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This is the most I've been able to get it to do. It would lock up on video and say 'unfortunately hangouts has stopped working. Ok, no problem. Let us know if there is an update. I initially tried to video chat out using the tablet to my phone, and my husbands phone. Neither worked. The camera popped up, I saw myself for a moment before it froze and turned black.

My phone showed "ongoing call" but I never heard or saw anything on that end. I just checked hangouts on my phone, it was not updated, I'm updating it now, and will try it again this evening after I confirm the tablet's up to date too. Thanks for the updates! Just checked, app is up to date. Still getting "unfortunately, hangouts has stopped" message and got one "trying to connect to call" once.

I am guessing that hangouts version is the last compatible version for your Android version. The latest hangouts version is currently v Unfortunately there wont be anything the team can do to help fix your issue. I would suggest trying to use the chrome browser and going to hangouts. Yes No. This question is locked and replying has been disabled. Still have questions? I expect that will continue for a bit. In any case, what do you guys think? Be safe.

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I just fell for this today, my stomach has been in knots! Initially I thought it was strange that the interviewer didn't want to talk on the phone or video - only wanted to message We go through the process which seemed alright until she asks me to stay in Google Hangouts for 30 minutes while she submits my interview answers to the hiring board. She comes back later saying: "Congratulations! You are now a staff of North American Dental Group. Complete softwares programs time tracker to calculate your daily duties.

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You will receive a payment Check This payment check will be used to set up your mini office by purchasing the office equipment and software so that you can start your training immediately. And then saying that my new supervisor: "He will come along to your house with the vendor for the equipment delivery.

Unfortunately for me, I fell hook line and sinker for this phishing scam. They really rely on the victims to be vulnerable for this to work. I did lose out on some money I wish I had been smarter but I live and learn. I'm pretty young and thought I was finally getting a big break. I believe it was a scammer posing as a real company. The same exact deal as a lot of the posts in this forum. They email you that they found your resume on like Indeed. Then I got sucked into the google hangouts interview which I did initially believe was weird but I gave it a chance.


Too many chances. I may have lost out on a couple hundred bucks but I finally realized what was going on and did my research on what type of scam this must be and was able to cut it short. I hope to spread more awareness about this subject everywhere I can so that it may get to another young person like me.

I thought I was doing everything right but now I have to be extra careful. Now I have to report this to my bank wish me luck I just fell for this, too. Also only got my publicly available info. Now I know it's definitely a scam. The thing is, they used the exact same thing after I was "hired. Watchout for any interviews on Google Hangouts. Some guy claiming to be the hiring manager of Big Fish Games duped me. I was able to confirm this since I had gotten in touch with the real support team at Big Fish Games whom informed me that they are aware that this is a growing problem and that if I received any correspondence that did not have their official bigfishgames.

Android 10 beta is complete, but watch this space!

Bottom line as it stands, NO company is going to reach out to you like this, use a messenger app like hangouts, and just hand you "free" money. What got me was how hard they tried to keep me, good thing my bank stepped in! Listen to your gut. Good luck to the next people that have to deal with this and find this forum thread too late.

This topic needs to be shared more widely. Talking about sending me a check to get my supplies for at home work, computer, printer, desk, chair etc. They used the real employees name, Peter Doyle. Had a google hangouts interview and was basically trying to call them on the scam. Just got a text from someome saying they found my resume on career builder and wants me to interview via google hangouts. The company is Dupont. I believe this to be a scam. Any ideas on this? Just got a text from someone saying they found my resume on career builder and wants me to interview via google hangouts.

Any ideas if this is a scam? I just got this today I feel so stupid. Kelli H. Add her to your list and send her an IM, She will be online waiting for you ASAP to conduct the interview for you and if you don't have an account with Google Hangout you can create one then download the Google hangout Application on your phone or computer.

Your verification code for Online interview is this would serve as your identification number throughout the on-line hiring process.

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Your timely response matters a lot, Working hours are flexible. Interview Scheduled : Online.

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We look forward to having you on the team. Thank You! They contacted me last week in email then google hangouts. Got the check today and my bank said it was suspicious. The check was from St Louis, came from Georgia, but had a jersey return address on the shipping label.

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Had lots of red flags the whole way through. Crappy thing is the North American dental group headquarters is in my hometown, less than 5 mins away from me. I have family that work there too. The google hangout contact name is a real employee who works there so someone is stealing her identity too. Like tomorrow was supposed to be my last day at my current work.

They were buying me pizza. I told everyone I got this job too. I knew it was too good to be true. He has the personality of a rock. I got it notarized and all. But read all paperwork very well. I went into their hangouts expecting it to be a video interview and we just started chatting. I asked one question and the person I was chatting with, I believe their name was Kathleen Davis, blew up because I asked a legitimate question, saying that I don't need to waste their time if I am not going to read through all their text.

That pretty much just gave it away.

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Then I found this page and it all but confirmed it. Luckily it didnt get past name, address, and the name of my bank. I blocked them. I have been contacted today by a man named Thomas Caldwell from the company capgemini or so it was told he then proceeded to interview me with 3 sets of 5 questions via Google Hangouts and then told me that I would need to pay for the equipment I would need for my home office after he said the company would be shipping out device is needed with no charge to me hey I'm so sick of people trying to scam of people who are trying to do legitimate work who can we report this to this isn't the only time this has happened to me it has happened roughly three to five times since I've been filling out applications online.