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It's one thing for Google Assistant to deliver your favorite news, but how about getting the assistant to read the news to you each morning? You only have to tap the software home button; when the pop-up box comes up with the Google Assistant question, "How May I help you? You can also say, "Good Afternoon" or "Good Evening," and get your news read, since Google Assistant is aware of each time of day. Tired of the unrelenting negativity of the news cycle? Your Google Assistant can provide some relief.

Just say "Tell me something good," and you'll get a summary of an uplifting news story with the option to find out more by tapping a link. Sportsfans will think this is the best Google Assistant skill; You can find out who won yesterday's big game, just by saying, "Who won yesterday's Broncos-Texans game? You can also ask Google Assistant for historical sports data, such as "Who played third base for the Pittsburgh Pirates in ? Ready to plan your weekend getaway to the park for a romantic picnic?

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You'll need to make sure the weather cooperates. Just grab your mobile meteorologist, Google Assistant, who can tell you if it'll be sunny with the temperature in the 70s or cold and rainy. Google Assistant is pretty flexible here. Asking, "What's the weather for the weekend? If you're out and about and need to contact your kids at home, Google Assistant can broadcast a voice message directly to your Google Home speakers at home, and your family can respond.

Change these Pixel 3 settings now to make your phone even better

Google Assistant also transcribes your message if your family member would rather read it. Using Google Assistant, you can search for movies based on title, who's starring, and what's playing in the theaters near you. By selecting one of the showtimes, you can then book a ticket through Fandango. No more waiting in line! It's one of the best Google Assistant skills for film buffs. On a road trip and feel like breaking out into song? Keeping your hands on the wheel, you can tell Google Assistant to "play music," and get the party started on the road.

To strike up the band, simply say, "OK, Google," followed by "play music" or "sing a song.

Google Assistant's greatest power is that it can draw information from other Google apps and services — including Keep, Calendar and Gmail — to provide information at a moment's notice when you need it. If you fear you've missed any emails from yesterday, you can always ask Google Assistant, "Did I miss any emails from yesterday?

Need to be reminded of that bill you keep forgetting? Want to make sure you don't forget your wedding anniversary?

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Just set a reminder with Google Assistant, and you'll never forget that date again. To set the reminder, you can say, "OK, Google, set a reminder for my wedding anniversary," and it's done, other than thanking Google Assistant for maintaining your wedded bliss. By the way, Google Assistant will reply with "You're welcome" should you thank it. When in the grocery store, the last thing you want to do is fumble for your grocery list. If you've been using Google Keep, no worries: Google Assistant can grab your shopping list.

The Assistant will enter into Google Keep and retrieve your list. Who knew hiring a professional shopper could be so fun, easy and free? For the holidays, you can also add gift ideas to a gift list.

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Say "Hey, Google, add a t-shirt for Joe to my gift list. Google Assistant can answer all of your questions about finding and paying back a loan with Leslie, its artificially intelligent loan expert. Say "Okay, Google, talk to Loan Finder," to take advantage of her knowledge.

You can ask Leslie your own questions, or ask for her answers to the most popular ones. After you answer a few questions, Leslie can redirect you to a listing of loan offers suited to you via a partner website. For existing loans, Leslie can spit out the amount you'll be paying over the length of your loan term. No need to fumble with the snooze button on that alarm clock in the morning when you can trust Google Assistant to wake you up on time. You need only tell Google Assistant, "Wake me up at 8 a. If you're bored with the regular alarms, you can even say "Wake me up at 8 a.

Google Assistant is now available on Android and iPhone mobiles

You can pick any song, artist, or playlist, and Google Assistant will draw from the default music service you specified. Using Google Routines, you can also set an alarm to trigger other actions. For example, Google can read you the news, or turn on your lights after you've dismissed your alarm. Some people want to plan their travel down to the smallest detail, including learning the fastest route to their destinations. If you're looking for the fastest way from Point A to Point B or you just need to get home from a place you've visited for the first time, ask Google Assistant to tell you.

The trip from Florida to New York isn't as long as you'd think. Google Assistant works with both Google Maps and Waze. New York City residents can also use Google Assistant to check public-transit schedules, using either an Android phone or a smart speaker. Ask "Hey, Google, when is the next F train? You'll get your train's ETA and walking directions to the nearest station. Need to send a text message telling a friend or loved one you'll be late to dinner? No problem. Just say, "OK, Google," followed by, "Send a text message to the person's name. Google Assistant will then ask you whether you want to edit the message or send it.

If you turn off the function, you can't use any of the GPS functions on your mobile phone. Tap Advanced. Tap Google Location Accuracy. Tap the Home key to return to the home screen. Send Cancel. Hungry for more? Join him on Twitter or sign up for his weekly newsletter to get fresh tips and insight in your inbox every Friday. Here are the latest Insider stories. More Insider Sign Out. Sign In Register. Sign Out Sign In Register. Latest Insider.

Check out the latest Insider stories here. More from the IDG Network. Android Intelligence Advice 6 big reasons to try the new Firefox How to make the most of your Pixel's Give Google Docs a distraction-free An interesting Inbox-like delivery A Chrome security setting you shouldn't Show More. Pixel feature 1: Smart Storage Our first hidden Pixel feature fits perfectly into that "small touch with a significant impact" narrative.

How to find it To set up and start up Smart Storage, open your Pixel phone's system settings and head into the Storage section. JR Since the items are all backed up to Google Photos, anyway, it really doesn't make any difference which option you select. How to find it Anyone can download Google Lens and use it as a standalone app, but on your Pixel phone, you can get to Lens right from your device's camera.

JR To get the full Lens experience, though, what you'll do is touch and hold your finger to the viewfinder area — the big, open space where the image appears. JR Depending on what's present, Lens might offer to help you add the information as a contact, email an address mentioned on the material, or open a website listed on the document. JR Pretty darn handy, I'd say. Pixel feature 3: Driving mode I don't think I have to tell you that looking at your phone while driving is an awful idea.

How to find it On a Pixel 3 or higher, open the Connection Devices section of your system settings, then tap "Connection preferences" followed by "Driving mode. JR Once the feature's enabled, you can go back into that same area of your settings to configure how it works. JR If you have a Pixel 2, you can set up something similar by going into the Sound section of your system settings and selecting "Do Not Disturb" followed by "Schedules.

The first-gen Pixel, unfortunately, doesn't have this feature.

Pixel feature #1: Smart Storage

Pixel feature 4: Fast camera flipping Let's tackle a couple convenient camera shortcuts next — because if there's one time when saving steps is always helpful, it's when you're trying to capture a shot of a fleeting moment. How to find it This one's easy as can be: Once your camera is open, just twist your wrist twice to flip between the front and rear cameras. It's just like the twisting gesture introduced by Motorola years ago — and once you get the motion down, there's really nothing to it: JR So to open your camera and switch quickly to the front-facing view, then, you'd simply tap your power button twice and then flick your wrist twice — something that's both speedy and easy to do with a single hand, even when you're walking while loaded down with a bag of potatoes or whatever is it you carry at your place of business.

Practice it now, then do it without a single thought the next time the need arises. How to find it The trick to this one is simply to open your camera and then press and hold the big shutter button — the same button you'd press to take a picture. JR On the Pixel 3 and higher, you'll also see an option for "recommended shots" — the specific stills that Google's all-knowing algorithm identifies as being the best of the bunch.

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JR This one clearly gets a thumbs up from me. Related: Android Smartphones Google.