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There is Quick Screenshot — allowing you to touch and hold on the screen with three of your fingertips to capture it, along with Pick up to stop ringing which turns incoming calls to vibrate when you lift your device, among others. There are a variety of different ways you can customize the display on your Moto G6.

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You can toggle on adaptive brightness to optimize the brightness level for available light , change the font and display size, and more. You can also choose how colors appear on the display in the Color Mode section — which allows you to adjust the color temperature between warm, neutral, and cool, as well as pick between standard and vibrant color to display your content in.

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There is also Moto Display which shows notifications that fade in and out while the screen is off — other settings under this feature include the ability to block notifications from specific apps, adjusting the level of detail to show when it comes to notifications. You can also toggle on Quick Reply which allows you to reply to texts without unlocking the device. With the Moto G6, there are a few ways to adjust your camera settings which you can access by opening the camera app, swiping to the left, and tapping on Settings located at the top of the screen.

From there, you can choose to toggle on Quick Capture — which allows you to open or switch between cameras by twisting your wrist twice. There is also Tap anywhere to capture , where you can take a photo by tapping anywhere on the screen within the camera app for multiple shots, tap and hold. You can change the focus and exposure as well by dragging the bracket to set the focus and automatically adjust exposure.

Baked into Android 8. Simply open an app and then press and hold either the recent apps or the multitasking button. The app that was already open will then only take up half the screen and the other app will be placed at the bottom of the screen. To exit split-screen mode, tap and hold the recent apps button again or drag the resize bar up or down. The best soundbars for 7 hours ago. Here are some common Kindle Fire problems, and how to fix them 2 days ago. Google has made its own camera app for the cheapest Android phones you can buy 1 day ago. Got young kids? Stressed over what your children are up to on the web?

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You could introduce a free spy application on their cell phones — LG G6. These applications let you screen their social media, full access to their text messages, track their locations, and even record their calls. Every single recorded datum is put away on the web, so you can get it from anyplace. There is a considerable measure of spy applications accessible for Android and iOS, yet just a couple are justified regardless of your opportunity.

Here are five that you can pick one from that fit your requirements. Right away, here are the five best spy applications that you can use. Highster mobile 3. FlexiSPY 4. Phone spy app for LG G6 is the up and coming age of cell phone surveillance software. This versatile tracker app records the outgoing and incoming telephone calls, SMS and environment.

The application is available on a free trial for you test it and see if it meets your requirements. This app is extraordinary for: Tracking your children whereabouts. Tracking your workers.

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You can monitor your workers keeping in mind the end goal to check whether they utilize their telephone or their opportunity for different reasons. Tracking the location of your phone in the event that it gets lost or stolen and also the app can be used to back up data from your mobile phone.

The phone spy app is an application that is used to monitor mobile phones remotely without the owner noticing any suspicious activity. From that point onward, you can screen the logs remotely from the server.