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The problem is much bigger than the realm of Apple itself and can actually affect almost any GPS-enabled device that has not patched or prepared bee adequately at some stage to handle what is effectively a Y2 K GPS case. The short thing is that in general, GPS systems count weeks using a parameter or register of ten bits. Therefore, values on that counter can only range from 0 to Absolutely accurate time is crucial to the operation of GPS. So, why is this going on now? Okay, on January 6, , the first GPS week counter was thrown out. Then the week counter was full for the first time on August 21, and had to be restarted.


Many manufacturers and software developers may have restarted their GPS week counters at a later time without going into too much detail. For example, compiling and shipping the GPS firmware to devices. That also includes specialized devices, like dedicated navigation units an in-car ones. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Sign in. Then I noticed each of my contacts is multiplied many times some 32 times and some even 50 times. I normally have around unique contacts throughout a few different accounts and locations, including 3 Google accounts, Samsung account, Skype, LinkedIn, Viber, device contacts and SIM contacts.

However, since contacts multiplication is now blown way out of proportion, I decided to take some action.

Sansui Seven

Firstly, I tried to remedy the situation by using Malware Bytes and Avast scans respectively. No problems were found by either scan and my issue persisted. Next, I decided to clear Contacts cache only cache, not data. Btw, what does clearing data do?

Samsung Galaxy A30

Clearing cache did help a bit with the ease of access to Contacts, but the multiplied contacts remained. Pulling the battery out did seem to speed up the phone, but the problem remained. Also, unreasonably fast battery drainage is still present. All within 30 sec. Indeed, at that moment my Contacts displayed no more multiplied contacts. Therefore, I followed the same logic and repeated my choice for each account and location separately, testing the outcome.

No account or location displayed multiplied contacts, that is, until I got to Viber. Only with Viber selected Contacts displayed multiplied contact inputs. Since the indication was that Viber might have been the cause of the problem, I thought that updating Viber could solve the issue. Well, I was wrong. The other option would be to try to uninstall Viber, but … this is where I decided to stop and write you asking for help. Well, if this thing escalates I am afraid I might do something stupid and mess up the data, the software the hardware, or all three. Oh and yes, as soon as I use the search box in Contacts, the problem pops up, regardless of the account or location being displayed.

Therefore, I am unbearably patient in waiting for your wisdom. Please do try to shed light upon this Android curse. Solution: Hi Ernesto. Regarding your secondary concern about battery draining fast and phone getting hotter than usual, the best course of action is to identify the cause first. You can try using another battery to see the difference. To address battery drain issue, you can refer to this article: Best tips to extend battery life on your Samsung Galaxy S4 and S5. Having duplicate contacts in a smartphone nowadays is common. Well, the fact is, Samsung has anticipated this scenario and the stock Contacts app is supposed to handle this issue without causing any trouble.

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Free delivery for many products!. Warranties apply to the original service only, physical damage, shorted outputs in Stereo, abuse, power surge, lightning, are not covered. The Tascam was purchased new and was used in one location for a bit of hobby recording. Rental bicycles and hotel-wide free Wi-Fi are available. A wide variety of sansui options are available to you, There are 1, suppliers who sells sansui on Alibaba. Anyone can produce a property sweet house, even when the budget i. This was another photo donated by our growing community, so I didn't get to listen to this first hand.

Shipping to lower 48 states only. I liked it so much that I retained it just for the FM via a tape monitor circuit even after I got a high powered amp etc. Plenty of inputs and outputs enriches the features. My last pair, a tuner and integrated amp, actually went to a prop stylist for a film…. Furano City Office is 1, feet away. They all move freely with no drag or bent shafts. This amplifier need service because the sound on but not clear like normal.

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Sansui G Meter 1 8v,ma 10mm globe bulb in rubber grommet base with 2 wires. Get a A. It's a little dirty and needing cleaned, it also has a few scratches on the wood case, but in excellent shape overall.

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Sansui Products in Tube Era. From the single digit series, early s vintage. I'm willing to do it again, but is there anything else I should be trying to remedy the problem?

Should I have turned the knob more? Any tips to improve cleaning efficacy? This page is written using English language only. For sale is my Sansui Seven receiver.