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How to track LG G8 ThinQ via my Android smartphone?

In a year when many OEMs are switching to an in-screen fingerprint reader, LG still has a capacitive fingerprint reader on the back. Possibly on the plus-side, at least there's still a headphone jack.

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If you notice in the render there's no earpiece on the top of the phone; that's because the phone won't have an earpiece. LG has put a lot of focus in the loudness and quality of its speakers, and the all-speaker display sounds like another step in this strategy. LG doesn't mention anything about phone calls, though, and I wonder if there is a localized mode that could replicate the privacy of an earpiece for phone calls. The press release makes it sound like you'll only get a speakerphone for phone calls.

With the earpiece out of the way, another surprise is the inclusion of a 3D sensing setup in the front notch. LG blames "lower sales of mobile products" for the poor showing, so clearly the G7 was not as successful as LG had hoped.

The LG G8 ThinQ is coming to T-Mobile

Two other high points on the G8 are its speed and battery life. Like the Galaxy S10, the G8 uses the newest Snapdragon chip.

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LG has upped the battery capacity from 3,mAh to 3,mAh, and the difference is clear. During my testing, I never had to plug it in before I was ready to put it down for the night. Only once did I reach a critical state below 15 percent. The G8 runs on Android 9, but you won't find Digital Wellbeing or any kind of screen-time monitoring.

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Unfortunately, the rest of UX 8. Much like Samsung did with the excellent One UI, it could use a complete makeover. The G8 is the first Android phone shipping in the U.

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The concept is the same—move your face in a circular motion to register it and simply look at your phone to unlock it—and in my testing it worked well. Not only did it fail to recognize my hand more than half the time, but I struggled to find a legitimate case scenario in which it would be useful.

Even if it worked, raising your palm to your phone while holding it with the other hand is cumbersome at best. Presumably LG is thinking of those times when your G8 is lying flat on a table.

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Hand ID lets you unlock your phone by holding your palm in front of the time-of-flight camera. In theory, anyway. Instead of taps and swipes, you hold your hand about a six inches from the front camera until your hand is recognized.

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  6. Then you can wave to do things like play music and answer calls, and twist to raise and lower the volume. It's something people are going to want to try out and it might even convince a few people to buy one. However, it doesn't nothing to make the G8 better.