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The areas in which I think ZTE compromised are in communications, as well as sound reproduction.

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However, again, in real-world usage for most people looking to use a smartphone for, I don't think these are massive deal breakers considering what this phone costs when compared with the much more expensive Samsung phones. ZTE chose a CAT 18 class 4G cellular modem versus a CAT 20, and to fully take advantage of those speeds you need a network that provisions the phones to use it optimally and you also have to take things like network congestion into account as well.

Best Phones for That's an inconsequential issue considering that most of the music content available by subscription music services isn't enjoyed in bit uncompressed formats, and are bit or less compressed MP3 or AAC.

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The phone also lacks a standard headphone port, and you'll need to use the supplied USB-C to headphone jack dongle if you don't want to use Bluetooth audio accessories. The Bluetooth chip on the Axon 10 Pro is version 5, which is the latest and highest standard. It also has wireless Qi charging, although it lacks reverse wireless charging, which the Samsung devices have and are useful for things like charging a smartwatch or wireless earbud cases. It should be noted that the current iPhone 11 and Pro do not currently ship with this capability, either.

For security and biometrics, the phone incorporates an in-screen ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, like devices from Samsung and others such as OnePlus and Huawei. It also uses facial recognition with its 20MP selfie camera the Samsung devices have 10MP selfie cameras. We can endlessly debate the minutiae of the speeds and feeds of the ZTE Axon 10 Pro as it compares to the industry heavyweight -- Samsung.

ZTE Axon 10 Pro review: Great performance for $549

Other publications that have delved into the phone much more deeply than myself are much better fodder for this kind of thing. However, where the rubber hits the road with this device in real-world use is that it is an absolute pleasure to use and it is more phone than most users can ever actually take advantage of. In my opinion, that is a huge difference and something worthy of serious consideration. The bottom line is this: You are not going to find another comparable Android phone, with this set of components and features, lower than this price point.

The concern with buying a ZTE would be, in my opinion, the ongoing technical support should the company face additional scrutiny from the Commerce Department and the Trump Administration as Huawei is facing now. Chinese companies have also been lacking in their support for Android releases and doing timely updates -- but you can say the same thing about their South Korean competitors who charge a premium for their brands. All of this is the reason, in my opinion, to spend less money on a Chinese-made Android phone if you are inclined to go in that direction.

OnePlus 7 Pro VS ZTE Axon 10 Pro - Who's the real PRO?

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  4. It packs the same 6. The screen sports an in-display fingerprint sensor and comes with the familiar water-drop notch. The camera setup on the phone also remains unchanged. A 20MP wide-angle lens degrees and an 8MP telephoto lens complete the triple rear camera array on the new Axon 10s Pro.

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    Upfront is a 20MP selfie shooter. The biggest change under the hood is, of course, the Snapdragon chipset. A 4,mAh battery powers the package with support for Qualcomm Quick Charge 4. Eventually, after suffering a brief U.

    Compare ZTE Axon 10 Pro 5G vs Xiaomi Mi A3 Lite -

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