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Graphic pattern — a patter that you choose yourself which you will need to repeat each time you wish to unblock your phone. You should definitely consider the option to completely delete all data after a certain amount of failed attempts to access the device. This feature may protect your phone if it fall into the wrong hands.

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However, if you enable this option, remember to be cautious — do not let the kids play with. Otherwise, you may end up with a default device and without your precious data. Make sure not to reveal your chosen authentication method to anyone who you do not trust.

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In Android smartphones one of the most popular websites for blocking a device is Android Device Manager. In order to use it, you need to log in to your Google account the one connected to your phone. This tool allows you to locate your device, block it or remotely delete all data.

The last two options may not be available from the beginning — you will probably need to activate them in the settings or remotely from the Internet website. You can also turn off the mute if by any chance it was switched on on your device. This feature might particularly come in handy when you cannot find your phone but it is still within your reach.

The process of location will be more accurate if your phone has GPS functions turned on.


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