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Often working out as the cheaper option, more and more people are choosing to buy a SIM free phone outright and pay a much smaller monthly bill for their SIM card. This also allows people the flexibility of buying a new phone whenever they like and move between networks and rates as their SIM deal allows them.

For many, a deciding factor is the decrease in the price of older but still able to meet the user's needs models of phones as newer models come out. We have both smartphones, complete with all the features and connectivity that we utilise every day, and older-style hand sets with incredible battery life and durability. In terms of brands, Android users have the luxury of choice.

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The devices of two notable Asian companies, Samsung and Huawei, are hugely popular options. Amongst many improvements, this has an increased battery life and introduces PowerShare, allowing you to take charge from another device. Android and iOS aren't the only operating systems around. These are brilliant, wearable devices that display notifications, track fitness metrics, allow you to access your phone in a simple interface, reply to messages with your voice and much more.

LG G8s ThinQ review: Too late, too little

During your research, double-check for compatibility with your phone. For example, the Apple Watch only works with iPhones. If you need replacement earphones, treat yourself to a new set that gives clearer, more powerful sound than your standard issue earbuds.

There are Bluetooth earphones and headsets, so you don't have to contend with tangled wires and powerful, over-ear headphones for high quality audio. With a Bluetooth set, you can also connect to a tablet or iPad, allowing you to watch films on a bigger screen.

LG G8s ThinQ review: Too late, too little - Technology News

We are currently experiencing high demand across our stores and online. We are working hard to offer our customers the best service we can, and thank you for your continued patience and support. Filter by Clear all close filter. Brands Close Clear Apple Samsung In addition, image stabilization works efficiently, especially when counteracting low-frequency motion, and the autofocus is fast to react to changes in the scene in brighter light and under indoor conditions.

AF failures are more common in low light, however, and video footage shows some noticeable artifacts when walking while recording, such as a jello effect, frame shifts, and differences in sharpness between frames. Even in tricky situations, such as with backlighting and in low light, the LG G8 ThinQ does a good job of exposing the main subject. As shown by the comparison samples below, it can produce usable exposures down to very low light levels. When it has issues, the exposure system tends towards slight underexposure. The bright background of backlit scenes can trick many cameras into underexposing, and this is a common problem with portrait shots in bright locations.

However, the LG G8 ThinQ copes very well, usually identifying that the person in the foreground is the subject, and thus skews the exposure towards them. In terms of dynamic range , the G8 ThinQ does well, but in comparison with the best smartphone cameras available at the moment, its dynamic range is a touch more limited, with slightly more highlight clipping in the brightest parts and shadow clipping in the darkest parts of the image.

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But while the G8 ThinQ has the same generally good color response in different levels of light, some color casts are occasionally visible. While the G8 shows good noise control for the most part, especially in the shadows , some luminance noise is visible in even-toned areas such as the sky in bright light shots. The enlarged sections of the images below show how much more visible the noise is in the sky from the LG G8 ThinQ. The strong edges of the window frames look good, but some of the finer details of the foliage are lost.

Indoors, where the light and contrast is lower, the LG G8 ThinQ struggles to replicate some finer details. For example, the grain on the door in the images below is lost in places.

Crystal clear screen

The main issue here is the loss of acutance , or the perception of detail, towards the corners of the image. Subtle details are almost completely lost if they are in the corner of the image. Cyan shift , which in the sample below can be seen as the unnatural halo around the sun, is also visible in some shots. That said, image detail when zooming is not quite on the same level as on the best in class. The sample shot below was captured in the lab at a bright lux and at a subject distance of cm approximately x zoom.

The difference is slightly more visible when the light conditions are a little dimmer. The lab sample below was captured at a cm subject distance under indoor light conditions lux.

LG G8S ThinQ (12222) Australian review

When the flash from the G8 is the only light source , the camera handles the target exposure, color rendering, and white balance well. However, when there is some additional lighting, which is more likely in most real-world shooting situations, the camera struggles to get things right. In better news, the results are consistent and repeatable, so neither the exposure nor the white balance changes from shot to shot.

The most noticeable problem is the inconsistent application of blur effects to images of the same scene. In some images, the blur starts quite sharply behind the portrait subject, while in others, the blur begins appearing much farther behind them. In addition, there are depth estimation artifacts. As with its stills, the G8 generally gets the target exposure right and produces pleasant colors. Perhaps the biggest surprise, however, is that the AF system, which is fast and reliable with stills, is a weak area with video.

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The tracking AF system is a particular problem, and the subject can drift in and out of focus when it moves. These AF failures are most common in low light, but they can also occur in bright conditions. However, it becomes more limited outdoors and in more everyday shooting scenarios. Indoors and in bright light, the LG G8 ThinQ keeps both temporal and spatial noise well in check, especially chromatic noise.

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  • LG G8s ThinQ review: Too late, too little.
  • LG G8 ThinQ Review: You’ll want to touch this one.

However, things change in low light, when higher levels of luminance noise become visible. It does most things reasonably well without really excelling or failing dramatically in any area. It produces colors that are attractive, if not always accurate, and its stills AF system is fast and effective. It also usually handles exposures well, underexposing only occasionally and even taking backlight situations in its stride unless the zoom is in use. Its video output is similarly pleasing in many situations, but the best results require a static shooting position and constant subject distance.