "wow" factor about their design. The Mi Band 3 is no exception. It also looks similar to the Mi Band 2. The Mi Band 3 comes with a capsule that measures The display is big enough for users to read messages easily.

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Under the capsule there're the 3-axis accelerometer and PPG heart rate sensors which helps the band track activities in real time and also the heart rate. The good news is, compared to the Mi Band 2, the display of the Mi Band 3 is bigger and brighter, and the rubber strap has more adjustment holes to help users find a comfortable fit.

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So, whether your hands are thin or bulky, Mi Band 3 will fit you well. Unlike the Mi Band 2, the Mi Band 3 comes with a touchscreen display. This offer more functionality, for example users no longer need to depend on their phones to read messages or reject a call. The Band 3 shows the name of the caller as well as the messages on the OLED screen, which turns out to be quite bright inside a room. Although outside, I wish the screen would have been brighter. In direct sunlight, brightness is adequate enough to check the number of steps or kilometers walked, but not good enough to read messages.

There were times I struggled to read WhatsApp messages or check Instagram or Facebook notifications under the blazing sun. There's also no option in the band or in the MiFit app to control the brightness level.

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At night, the display of the Mi Band 3 is bright enough. One of the best bits about the Mi Band 3 is its durability. Notably, it comes with a capsule with touchscreen display and a wrist band. While the build quality, finish and materials in the Mi Band 3 aren't as good as what you see in more expensive fitness bands from brands like Fitbit -- priced almost 5X to 10X -- that's okay. The Mi Band 3 is priced under Rs 2, and it is good enough.

Xiaomi's tracker offers unbeatable value

The capsule -- or in other words the main body of the band -- is made of plastic and it can take a beating or two. The band is made of Thermoplastic elastomer -- fancy name for rubber -- and comes with an Aluminium alloy buckle which is also pretty durable. The Mi Band 3 can be connected with all phones, Android or iPhone, made by Xiaomi or by some other company. The Mi Band 3 works even if it is not connected to the phone, but it is more useful when connected to the phone.

This information will let the Band produce better results. Doing so will let the Mi Band 3 to be more productive. As noted earlier, connecting the Mi Band 3 with the phone makes it more productive. It works even if you don't connect it. Which means, even if the band is not connected to the phone it will still show the number of steps walked, distance covered and also monitor the heart rate.

To know the heart rate, users will just need to switch to the heart monitor screen on the Mi Band 3 by scrolling down on the home page and long press the touch button. The Band 3 takes a few seconds to display the heart rate of the person. In my opinion, the band gets the heart rate right at times, but there are also times when it misses it. For instance, in one second the band showed my heart rate to be 75bmp, while the next second the heart rate bumped to bmp. There was no movement or walking in between measuring the two heart rates.

This is the smartest Mi Band ever. It shows more information compared to the Mi Band 2. For more information on the Chinese model, head here. The Mi Band 4 can relay call, text, email, and just about any other notification you receive on your smartphone. Notifications come through to the Mi Band 4 right away. The Mi Band 4 also supports different watch faces. There are a fair amount of watch face options available in the Mi Fit app.

Roughly half of them are colorful digital faces, while the other half feature cute, big-eyed cartoon animals. To each their own. There are three sections of the Mi Fit app — workout, friends, and profile — which are all pretty straightforward. Friends is where you can connect with other Mi Fit users to see their activity and health info, and the profile section contains all your personal info, goals, and settings. The workout section contains four sub-sections: status, walking, running, and swimming. Walking, running, and swimming are only used for manually starting those types of activities from your phone.

Review: Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4

As someone who constantly checks into workout progression over time, this is a little cumbersome. Once you connect your accounts in the Mi Fit settings menu, all activities recorded by the Mi Band 4 will be sent over to Google Fit. For the most part, the Mi Fit app is a well-rounded, easy-to-use fitness platform aside from the ease of checking workout history.

The app could benefit from even more social features and compatibility with other fitness applications , and I did notice a few bugs in the app throughout my time using it. The Fitbit app is one of the best out there and provides a more refined experience overall. Each year, Xiaomi adds more features to its Mi Band lineup and keeps the price hikes to a minimum. If you need a cheap fitness tracker or simply want to upgrade from a previous Mi Band device, you should seriously consider the Xiaomi Mi Band 4.

What do you have to lose? Buy from Amazon. Bottom Line. Show More. More posts about Xiaomi Mi Band 4 competitors. Jimmy Westenberg 7 months ago. Fitbit Charge 3 review: Fitbit is getting really good at this Jimmy Westenberg 1 year ago. Your heart rate is an essential metric when it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle and improving your fitness training.

Thankfully, tracking your heart rate is pretty easy, as most activity trackers and smartwatches come …. There isn't much you can do for your body that is better than getting in shape, staying in shape, and working out. It lowers all of the bad things cholesterol, blood pressure, etc and heightens ….

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 The best cheap fitness tracker. It monitors your heart rate, sleep patterns, and more. In early , this is the best cheap fitness tracker you can buy.

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