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The problem seems to be linked with usual work and stability. How to remove apps from homescreen in SamsungM30 …. That option must be within the messaging application or else, you can use Truecaller application instead. Hello I am from Bangladesh. I bought it M20 from India at February. I am facing 2 problems. I mean it take few more seconds to open to display screen for receive call.

Hi I m preeti I brought M20 day before I m facing problems while downloading app from play store. Open Apps manager and tap on Google play. Open Settings on your phone and tap on backup and reset menu. Perform this action. My Samsung galaxy m20 suddenly just stopped working.

Samsung Galaxy M20 Smartphone Unboxing & Overview

I cant see anything. How do I fix this. My mobile is not charging properly. I went to service center they replaced usb cable but still its not working properly.

Even the charger is removed still charging happens or cable got diconnected all the time. How to resolve this issue. Seems that it has been damaged somehow. Again visit service center and report the same. Bought Samsung m20 7 days back. Visit the service center for better solution. I am using Samsung M During the calls there is an audio issue with sound being eaten up every 10 secs or so.

So half the time, the conversations are not complete and have to be repeated. It is highly annoying since all the calls same problem. Updating software, restarting etc have been tried but didnt help. Otherwise there is no audio problem with videos, other audio clips or any other media. So, I would recommend you to take advice from the service center. This issue might be caused by the corrupt cache files.

We recommend you to clear the cache on your phone. My Samsung m20 is hanging no longer collect any app I try to do factory reset same thing flash it is still the same thing what can I do please. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Deepak Gupta Deepak Gupta is a tech geek who is a founder of TechShali, a popular tech-blog dedicated to help people all around the world. You may also like. How to Make Why Business SEO Please tell me the solution for the same.

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I hope this information helps you. Let me know if you need further! Muneer khan March 31, - pm My m20 screen touch is notwork properly I change my tempered more than times … Touch make me in trouble. Sumit singh May 15, - pm Hi I am also facing same problem I have also changed tempered but problem is same And some time its keypad work automaticaly its is very big problem. Sunder joshi October 18, - pm What a dare this phone so hanging and keybord hanging and no proper service and customer care.

Khushboo Mahakulkar March 4, - am Hi.. Rgt May 7, - pm Press the profile pic of the unknown no. Nirjhar pal February 18, - pm I got delivery of M20 on 15th feb, its being 3 dwys i am ysing it. Deepak Gupta February 19, - am This problem seems to be linked with the firmware. Rgt May 7, - pm It is a common issue in many phones. Krishna February 21, - am I am unable to connect WiFi network.

Wifi network is not listing. Xender also not working. Deepak Gupta February 21, - am It seems to be software. Try performing a factory reset.

Ricky Wibowo February 21, - pm why is the connection on my m20 really sucks? Mukesh February 23, - pm Hi bro.. Deepak Gupta February 27, - am Hi Mukesh, you better perform a factory reset. Drmedic March 22, - pm Hi, I already tried this but ut aint working. Rishi February 24, - pm I am not able to change ringtone in M Please suggest how to fix it. V8jay February 26, - pm I brought m20 phones recently.. That would help you. Sunil Chari February 27, - pm I have m20 phone. Deepak Gupta February 28, - am This seems to be the bricked condition.

Deepak Gupta March 2, - am That problem might be related to your network provider. Shubham March 5, - pm I also hv the same problem in my phone.

Watch this Video video - How do I Backup android for M205fnpuu3csl5 Galaxy M20 Sm M205fn?

Vaibhav sharma March 5, - pm Yes me too…touch sometimes stop responding and then I have to lock and unlock screen again to make it work. Deepak Gupta March 5, - pm I would suggest you perform a factory reset. Abhishek March 6, - am I have same problem of hanging and touch stopped working or sometimes it starts opening apps automatically. Deepak Gupta March 6, - pm Yes, you should do that! Praful March 18, - am Are you going to service center what they say.

How to lenghten the battery life in SAMSUNG Galaxy M20?

Hati March 26, - pm I also have the same problem it opens apps automatically and somethimes types automatically. Sahul hameed March 6, - pm Its a common issue in m20, I too had the same problem and after the replacement also issue still persist, May be the can fix the issue in next patching. Hope this will help..

Praful March 18, - am Thanks bro they will help to my touch problem thanks you once again There are also solve my freezing problems my samsung m Prateek May 9, - pm Same problem. Bikram Singh March 6, - am I brought m20 phone dated Rufus March 7, - am Hi I have bought the Samsung M 20 at the first release that is on 5th feb, i have been using since than without any problem. This should definitely work for you. I hope it helps you. I hope it helps you! Pranay Gupta March 9, - pm I am facing ghost touch issues on my phone and also phone gets unresponsive and works only after locking and unlocking the device many times both of these problemsoccur at same time and it so irritating when you cant use your phone properly when it not even 1 month old.

In this regard, you must perform these two actions: 1. Must factory reset your phone. Update to latest firmware if any avialble. This should help you fix unnresponsiness problem on your phone! Hasan Shurjo March 12, - pm im facing auto ghost touch problem and it gets stuck sudden sudden? Sumit March 14, - pm While call my screen remains active and on. Deepak Gupta March 15, - am Hi there, There can be two things; either this issue is caused by hardware malfunction of the Senor or it is just due to the firmware.

Or else, you should visit the service enter. Javed March 14, - pm Is there any option for fast charging like s6? Deepak Gupta March 15, - am Hi Abishek, This problem seems to be related with third-party application that might be a virus or malware.

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Try this and let me know if that works! Bhumiks March 16, - am My m10 touch is not working what to do? Sahiljamadar March 17, - am I have the problem of screen freeze and ghost touch with my M Praful March 18, - am Hlo Deepak Gupta I am facing touch problem on my m20 often it responds self.

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Deepak Gupta March 18, - am It is firmware related problem. Praful March 18, - am Deepak Is not Display issue And what is firmware how to update the firmware. Jatin Malhotra March 18, - am Touch is working automatically ,maybe it is known as Ghost touch. Harish Lohani March 19, - pm Touch screen working automatically. Here are some suggestions: 1.

If nothing works, take it to the service center. I hope one of these suggestions should help you!