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The ZTE Blade 10 Prime performs better than your average cheap phone, but its battery doesn't last

Visit Us In-store Get Directions. Click to Compare. Buyers should be generally pleased with the phone's performance and build quality, and the cameras take better photos than you'd expect though the camera app itself could use some tweaks. Thin and light design The Blade 10 Prime is a nondescript black slab in the way a lot of budget phones are, though at least it's very thin and light. The phone's curved back makes it easy to hold in your hand, and the ruby-red power button stands out to add a bit of pop to ZTE's otherwise understated aesthetic.

ZTE Blade 10 Prime review

There's a slight orange peel effect visible under our office lights that instantly torpedoes any impression you might have that this phone has been crafted from glass. The fingerprint sensor mounted on the back of the Blade 10 Prime is a little small for my liking; but because it's deeply recessed, it's relatively easy to locate with your index finger. It would have been nice if ZTE could have found a way to shoehorn this scanner into the Blade 10 Prime's bottom bezel, given that there's some empty space under the screen on the front of the device.

You'll notice a 3. Instead, that's where you'll find the Blade 10 Prime's lone speaker, as the earpiece above the front-facing camera is used for calls only, not media. In tandem with 3GB of RAM, this processor mostly keeps things humming along quite smoothly, save for really demanding games.

In Geekbench 5, which measures overall system performance, the Blade 10 Prime delivered 1, points, compared with the G7 Power's 1, Those numbers translate to generally responsive real-world performance when switching apps, browsing Google Maps, surfing the web and scrolling through social media. Taking photos is another story, but we'll get to that in a minute.

Avid mobile gamers will be pleased to know the Blade 10 Prime can at least run PUBG Mobile at a serviceable frame rate when tuned to low-fidelity graphics, though the experience obviously isn't as buttery smooth or striking as you'll find on the most powerful handsets.

ZTE BLADE A3 LITE -(4glte 5inc display, smartphone) – QuibsolTheStore

Those optics are accompanied by another MP shooter on the front, which is pretty high resolution for a selfie camera on such an inexpensive phone. Let's start with that main rear camera, though. The Blade 10 Prime can capture surprisingly sharp images through that MP lens, especially when compared with the Moto G7 Power's best efforts.

Even outside on a rain-soaked night in New York City, ZTE's device pulled in far more detail, with the edges of buildings, cars and passersby more clearly defined.

The ZTE Blade 10 Prime performs better than your average cheap phone, but its battery doesn't last

You can even see the rain beading up in the grooves of the asphalt — a texture that is totally lost through the MP lens of Motorola's phone. The Blade's rendition is far from perfect, especially where colors and highlights are concerned, but it's much better than you'd think, given the price range we're dealing with. Indoors, ZTE's device also emerged as superior when I took a photo of a mask hanging on a wall, lit by a mix of natural and artificial light.

While I personally prefer the G7 Power's ability to color in the shadows, everything from the glimmer of light reflecting off the paint on the mask's eye, to the splatters on the horns, is so much crisper on the Blade 10 Prime that the lighting deficit almost doesn't matter.

You don't have to look hard to see the Blade's advantage here — it's working with twice the resolution of Motorola's device, and it shows. Where I come out faded and glassy-eyed on the G7 Power, my face is brighter, more colorful and in focus on the ZTE handset. The 5-MP secondary lens on the back of the Blade 10 Prime is supposedly there to enable bokeh effects. I say "supposedly," because, while I was moderately impressed with the sharpness, white balance and overall quality of the photo I took of my colleague Kate, the phone repeatedly failed to apply the background blur, no matter whether I used the portrait or bokeh mode.

ZTE BLADE A3 LITE -(4glte 5inc display, smartphone)

Honestly, it isn't a huge loss; cheap phone cameras never handle bokeh well. Still, it indicates a more serious issue on the software side, even though the Blade 10 Prime's image quality actually happens to be solid overall.


ZTE's cameras can be remarkably slow at times, too, and while it's true that most cheap phones have to take a breather in between snapping pictures, the pauses on this device are noticeably longer than those on the G7 Power: As the last photo processes in the background, it's not unusual to experience a slight hitch in the viewfinder after each and every shot you take.

Even though the Blade 10 Prime relies upon Google Photos for browsing images after you've taken them, viewing just-snapped photos in the Camera app can be remarkably laggy as well, as swiping animations play back at a snail's pace. This isn't as consistent a problem as the shutter lag, but it did happen on multiple occasions in my experience with ZTE's phone. Besides the pokey camera performance, we found a few other areas where the Blade 10 Prime fell short of our expectations — especially when it came to longevity on a charge. Disappointing battery life You expect to sacrifice power, camera quality and design with cheap smartphones, but the one thing you shouldn't have to give up is battery life.

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