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It does seem great, but the weak point is that it is more prone to cracking upon a drop onto pavement. Looking at how the smartphone was built, we estimate that the risk of breaking during a landing on a hard surface to be relatively high. Beyond crack-risks, the Mate 10 and the Porsche edition are not protected against water damage. The Mi Mix 2 is the only other phone in the line-up to not have an IP rating. Finally, the LG V30 is the only handset to have the MIL certification which means that it can endure the same shocks and vibrations as military materiel transported in the field.

Huawei comes on the super-wide screen train with FullView , its brand of near bezel-less displays. The overall effect is just as expected: the new Mate 10 looks a lot better than its predecessors propels Huawei in a tiny club of phone OEMs which feature such a design.

With 6. The Mate 10 has a 5. With a display-to-body ratio of Besides watching better content, the higher brightness is most useful to see a clear image on a sunny day. The difference with a NIT handset is significant. With OLED, every pixel emitts its own light. This also means that creating a black pixel means merely leaving it OFF. As a result, black color is truly black, and other colors are more straightforward to control without using complex filters and color control technologies such as Quantum Dots and Nano Dots. You can read our complete LCD vs. OLED article which goes deeper into the details.

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What we do know is that Huawei uses an f1. The LG V30 was the first phone to introduce this aperture size short story: the lower the number, the higher the hole that lets the light in , but it was only a matter of time before others would follow. The color sensor has 12 Megapixel while the monochrome one has 20 Megapixels. The 20 Megapixel number should not be used as a metric of photo quality. Also, the physical size of each sensor pixel is critical.

With higher megapixel counts, sensing pixels aka sensels may have to be smaller. Each sensel obtains less light information and in low-light situations, it is better for the overall photo quality to sense more light with fewer but bigger sensels than the opposite. It is a balance that needs to be achieved. Today, 12 Megapixel seems to be the best sensor trade-off between sharpness, low-light and autofocus performance — this is promising. On a sunny day or in very bright light scenes, Megapixel could be a good metric for photographic detail and sharpness.

For example, on a sunny day, a cityscape photo with a higher megapixel count could lead to finer details. In the case of the Mate 10, a bright-light photo in black and white could yield extraordinary details. This is a natural phenomenon that happens with large DSLR lenses because of the way focusing works. Mobile phone lenses are too small to produce this effect naturally, so it has to be emulated in software. Having two lenses makes it possible to nicely triangulate how far each pixel is, and therefore know if it should be blurred or not. Learn more : Dual Cameras vs. Single Camera. The presence of an Optical Image stabilization OIS module on the primary camera increases the potential for taking sharp images in daylight, and brighter images in low-light situations.

The Monochrome camera does not have a stabilization. OIS helps to improve image clarity and higher low-light performance by offsetting minute hand-shaking motion.

Huawei Mate 20

OIS makes it possible to leave the shutter open longer to capture more light longer exposure. Optical and digital stabilization are completely different, with digital stabilization suitable to help video recording smoothness. The autofocus of the Mate 10 camera is based on Phase Detection technology. Then it got integrated into the camera image sensor. It works by having specialized AF pixels sensors that would tell if specific points in the image were in-focus.

3 Effective Ways to Find and Track Huawei Phone

This method is very fast and the AF capabilities work well in most cases. AF performance is more or less proportional to the number of hardware AF sensels. Typically this number can go from dozens to hundreds of Phase-Detection AF points. The Mate 10 also has a laser-based AF assistance. It is based upon the simple idea that a lot of photos subjects are either away infinity from the camera, or are very close macro.

By projecting an infrared pattern structured light and looking at how it bounced back to the camera, it is possible to very quickly determine if we need to zoom far or close. The system can also handle many in-between situations, but not all.

Huawei Mate 10 Pro - View data usage | Vodafone Ireland

It is possible to fall back to Contrast AF. During our short time with the Mate 10, both the AF speed and the shutter action seemed quite fast. We took daylight photos, so we are looking forward to challenge it in low-light conditions as well. This is where the differences are magnified. The Flower icon at the lower right shows Mate 10 switched to Flower Mode automatically.

AI is a central point of the Mate 10 series, and how it was applied to the camera software is quite good. Those modes are quite good, if you use them. It can recognize some things such as food, plants, flowers, people, landscapes, some light conditions, etc. There is no friction, and this AI-driven camera has a lot of potential. Also, you cannot disable this at the moment.

When I played with the camera, it worked quite well, and although it is not perfect, it is certain that Huawei will improve the learning over time, just because more data is coming. As is, you have little to lose: if the Camera does not recognize something, then it stays with the default settings, which is what you would have done anyway. The Huawei Mate 10 series runs on Android 8.

Huawei jumped a few numbers to land on 8. This may indicate that every year, we will get an EMUI update, which makes sense anyway. For example, on the Mate 10 Pro, it is possible to replace the bottom home buttons with a floating bar to gain a maximum of usable display surface.

For this launch, Artificial Intelligence is more important than ever.

From there, the system would learn how to best use memory or which apps to shut down. Best Match. Gallery view.

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