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The company added that 2. The devices are being pulled from 10 countries, including South Korea and the United States. Samsung said China is not affected by the issue because it used another battery supplier. It's unclear if models sold in China would consequently be recalled. Samsung plans to offer Note 7 customers a new smartphone -- the Galaxy S7 or the Galaxy S7 Edge -- for free to replace the faulty product, starting next week in the U. The company said the full recall process will take about two weeks to complete, and the timeline will vary by country.

Target has stopped selling the phone and is working with Samsung to replace the devices already sold in stores and online. Amazon and Best Buy have also said they are no longer selling the Note 7. Best Buy customers can return or exchange the phone if they already bought one. Related: Samsung is recalling the Galaxy Note 7 worldwide over battery problem.

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Problems with rechargeable batteries overheating are a relatively common occurrence. Earlier this year, the U. The news comes as Samsung was just starting to get its groove back. Profits have been slipping in recent years. It also comes just a few days before Apple is rumored to launch its next-generation iPhone -- likely the iPhone 7 -- at a press event. It's unclear what the recall process will entail. It's also unknown if devices in certain countries are more likely to be affected than others.

The company said details about how the recall program will work will be announced shortly. I'm particularly impressed by the fact that Samsung was able to make the phone water resistant with the S Pen silo.

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You can even write on the display with the S Pen under water. The new S Pen tip is 0. It also has levels of pressure sensitivity, double what was found in the Note 5. The S Pen is long and feels good in the hand with two flat sides and curved edges, similar to the form of the phone itself. Hardware home buttons help me improve my efficiency and the one on the Note 7 is perfect.

Samsung to Permanently Discontinue Galaxy Note 7 Smartphone - WSJ

The fingerprint scanner performs flawlessly, even better for me than the iPhone 6s Plus. I've been using the double press to launch the camera and am no longer ever missing a shot. This shortcut alone is a major selling point for me.

Note 7 Battery Explosion!! CAUGHT LIVE ON CAMERA!!

Samsung added an iris scanner to the Note 7 in order to provide another security option for customers. You are directed to setup the iris scanner without your glasses or contacts, but since I wear contacts 90 percent of the time I set it up with my contacts in and recognition has been fine. It's slower to unlock your phone with the iris scanner than the fingerprint scanner since you have to swipe the screen and then hold the iris scanner up in front of your face so your eyes can be scanned.

You never have to use the iris scanner, but I'm fine with Samsung adding it as an option for enterprise customers. As I understand it, an iris scanner is more secure because a fingerprint could be lifted from physical things you touch. No one can duplicate your iris and its uniqueness makes it a great security option for your device.

Speaking of the camera, Samsung brings the same fantastic camera hardware as the S7 and S7 Edge with updated software. The camera software is easier to use than before with modes accessible by swiping in from left to right and then choosing a mode which is laid over the top of the viewfinder. You can swipe in from right to left to choose a filter for your image. A swipe up or down on the display switches between the rear and front facing cameras. The flash next to the camera continues to serve as the heart rate monitor while the S Health software also helps you capture SpO2 and stress.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 launches with Android 6. Hopefully, we see this update in the next couple of months, but honestly many of the functions seen in Nougat are already present on the Note 7. These include the ability to use two apps on the screen at once, the ability to customize your quick controls, blue light display mode, clear all option in the task switcher, direct reply notifications, and more. The lack of Nougat is not a reason to skip the Note 7. The settings area has been revamped and is more user friendly while still having a massive amount of customization options to make the Note 7 work how you want it to function.

The T-Mobile Galaxy Note 7 has very few pieces of additional software and T-Mobile even gives you the ability to uninstall the two video apps. You can disable others and a couple others are actually helpful for T-Mobile customers. It helps that Samsung includes 64GB of internal storage as a minimum too.

Samsung Galaxy Note7 Summary

One major difference from past Note devices is that the Note 7 only comes in an edge version. As a Note 7 Edge user, I'm pleased to see the edge functionality on the device. You can customize the edge panels and the Samsung store has more options that you can purchase and install.

I like using the contacts, shortcuts, and Yahoo! Sports edge panels.

Everything you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall

New Note 7 owners quickly noticed this oversight and called out Samsung on it. Samsung recently stated it will add back the Action Memo option in an update that may come later in September. Screen-off Memo is one of my favorite parts of the S Pen since I tend to have random thoughts and ideas as I am commuting, watching videos, or hanging out.

Simply pop out the S Pen and write down your note on the black display. You can create a Samsung Note with text, handwriting, photos, and voice notes. Parts of the screen can be selected and you can even create GIFs from video content. While capturing content with screen write, you can choose scroll capture when content extends down multiple pages.

Display elements can be magnified, you can quickly switch between two apps, and even use the S Pen to translate text from and into multiple languages. One criticism people had of the always-on display of the S7 and S7 Edge was the limited notification options. Samsung has expanded these to include support for all app notifications, with the control you need to toggle these notifications on and off. Samsung continues to make serious efforts to offer a secure Android platform for the enterprise.

A secure folder option is present on the Note 7 so that you can store documents, photos, videos, and apps in the secure folder to keep things locked behind Samsung Knox. Samsung Pay is the most widely supported smartphone payment system available and continues to improve with new banks added every month. My bank, USAA, stated it will finally support Samsung Pay in the next month or two and when that happens the Note 7 will be an even more essential tool for my daily needs.

You cannot expand the storage of your iPhone, but you can easily add a microSD card for serious storage capacity at a lower price.

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There is no other competition when it comes to a true phablet that integrates the use of a stylus. The Note 7 has more to offer than all of these. However, I want the best and there really is nothing that beats the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is not an inexpensive phone, but it's priced the same as a 64GB Apple iPhone 6s Plus with the option to add a lot more storage via an inexpensive microSD card. The Galaxy Note 7 offers more innovation and advanced technology than the iPhone.

While the masses don't seem to mind paying the high price for Apple's smartphone, I have seen many more Samsung Galaxy phones in the hands of family and friends over the past year and all of these people have told me they love their Samsung phone. You may have read my Galaxy Note 7 performance post last week where many Note 7 owners, including me, were suffering from some lag and performance issues.

I performed a hard reset and chose not to restore settings from Google, apps from other phones, or data from Samsung Cloud and since then have had a flawless experience with the Note 7. If you are seeing performance issues after your initial setup, I highly recommend trying a full hard reset before you return the phone. I'm keeping mine and am very pleased to have finally found a single phone that does it ALL!

In the past, I used the S Pen for a few weeks after purchase, but then would keep it in the silo most of the time. However, I think I'll use the Note 7 S Pen more than ever before because of the improved functionality and a better understanding of what it can do. In addition to all of the S Pen quick actions, the S Pen is a fantastic mouse alternative and I've been using it extensively since I purchased my Note 7.

While many people use their phones for email, texting, and social networking, these are still phones first where communications are important. The Galaxy Note 7 call quality has been outstanding with HD voice support, excellent favorites page, informative contact status pages, and easy one button or no button if you have raise to call setup calling from within the text message application.

The display is very important to the smartphone experience and an independent third party, DisplayMate, has awarded the Galaxy Note 7 the best smartphone display ever. Adding water resistance to the Note 7, in addition to the return of the microSD card, are important upgrades to me. I use my phone everywhere and am often in wet environments where water resistance is essential. The Note 7 gives me absolutely everything I want in a smartphone and sets the bar for all others once again.