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Is a nearly 7-inch phone really a feasible, and necessary, device to carry around with you at all times? Beautiful display. The defining feature of just about every Samsung smartphone in recent memory has been the displays.

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Even fierce competitors like Apple use them in their devices. So much power. My plonking around the web, checking Twitter and emails, and taking photos felt very sharp on the phone. Battery lasts for ages.

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General Samsung goodness. More on that in a bit. Samsung DeX is even more powerful. All you need is a USB-C cable, perhaps a wireless keyboard and mouse, and a monitor to plug your phone into, and DeX turns the device into a fully fledged desktop computing setup. Samsung announced a deeper partnership with Microsoft at the Note 10 launch event, and now every Microsoft app you could want is compatible with DeX. The camera can work well. Here are a few that I really liked:.

Larger phones are like having a TV in your pocket. It still targets power users who want a big device and will actually use the included S Pen stylus. It's overkill for people who want a smaller phone or are completely uninterested in the stylus. Samsung also introduced a smaller version of the Note 10 , which has a 6.

Samsung also pulls back on the specs e. I'll start reviewing that one soon. Scroll to the end for a full specs comparison.

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If you're on the fence, remember that the iPhone 11 likely due in September , Google Pixel 4 and Huawei Mate 30 Pro likely coming in October are around the corner. But for the first time in a long time, I can say to power users: Why wait? The Note 10 Plus is outstanding, and worth buying. What's in this review : Read on for the best and worst of the Note 10 Plus, then stick around to learn about how good the new camera features are, life without the headphone jack, gesture controls, all-day battery life and how it compares to other rival phones.

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The Note 10 Plus has the same main cameras as the Galaxy S10 Plus it adds that depth-sensing lens , but Samsung's put a lot of effort into improving the phone's software, and that goes a long way to making the phone easier to use for taking photos. Daytime photography is excellent, but the dedicated night mode is where Samsung really steps it up. This mode, found in the camera app, takes a few seconds to process a photo, really drawing out colors and details from a dark scene.

I wish Samsung would add a count-down clock, so you know how long to hold the phone still, but photos taken in this mode can make a big difference. Samsung's color processing can overbrighten in some night-mode scenarios, where auto mode actually produces a more pleasing, higher-contrast image -- so don't plan to use it every time. The Note 10 Plus also does interesting things with video. Live Focus video mode adds a depth effect to video, and you can choose among four filters for both your front and rear cameras.

Jawlines and extremities can blur, and some of my curly hair smeared into the background, but the focus on the face is reasonably good. Another new feature turns up the volume on the source of music when you zoom in. I tested this out on four different musical acts and John Travolta doing the twist. Called zoom-in-audio, it works as advertised, but some scenarios are more effective than others. It's hard to reposition the focus as you zoom and image quality suffers when you zoom in too closely.

Applause all around for the baked-in video editor that lets you add musical tracks, trim and add text.

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It's great to be able to quickly produce a simple video on-device and share it out immediately. AR Doodle is a feature that got a lot of press when it first came out, because it's unique and highlights the power of the S Pen. You hop into video mode and can record a short video of yourself, someone else, or a scene in the world around you it appears to time out after a minute. For example, I had fun embracing my punk side see the video if you're curious , and skywriting over the San Francisco skyline.

Pin apps to the screen when you let your friends use your phone: I love this feature. Tap Shortcuts to modify the various apps and features that appear whenever you remove your S Pen from the smartphone. Create fun automations on your device: Open up Bixby Routines if you want to create triggers and other fun automations on your device. Receive phone calls and texts on other Samsung devices: If you have other Samsung devices, enable this feature to ensure that you can also make and receive calls and messages on them. Delete screenshots after you share them: If you take a lot of screenshots on your device—I know I do—then tap on Screenshots and screen recorder.

Tap the side key three times to alert your emergency contacts that you might be in danger; you can also elect to automatically send pictures and audio recordings of whatever is happening to provide them as much context as possible. Tough love.

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Automatically close your apps or restart your phone on a schedule: Tap on Device care, and then tap on the triple-dot icon in the upper-right corner. Tap on Auto optimization to ensure your phone is running its little storage- and memory-clearing routine each day. If you have having a bunch of stuff open on your recent apps list, you can also have your phone close everything so you start fresh each morning. Tap on Auto restart in that drop-down menu, and you can even have your device restart at a set time—well, within a one-hour window of a set time—each day. And you thought we were done when we finished with the official Settings app.

There are still plenty more configuration options buried on your device that are absolutely worth knowing about. Long-press on your home screen, swipe to the right, and disable it.

Here, you can turn on Motion photos—turning simple single shots into tiny videos that capture what happened right before you took your picture. You should also tap on Advanced recording options and enable High efficiency video, to save as much space as humanly possible on your device.

Problem #1: Unregistered fingerprint unlocks the phone

Pull up the phone app and tap on the triple-dot icon in the upper-right corner. From there, tap on Settings. Turn it on, and your device will use the Hiya service to try to let you know who is calling and whether or not it might be spam. It sure beats having to deal with robocall crap all the time.

After that, tap on Emergency alerts and enable or disable whatever you want.