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If possible, can folks that are having no-SMS-and-no-robocall trouble please capture some debuglogs and paste the URL here? As I understand it, the procedure is as follows:. And maybe greyson-signal can confirm whether or not signal-server sends auto-generated SMS commands to Twilio I've been having the same problem for the past week. No verification SMS, nor calls. Tried on 2 different phones, but I could not verify on either.

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My carrier is also Mobile Vikings. Debug log. Signal 4. I got those calls many hours later in the middle of the night. After a couple of day I was able to register with the same app properly so I don't think this is an app issue more of a server one.

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Is there someone in this thread who can enlighten us non-developers what's going on? It seems like this thing isn't app related but more server-related No, serious.. I already had to tell three people they can't register when they wanted to try Signal after i've been telling them to use it for years. Agreed, this is embarrassing. At least, a more descriptive error in case the server is down instead of "Unable to connect to service. Maybe a registration by email would be more reliable? It would also be great if it was possible to transfer an account from one phone to another, or maybe add a phone like you add a desktop app installation.

After all, if I already verified my phone number once, it shouldn't be necessary to do it again if I just want to reuse the same account on a different device, right? The signal-server uses a 3rd-party backend gateway for actually generating SMS-and-robocalls called Twilio. The delay might be caused by a bug in signal-server very unlikely , by a misconfiguration or problem with Twilio has happened a couple times in past nine years , or by a carrier-and-country-specific problem most likely.

In at least one case, covered in , sending a 'STOP' message to a particular non-signal-related text-message from a CM Telecom client caused all incoming calls and texts to be halted, including those from signal-server's backend SMS gateway Twilio -- unclear if this is because Twilio subcontracts to CM, or there was a bug in OrangeBelgium config, or what exactly.

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It is possible but not guaranteed to be the case, that the problems experience by Wouterdek Mobile Vikings , Undeadhunter MobileVikings , and Santihago MobileVikings , plus possibly verstken Proximus which is independent of OrangeBelgium but does have a backend-relationship to CM Telecom of some sort are related to issue Can any of you confirm whether you have ever replied 'STOP' to any telco-spam or service-messages or similar?

If you call your carriers, and try registering for signalapp whilst on the phone with their tech-support, can they see the SMS messages arriving, that you never get on your devices? These are quite hard to solve, of course, but the signalapp devs and the forum-participants DO want to see them fixed. If you try and fail to register "a bunch of times" then you will start getting HTTP errors, which is a rate limiting throttle.

In your debuglogs you will see "RateLimitException" which is shorthand for "please stop trying and wait until tomorrow" because signal-server has decided you have exceeded the allowed number of registration-attempts.

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Be patient, wait 24 hours, make sure you have very solid 'five bars' visibility with the cellular network and non-flaky internet connectivity as well, and then try slowly and deliberately one more time. Hammering on the register-now button in frustration is not the answer unfortunately. These are not the only possibilities, they are just the ones I am personally familiar with. International telephony integration is a huge pain, and signalapp is not the only software suffering from it; be patient, and with gumption and persistence you can often find a way to solve the difficulty in your specific circumstances.

Now, given that backdrop, what is the best thing you can do? Well, that depends on your situation. Generally speaking, the problem is almost always related to the carrier, or in a narrower technical sense, to the simcard, when sms and robocalls fail to arrive. Other people in the forum might offer other advice, but those are the steps that seem to be the most fruitful. While there, you can also help with various forum-threads related to some feature-requests that would once implemented vastly improve the registration process.

Appreciate you folks trying to help with a maddening bug, it is no fun troubleshooting telco problems. Phone numbers should "just work" is what people tend to think, but the reality is they are awful This "explanation" is mind bugling, take the sim card out, use the phone in roaming, say a prayer, buy a new phone, kill a black cat, who has the time or more importantly, the motivation to go through all these? If the method of registration, of sending an sms or making a call is so flawed due to all these intermediaries as you describe, why was it not changed all these years?

In other words, if one manages to register in one minute or so, it's a matter of luck, from your perspective, which is why I don't buy a word of it.

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It's a simple thing, register a device with a service which is working poorly and must be fixed or people will stop using the service. What operating system are you using, is it a stock ROM provided by the vendor? Any other information you can provide, that will help troubleshoot your specific circumstances?

I definitely never have done anything like this. Still doesn't work unfortunately. I understand that this bug is not really on your end which makes this hard to diagnose and resolve.

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It shows that telco can be pretty unreliable and the system really needs alternative authentication mechanisms to prevent this single point of failure. I very much appreciate the effort you, and the rest of the Signal team, are making to improve this app. I've got a ticket open with MV already since 3 weeks or so, it is definitely on their side.

Talked with the support guy for a while and I am not the only one who this is happening to. I've had issues with any type of SMS system few exceptions. It is most likely related to their SMS spam filter on their new system. Paypal, Signal, Waze to name a few. I am going to assume the people here like me have migrated to their new system you should have replaced your SIM and are having issues since.

However this has been going on for over a month now, so I'm looking into switching providers if it goes on for much longer. Letkan, I had somewhat the issue as you and it was five-c-d who dragged me through the entire proces. So please don't flame him for giving you a clear explanation and not an "explanation" trying to resolve your issue, not his. Never bite the hand that feeds you ;-. Wouterdek, I think your issue is not related to MobileVikings but more to a mysterious company called CM nee, niet die cm, de andere cm. I assume that somewhere, sometime you messaged STOP to a certain number because you got annoyed by the messages companies were sending.

This means you blocked a lot of services without knowing it and you need to mail CM at cmsupport cm. Keep me updated please. Reality is that registering to Signal service the way it is done now is a hit and miss and must be changed. FWIW, the telecom operator I faced an issue with is airtel. It has since been resolved though.

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It was just a delay. I was able to successfully register some time after I initially faced the issue. See forum-threads I linked to above; perhaps one of us here can come up with a proper non-bandaid solution. Wouterdek, do you remember if you tried manually entering as your confirmation-code at some point on the 13th? Or did the signal4android client auto-generate that URL with itself, because you told it to integrate with SMS and automagically handle the replies?

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My understanding is that under normal conditions the HTTP or error should 'never' occur unless there is a serious problem with disk corruption or keystore damage or similar. I saw the same intermittent failure in which is a Belarus-specific problem with never receiving the sms-nor-robocall, see comment over there. It looks like you are running the normal LG vanilla ROM with android 6 at the moment, but what about in the past? I guess I now understand why I didn't get the text message for verifying my number in Signal.

I have sent what you call the STOP message to a number to stop receiving promotional calls and messages. I didn't know it causes issues like these. I received the verification call , though. Interesting I've never heard of issues like these from people who use WhatsApp. Just wondering what they might be doing to avoid this, at least in our country India?

I'm not sure how is related here. It seems about an issue about importing the message database which seems unrelated to this issue. I'm certain I did not. And even if I did, I tried sending an unblocking message which had no effect. However, as Undeadhunter suggested, I have migrated to the new system used by MV so the problem is probably related to that. There is a problem with Airtel refusing to deliver SMS according to a wikipage but that wikipage gives no details so the reason SMS is failing there is unknown to me.

There is not an open 'official' github issue for that, but is the place those kinds of problems used to be tracked. As for the minute delay, that is this report From Wouterdek 's latest message about his MobileVikings-the-OrangeBelgium-MVNO in Belgium, he is almost certainly not suffering from nor from either the email-check suggested by Notatechdud3 will tell us more , but a distinct problem Just wondering what they might be doing to avoid this.